Saturday, 1 April 2017

Trump Has Dementia

That moment when you have to sign 2 executive orders for the camera but have that Friday feeling and your mind is already in Florida playing golf at the tax payer's expense. Gots to get that golf in before General Flynn testifies. That orange jump suit will really clash with his skin tone.

The kind of mind and body that Trump has along with his age, the stress and lack of sleep has him open to all sorts of medical problems, physical and mental. I've already predicted Alzheimer's for him. The media call it a senior moment but that's how it starts.

A senior moment is when you walk into a room and forget what you went in for. Facing the media at a podium as the president is a little different.  

He declared the trade enforcement orders would bring the usual vague promises big change and fast then he thanked everyone and walked towards the door without signing anything. Mike Pence tried to quietly stop him but when Trump moves while talking at other people Pence didn't stand a chance.

No one interrupts Trump when he has started to move. Like when you are lost but refuse to ask for directions as that would be admitting you messed up.  

The others in the group didn't know what to do.

Baldy put his hands in his pockets to signify 'well fuck this shit he really is crazy' and Pence grabbed the orders and gestured the others towards the door.

I can only imagine the Benny Hill type of chase they went on through the White House. Maybe Trump thought of a cutting tweet that he just had to get out or was it the taco bowl he had for lunch?


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