Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Chicken Was The Racist

The world is crazy, you have the over politically correct people spoiling everything by taking offense on behalf of minorities and you have the speak their mind people who rebel against political correctness but end up looking like racist assholes in the process.

Old Knudsen just wants to tell a joke without offending those people ... you know who I mean. You can't body shame a fat person unless it's Trump or something. This shows you that everyone has their line in the sand and their own set of double standards.

Double standards are quite complex. Kirk and Bones tried to explain to Spock that you can admire someone but not agree with what they did. Khan was a genocidal maniac but hey he made the space trains run on time.

Whitewashing doesn't just mean to paint yer fence white or to cover up crimes. It also means movie and TV roles that were originally ethnic going white people.

We just had the whole Danny Rand Iron fist should have been made Asian crap. Yes, decades of having a white blue eyed dude doing martial arts so lets make him Asian .... then you'd have the oh that's a stereotype that all Asians know martial arts ARGHHHHH!!!!!!

Danny Rand is from a wealthy white family, you could go with adoption but why? You want diversity? he teams up with black dude Luke Cage in the comics and soon in the Marvel TV show The Defenders.

The hot and very badass Jessica Henwick is in Iron Fist, certainly not as a token Asian. Due to Rand being white like he always has been the PC critics savaged the show on the first ep. Old Knudsen has watched season one and it is fucken awesome, way better than Dare Devil.

  I don't want to hurt you but if you push me I will fuck you up

Kung Fu had the similar issues as Iron Fist had but in the 70's. A half Chinese character played by a white guy. That show did give steady employment to Asian actors at a time when not many did.  

John Wayne as Genghis Khan and Mickey Rooney as Mr Yunioshi in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Hollywood has had a history of acceptable, casual racism.

Dances with wolves had Native American actors rather than a white dude in brown face. Kevin Costner isn't the greatest of actors but did no one think to give the Injuns a few lessons? I like Graham Greene but he has the acting range of a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood ... not extensive. 

Hollywood just jumps the shark when it comes to casting now. Emma Stone a half-Chinese, half-Hawaiian ... in what universe? Instead of being Asian, Tilda Swinton in Dr Strange became an ancient baldy Celt. While Swinton sounds like an upper class English person her family tree does have ancient Scots roots so close enough.  

The Martian got rid of its Asian characters but it had one black dude so that is ok. If anyone is important enough to risk it all and save from Mars it's Matt fucken Damon. All those movies like Star Wars and Star Trek had a few tokens but zero Hispanics .... where is their outrage? It wasn't until the Battlestar Galactica reboot that we had wet backs in space.  Ay caramba, shields down to 40%. 

Marvel did make Heimdall black, cos there were tons of black Norsemen. Seriously? Nick Fury was also made black. 
Spider man was rumored to be Hispanic but was played by a white English actor with the last name Holland so what the fuck? Marisa Tomei who is of Italian descent plays his aunt. Tom Holland has also worked putting the voice to the Studio Ghibli movie Arriety ... aye you don't complain that yer Jap cartoons are white washed cos they are put into English. 

Scarlett Johansson is annoying people by being in the live action version of the cartoon anime Ghost in the Shell. I would watch Scarlett Johansson taking a dump on a hobo so what is the big deal? Didn't she just have all this crap with her movie Lucy? 

Hey I'm still trying to get my head around Black Widow being played by a Jew ... Just Kidding, I love "those" people ... wouldn't lend them money though ... cos I'm tight fisted, why else would you think?   

Romney was almost as ethnic as Obama, nice try.

Even politicians aren't above putting on orange or brown face to get the votes. Do people go on about cultural appropriation before pretending to be Irish for St Patrick's day? Like I said they have their own double standards. I look on in amusement at yon plastic paddies.

We've all read about black actors struggling to get parts, they still go on about it though Denzil, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson, Angela Bassett, Halle Berry and Will Smith don't seem to have any problems, I doubt they even audition anymore.

Now you get Asian actors voicing this problem. There used to be a lot of white men on TV, but then as attitudes changed you got females and ethnic people and now you even have the gays, things that were mostly unheard of 40 years ago.

In TV the gays would be flaming but it would all be innuendo and no talk about cock sucking at all. The US had the first TV shows with black leads. Things are changing somewhat, probably not as fast as people want it or maybe too fast for some. A black lead in Star Wars the force awakens ... outrageous!
Um no, that lead was a young chick though Harrison Ford got top billing. Like Black Widow the Rey merchandise was almost nonexistent at first.

Anime is full of round eyed white people that are supposed to be Asian anyways so all this white guilt crap can fuck off. Japanese and Korean people are trying to look western with surgery or make up to look like Sailor Moon or some such shite. The whole K-Pop thing is very unhealthy, get stuck into that cos that's way more messed up that what Hollywood does.

Plot twist, Hollywood and TV channels are businesses, you can take a risk on a new comer or you can play it safe and pick an established name. A big name actor who can't act is better than a non-famous actor who can't act but hey, they can kick high so lets hire them.

There was a lack of ethnic actors in Buffy the vampire slayer but with great acting and writing you can forgive it cos it's empowering to weemen and all that.  

Anime has its niche market, making Power Rangers, Transformers or whatever white friendly and western makes it appeal to a wider audience and that is what it's about. There are different markets around the world and what appeals to one might not appeal to another.

If only Bruce and Brandon Lee had lived longer huh. They could have speeded up the diversity for Asians in film. What happens is meant to happen. 

Bigger crowds than Trump

Martin Luther King Jr's death put a halt to the civil rights moment as planned. You can have Jesse Jackson but he isn't no Martin Luther King Jr. As with Bruce Lee a stand in or pale intimation is fucken useless. That person, at that time or it just doesn't work.   

This is why so many reboots and remakes are shite. Trying to recapture the magic of the original or to make America great again is like trying to catch a fart.  

There still has a ways to go for real change but I don't want movie makers fucking up long standing characters in the name of diversity. I am so sick of the 'make Dr Who black or a female' .... how about making it decent again? That show cannot be saved by diversity, it needs good writing.

OMG they made Bond blonde I refuse to watch it

New Bond? ... like I give a fuck. I had hopes they'd make Daniel Craig more like Jason Bourne after seeing the amazing Casino Royale but after 3 shite films packed full of tired cliches they spoiled it.

Politically incorrect jokes can be funny. CK Lewis did a SNL monologue with why did the chicken cross the road? ... because there was a black guy behind it. He went on to explain that it was the chicken who was racist and the black guy was merely on his way home.

Another black guy ended up eating the chicken but that isn't racist to say that, the chicken was the racist. Old Knudsen laughs at Irish jokes so whatever. I'll fight anyone who says the Irish are drunken brawlers ... in fact I'll cut the fuckers with one of my many beer bottles ... potato anyone? 

Some assholes need to lighten up but would anal bleach not be as messed up as trying to make your eyes round?

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