Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Playing Golf While Rome Burns

Yes Obama did play a lot of golf. Maybe it helped him to not hear the screams of the children he was killing with drones. 330 rounds in 8 years. He played golf every 8.8 or so days. At 9 weeks in office Trump played his 12th round of golf and at the weekend hit game number 13.

Trump plays golf every 6.4 days and that may be more because like a secret drinker the White House aides whose job it is to tell the press about the President's activities are hiding the fact he's playing a round with the boys.

Trump goes to Trump brand properties that just happen to have golf courses so he can be more secretive about playing.

Remember all his anti-Obama playing golf tweets? When Trump was running for election he was all 'I'll be working so hard in the White House I won't see my golf courses again' and now aides are telling the press he's in meetings when he's really on the putting green.

Trump knocks JFK off the best presidential golfer list. Is Trump the best golfer? He'd tell you he was even if he wasn't.

Obama is way down on the list, even behind Gerald Ford whose golfing was constantly mocked by SNL and Bob Hope. It shows you that practice doesn't make perfect. Being left handed shouldn't be an issue, yer just crap at golf Obama. 

Mark Twain might have said that 'Golf is a good walk ruined' and even if he didn't whoever did say it was right. Men like to hit balls with sticks, it's in our DNA but why do they have to dress like puffs while they do it? 

 Who wore it better? 

When Trump meets Xi Jinping the president of China this weekend there will not be any golf played. The Chinese leader sees it as a rich man's sport and has worked at closing Chinese golf courses down. 
I'd love Trump to lay out some whites for him and get a photo op on a golf cart, that would really go down well. 

 Miss me yet bitches? 

Golf is even too ghey for the gheys. A rough game of oiled up grab ass is way more manly for fucks sake.   

While the US President dresses like a sack of shit and gets some sun on his little white balls Vladimir Putin is walking glaciers in the Arctic and suppressing anti-corruption protests going on in Moscow. 

Putin is breaking off fragments of ice for scientific research. Even harsh dictators can believe in Earth science and the environment.

Ronald Reagan who is just behind Obama in the best President golfer list brought his own putting green with him when he traveled. Only when he remembered to.

After years of constant bitching about Obama's golfing habits I'm hearing excuses for Trump like he's entitled to his privacy and how being president doesn't mean solitary confinement. They also say how he's always taking calls while golfing ... yeah right.

Trump is playing golf while Americans are dying ... and I want to see that fucker's birth certificate! 

Trump seems to think that only schmucks work on weekends but I bet we'll be seeing more throughout the week golfing when state visits spoil his weekend. Can he not be fucken normal and be addicted to Candy Crush or something? 

Trump is about 75 days in office with at least 13 golf games under his wide belt. Obama didn't touch his golf clubs until his 65th day.      

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