Monday, 3 April 2017

Now We'll Attack Spain

As solid as the Rock of Gibraltar is the old saying. Who hasn't used it to describe their penis? ... oh just me huh. 

The rock at the entrance to the Mediterranean sea was one of the last places that Neanderthals lived so it was only right that it became a British colony in 1713. Spain ceded the territory to the British but of course have tried to get it back since. 

Like the Falkland Islands it's a ridiculous colony of Brits who are uber patriotic to the crown cos they don't live in the UK. Like how Irish people immigrate and then sing songs about their beloved Ireland.    

Like the Falklands, the people of Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly to remain British, they also voted to remain a part of the EU but no one cares about that vote.    

 Lets wear bearskin hats in a Mediterranean climate.   

Remember when Old Knudsen said that the UK would have a weak hand during Brexit negotiations? ... people said 'oh we don't know what will happen you are just using scare tactics' ... use yer fucken brains an figure it out it isn't that difficult.   

The UK wants to  have their cake and eat it ... though I'm not sure why you wouldn't eat it. Why is everyone surprised that the EU nations aren't begging us to stay and not giving in? 

The nationalism of the little Englander got us to this point but they fail to realise that other nations have nationalist pride too. 
Even Scotland has it but that gets called anti-English sentiment rather than national pride. Well maybe if the English hadn't wiped out whole Scottish villages and deported and conscripted Highlanders ... ach well there has been a lot of bad blood so what can you expect? 

The English have been booted out of more cuntries than I've had hot dinners. The British (regional Brits) have excelled as being cannon fodder. Scots were used to oust the Irish in Northern Ireland and Ulster/Scots were used to oust the North American Injuns by the Pilgrims. Unless you sound like the Queen yer place is to be used and abused.    

It has been only in the last century that it was acceptable for people with regional accents to become army officers or in the last 40 years to read the bloody news. 

 A Gibraltar flegger

Spain has petitioned the EU to give them joint custody of Gibraltar in the Brexit divorce. The EU's job is to protect its member states and since the UK will not be a member in 2 years time the EU is backing up Spain. 

The EU wants as much as it can get and wants to punish the UK. This is exactly why Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar voted to remain in the EU, they aren't so insular and backwards as the little Englander when it comes to being a part of Europe.

As like Northern Ireland Loyalists that hate the fact that they are Irish and that their grandparents or great grand parents were born in Ireland pre-Ulster existence the little Englander hate the fact they are European. 

The British military has been down sizing and encouraging people to join the Territorials (National Guard) as a way to have a standing army they didn't have to pay. The UK has just recently fulfilled its obligation to NATO which is good as we don't want Trump handing us a bill like he did with Germany.  

The Royal Marines are facing cuts, former historical regiments have been merged and re-named The Rifles to cut costs. We don't rule the waves and don't have enough ships if there was a war of any kind. 

Sounds like the best time to go to war huh?  The British government always seem to make cuts before an armed conflict. Even as we were talking about freeing Kuwait in the 90's they were making cuts. 

They do this. The US does this too.

Now the Tories have said how they'll defend Gibraltar if they have to. Like how Thatcher defended the Falklands. Yeah that makes sense, attack Spain ... and the rest of the EU who will stand by them.

Not so Great Britain are looking to their glory days of 200 years ago and facing the ancient enemies like Spain but in reality the Royal Navy have less ships than India, Japan and South Korea. 

If you had just put a little thought into the EU referendum and maybe listened to Old Knudsen we'd be talking about the Tories defunding the NHS instead. Now the Tories defund away in the background with the power and distractions given to them by the Brexit voter.

How much shit can this government drag us through? All this self made drama it's like a stuck up Trump admin.  

Lets tell war tories stories and invoke Thatcher and the Falklands. Long drawn out unwinnable wars are trendy these days.  

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