Saturday, 22 April 2017

How To Trigger Libtards

Make the White House the White Trash House by inviting all your semi retarded redneck friends for a photo op.

What that was about was that Trump needed the best minds that America could muster. Bill O'Reilly was off meeting the Pope and Alex Jones is in the middle of a custody trial .... he isn't really a conspiracy nutcase ya know, it's performance art. Hey didn't Charles Manson use that defense? 

So Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sarah Palin were the best Trump could get. Nugent and Mr Rock had their plus one, boy did Trump do some presidential pussy grabbing and I don't mean he grabbed Nugent or Rock.  

The master race fixing the cuntry

After sending the two nobody broads to get coffee he gave the 3 uber patriots instant top level clearance. They investigated any Russian connections to the Trump's campaign but they all agreed there was nothing there and anyone that says there is are obviously being instructed to by the Obama administration . 

A plan to defeat ISIS was formed too. Mr Rock who you can see is in his thinking pose wanted to hit them in their pocket as illegal oil sales are one of their main sources of income but Ted said 'that was fucking gay' and suggested big bombs instead ... they liked the big bomb idea more. Well that's ISIS more or less beat.  

Palin wanted to go with Trump's previous plan of jailing anyone that disrespected or burned the American flag but was told to be seen and not heard 'little missy' and she said 'you betcha!' and gave an old folksy wink.

Palin recently said that those women who were sexual harassed by Bill O'Reilly were to share some of the blame too as they hung around to get paychecks instead of putting a stop to it or leaving.   

Geez, it sounds so obvious when she puts it like that. Don't forget little ladies to avoid being raped just keep yer legs together ... duh! 

Trump will be visiting Vietnam in November if he's still president which led to him and Nugent swapping Nam stories. For 3 hours they spoke about their exploits. Mr Rock said, "didn't you both dodge the draft?" and was set straight. Living through that time and seeing the news every night was more or less the same as having served. 

They were going to sort out healthcare but it's a difficult subject believe it or not so best to just not bother. 

Trump spoke of his plans to reverse the Obama law that infringed upon the 2nd amendment rights of white Americans refusing to let them buy guns upon their release from prison. 

Over the past 8 years the fear that Obama was to take all the guns increased gun sales from gullible Conservatives and now sales have slumped. 

 This is what Obama does now

I bet that even after the next big shooting spree (aren't we about due one?) that guns sales won't increase that much then too. The people buying guns now are worried Libtards but they only buy little pink guns .... but no bullets cos loud noises scare them and what if they hurt someone? .... what if it was a person of color? .... oh the shame and white guilt.  

It was a productive White House meeting and Trump strongly hinted that there were top adviser jobs that needed filled. The three amigos and their significant others were abruptly ushered out as Scott Baio had turned up with some ideas about North Korea that he had in the shower that morning. 


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