Wednesday, 5 April 2017

General Scaparrotti Is Gearing Up For The Weekend


On the 28th March General Curtis Scaparrotti testified before the House Armed Services Committee. The soft spoken, erudite 4 star General is the new commander of US European Command (EUCOM) and is NATO's Supreme Allied Commander. 

This is a gesture of gratitude in Korea.

The former commander of US forces Korea was promoted to Europe, it's been decades since anyone has come from the far east theater and moved up to the European one, yes it's very impressive.

Lose lips sink planes so Old Knudsen isn't going to tell you if he served with this guy .... or Scap as I call him, but he knows his shit.  He's 82nd Airborne and they have a long history of being badass.  


In 2013 the 61 year-old heart throb was used by scammers to trick idiot desperate vulnerable weemen out of money. With fake social media profiles these women got e-mails from the likes of General Scaparrotti saying things like, 'I rightly man, very important job and I look for love long time, you seem like a ripe woman I could love if you let me into your life, I big fun guy.'

A female law student in Brazil wasn't fooled by a military professional looking for romance with someone he doesn't know and contacted Stars and Stripes about it. One sucker poor woman lost $78,000 to one of these scams before she caught on .... seriously?  

It isn't all fun and games. During his committee hearing he used words similar to his predecessor General Philip M. Breedlove who is retiring and it really pissed off the Kremlin. RT freaked out and did some scoffing the way they do when talking about the west.

'They said Russia is the aggressor, seriously? Russia? ... oh please as if, what losers.' 

He obviously hasn't read the new 'we love Russia' memo 

No Scap, you don't work for Obama now, this shit ain't gonna fly. The General told the Washington plebs, "NATO is facing a resurgent Russia striving to project itself as a world power."

The Russians aren't happy, they'll tell Donald, he'll tell Bannon and there will be trouble. They might send Kushner in.  This kind of rhetoric is good for our allies that border Russia though. 

Scaparrotti mentioned how Russia is getting involved in European politics as it has done in the US to promote disunity and weakness. 

The Russians interfered with the US election with the aim to get Trump elected, this is now a matter of fact! 

He mentioned how Russia also interfered in the political processes of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. The Russians are also positioning their military in the Arctic in order to gain strategical advantages.   

No conspiracy or sabre rattling, they are fucken doing this shit. 

Russia is modernizing its weapons and upgrading their capabilities. They are fighting a proxy war in Ukraine and issue them with the latest weapons to test them in combat. 

He says Russia respects NATO, that's why they want to undermine it. Alliances are important but only 5 nations the US, United Kingdom, Poland, Greece and Estonia meet their NATO agreed 2% of gross domestic product on defense. 

However, 22 others have increased the effort and hope to make it by 2024 so Russia is worried, it's now or never for them to strike and break up the band. 

 Don't they all look so serious?

Scaparrotti wants more armored and mech brigades as well as Intel and surveillance sent to Europe. At the beginning of 2017, 4 thousand troops with tanks were sent to Poland. That's more boots on the ground in Europe and considering Trump has sent more troops to Syria and Yemen it's almost like there is a war on huh.

He also believes that the US needs to provide defensive missile systems to Ukraine.    

The point to this post is that the professionals that didn't come from the Trump family or from investment firms are doing their jobs. They don't praise Putin, they don't go on about how it would be great to be friends with Russia because they know there is no friendship to be had. Russia is on the offensive and not just with tanks in Ukraine and Georgia but online to shape and create opinion. 

The reason Russia is doing all this now is because the US has been in decline and is weak but at least the professionals know that there is strength with allies and maybe with Trump at least being a noob they can do their job a bit more. 

It's not like the movies in which the mad General wants to nuke everyone (Flynn has gone) this time it's the civvies you have to watch out for. Trump doesn't give a fuck about civilian deaths and just wants a win.

Scaparrotti knows the far east, he knows Afghanistan, he's been to the Ukraine and he now knows Europe. If he says he needs this then he does. 

This is the real crap away from the tweets. Russia isn't all powerful, Putin is killing the opposition and is panicked about the anti-corruption protests. Cracks are showing and his biggest fear is losing power after 17 years and it isn't NATO that's his immediate fear it's the Russian people. 

As usual it's a matter of who will blink or fold first. Will Trump destroy all trust in the US? Will the people get to Putin enough that he has to sacrifice his lapdog Dmitry Medvedev? 

This isn't the Cold War anymore, it's the Hot and Cold Flashes with Night Sweats War.  

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