Friday, 7 April 2017

Barry Manilow Is ...

An awesome singer? ... maybe ... I don't want to spoil the magic for his female fans that dream of making eye contact at a Vegas stage show while he sings to them then being invited backstage to swallow his man gravy or to take his special seed somewhere else.

Even though Manilow married a bloke in 2014 (which doesn't mean a thing) he's now come out of the closet aged 73 and has told the werld he's gay.

The clues were all there. Manilow born Barry Alan Pincus he thought his name sounded painful and gay so he changed it to his mother's maiden name Man on the down low - shortened to Manilow. 

 The heartthrob musician

In an interview in 1985 he said: I have to be careful as I fall in love too easily. No shrinking violets though, I like a woman who is strong and independent. Adventurous in the bedroom and to not think anything about strapping on a dildo and ramming me home while swearing at me in a deep voice like an angry sailor .  
A total playa
Long time friend Sir Elton John was quite surprised. 'I didn't have a clue, I just thought he was the clean living sort while I was banging pussy day in day out and doing the drugs he was practicing his wrestling moves with a young friend or getting a sports massage.'  

Baby I want you come, come, come into my ...

Getty images, fucken Jews own everything ... oy vey! 

Sir Elton continues:

'We'd double date in the 80's, me and my wife Renate and Barry would bring Bette Midler or Elizabeth Taylor I didn't think anything of it.'

Elton divorced Renate and is married to David Furnish which is an odd name for a lass, they have two sons together, little George and little Michael.

Manilow in Star Trek Deep Space 69

Manilow didn't want to announce he was a shirt lifter in case his female fans stopped buying his records.  At 73 he hasn't been able to afford to retire probably due to Obama spending all the social security money on weed or wires taps something

George Takei only dared to come out when he was 70 in case of a huge backlash from Hollywood which is known to be extremely homophobic. Just ask Caitlyn Jenner about the struggle. Living in the Malibu hood with all the haters. 

No wait, Caitlyn Jenner is anti-same sex marriage and he's a chick with a dick, ach I'm lost. Caitlyn is a Trump supporter cos Trump is a sexual predator presidential molester champion for weemen's rights ... ya know what, Bruce fucken Jenner is as thick as pig's shit, yer welcome to him ladies cos the blokes don't want that attention hoor.

With Manilow it's one of those cases of everyone knows already and no one cares. Only Christians, gays in denial and the tabloids care where dudes are putting their dicks or who flicks what bean, as long as it's consensual and adult then who gives a fuck? 

It's no ones business.  

Patricia Davies was born Peter, she waited until she was 90 to come out to her doctor as a woman 'It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was living a lie.'

The WWII vet was married for 63 years. Her wife passed away 6 years ago but when Patricia was 60 and heard the term 'transgender' on the TV and it made how she had felt since the age of 3 make sense. 

She says she is attracted to women and wants to be one, but isn't gay. She had to keep her mouth shut about it in the army or she could end up in prison classed as an illegal homosexual.   

She doesn't say her life in hiding was unhappy as she made the most of things, surgery hasn't been ruled out though. At her age would anyone do it? 

I'd like to think society has evolved since the time that homosexuality was illegal, some places gays still do have a hard time like Chechnya, Kurdistan, Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mauritania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE and Nigeria. Even in Russia you can be jailed. 

Also there are assholes in the western nations too that refuse service to gays or have idiot bathroom laws for trans genders.  

Life is too short to live a lie. Ideas about what is right are constantly forced onto us and most of it stemming from those religions of love. It takes courage to stand up and be who you are if for years you've been taught that it is wrong.

When a mother corrects her toddler and says that pink cupcakes can be for a girl or a boy or when a fag can minch down the street in Indiana or Ballymena without tuts of disapproval then humanity has learned and has grown.    

Be yerself, and if you can't be yerself then be a crime fighting unicorn.



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