Friday, 28 April 2017

Trump Hates Being President

It's easy to complain on Twitter that the President is playing too much golf and is doing everything wrong ... I mean Obama of course. No one took Donald Trump to the side and told him that being in charge of the world's second richest nation (used to be first, thanks Obama) was a difficult job.

No one pointed out that his policies were unrealistic and that having no plans was a bad thing.

Do you think George Washington had a plan when he crossed the  Delaware River under cover of darkness on the 25 December to surprise attack Hessian forces? Do you think Neil Armstrong spent years preparing and training himself to be the first *American* on the moon?   

Of course they didn't. A surprised Donald J Trump misses his old life ... the J now stands for jaded.

He misses driving instead of being driven around like Miss Daisy. He says he lives in a cocoon which is vastly different to the rich elitist bubble he's used to living in. He's not allowed to get rid of the horrible White House furniture and replace it with modern white and gold stuff.

There comes a time when you have to realize that antiques is just a pretentious way of saying old shit. The resolute desk he signs all his failed bills at was a gift from Queen Victoria in 1880 for fucks sake.

Get yerself down to IKEA and get a Bjorgensenord .... American sold! not some old oak desk from an inbred foreigner tart. 

Hey Donny, where is the toilet? ... on my orange face baby

His every move is watched which is why he made the White House visiting logs classified again after Obama had made them public. At least now he can have some of his non-political friends over without the public and his wife knowing. Trump's friends deserve to have privacy too.

In New York he could wander the streets at night with his most trusted security guard and beat a hobo to death but that kind of thing is frowned upon as President, so many new rules, it feels like he's walking on egg shells. Gone are the days of sex slave island with Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

 Trump haz a sad

He promised a 90 plan to defeat ISIS.
He promised to get rid of Obamacare and give tremendous healthcare to everyone.
He promised to jail Hillary.
He promised a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton.
He promised to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. $21.5bn (£17.2bn), according to a Department of Homeland Security internal report.
He promised to drain the swamp. Excepts for jobs to relatives.
He promised to open up libel laws to make it easier to sue people especially those who slandered him.
He promised to end the sanctuary cities.
He promised to release his tax returns.
He Promised to ban Muslims from entering the US.
He promised to increase the size of the army to 540,000.
He promised to build a navy of 350 ships.
He promised an air force of 1,200 fighter aircraft.
He promised a Marine Corps based on 36 battalions.
He promised to approve waterboarding "immediately" and "make it much worse.
He Promised to hire and buy American ... unless he and his family could get it for cheaper.

His 100 Day Plan to Make America Great Again ... his contract with the American people to fulfill a load of stuff in his first 100 days that would make American great again has come and gone.  He either can't get the money for any of this or judges point out his bills are against the law and the Constitution and block them. 

No one knew that healthcare and foreign policy could be so difficult. In the history of mankind no one has ever mentioned how intricate these topics were. The talk with his new bestie Xi totally blew his mind.
If Xi Jinping had a few days more with Trump the US would probably Communist and Trump would take to wearing a coolie hat and eating chicken feet .... fucken Chinese Jedi mind tricks!   

    The onset of dementia has also hampered his progress 

Trump thinks that if it wasn't for incompetent staff. Republicans and Democrats that don't do as he says, the media with its fake news, the intelligence community and those protesters and whoever is paying them he could have achieved everything. 

What the fuck is up with ISIS, Assad and Kim jong un?  Why have they not backed down and surrendered? Didn't they see the footage of the 59 Tomahawks and the Mother of all bombs?  Trump read the blurb on the back cover of the Art of war ... he knows war better than anyone. 

 His war council are perplexed.

He also doesn't think that people should be allowed to mock the President, everyone should Respect My Authoritah!

Old Knudsen understands doing something without preparation and saying, 'I'll do it on the night' just hoping that yer half arsed effort will get you through. Why would Trump think otherwise? He's not been held accountable before. Even when sued or taken to court for racism when he refused to rent to blacks he settled or just blew it off. Four bankruptcies became victories for tax evasion. 

The man is 70, and people are going to start saying no to him now? .... people are fucked up.  I mean a march for science, what the fuck has science ever done for us? 

Being president is hard, maybe this is a life lesson for Trump to learn before dementia fully takes him. An Internet troll made to walk in Obama's Muslim sandals.     

*Old Knudsen first human on the moon I'm sure it's in this blog somewhere* 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Jeremy Corbyn The Next Prime Minister

Nothing Jeremy Corbyn likes better than to ride his bike on the open roads

You may have heard that there is going to be a General Election in Britain in June. Cos we aren't sick of voting and fucking things up eh? The last election had voters for the opposition party (Labour) doing a protest vote or not voting because they thought the then Labour leader Edward Miliband was weak. 

Yeah that showed them, voting Green or not voting gave the election to the Tories, well done you smart fucking arseholes. 

Labour scrambled to change and got Jeremy Corbyn as the new leader. 

 Making socks and sandals cool

Old Knudsen's take on him is that he's an idealist, a dreamer with his ideas not based on reality. He is anti-establishment, Trump and Farage were also called that but they weren't really. Corbyn has been compared to Bernie Sanders and yes if Sanders was less intelligent and less lovable they would be very similar.

He always looks like he's about to say "get off my lawn"

In his early days Corbyn was a vice-chairman for CND, if you remember the 80's you'd remember all those CND hippies at Greenham Common protesting the American Cruise Missiles there. Corbyn would like to the UK to get rid of all its nukes and the obsolete Trident submarine program. If we play dead, don't back up our allies then Russia will never attack us .... he wants out of NATO too. 

Old Knudsen thinks it's ok to have some nukes as a deterrent but not to go nuts like the US. Corbyn has also said he'd like us not to need an army ... why say stupid things like that? I'd like pedos and rapists to stop doing their thing but that ain't gonna happen. We will always need an army, navy and air force cos people are cunts. 

      On his real bike that he's named ... The Destroyer! no not really probably Derek or Mable

He says he isn't a pacifist ... yeah right but voted against the Iraq war and against Syrian airstrikes. It would be good if he could accept how things are and adapt. He thinks he can reason with ISIS and achieve a political peace for fucks sake. Cos religious fanatics are always so easy to reason with
Bill Nye the science guy with Creationist and evolution denier Ken Ham

He is against austerity and would like to all those services that were sold off to be returned to the public. He also wants dentists to work for the NHS rather than private firms. 

He fought off two rebellions in his own party. Many in the Labour Party don't agree with him and have tried to oust him. Some of his leftist ideas were too leftist even for socialist Labour.

He has told other politicians to wise up when they attacked him for his scruffy appearance and has refused to sing God save the Queen. He a vegetarian who is more spiritual than religious ... oh so many red flags. 

He's sympathized with terrorists when it wasn't trendy to and all that is scary and shows a lack of judgement especially 5 days after a bombing they just carried out. 

 As like Sanders he has walked the walk

Lets hope that June be the end of May ... Theresa May but if she had thought she would lose she wouldn't have called an election.

The Labour Party is squabbling and keep resigning. Corbyn is weak, vague and seems like he's not fully on board with things. To woo the voter they announced that there should be 4 extra Bank Holidays than there are ... what? Not really a game changer since the Tories have promised free Big Macs money off yer next shop at Tesco. 

Already the fuckwits that voted Green the last time are looking towards the Lib Dems ... so much fail. 

Old Knudsen personally doesn't like Corbyn but he also doesn't like May and the Tories are rightly fucking up this cuntry. Anyone else in the campaign doesn't matter and you are only fooling yourself with other parties. 

Corbyn needs to pull his lazy hippy finger out. A charm offensive. He needs to support the armed forces and police. He needs to talk tough about things and not just what the Tories are up to and he needs cool soundbites that will be repeated. He needs to show the NHS that he has their back. He needs to go to those things that Brits hold dear and show that he loves them too. 

At the moment he's too distant and bleh. He needs photo ops showing him having fun. Yeah reading to kids and breaking some eggs ... very nice and tame, he needs to show he can break heads too. 

 Not the manhole cover you were looking for

May went hiking, he needs to go abseiling .... with mountain rescue or something. The man takes pictures of man hole covers for fucks sake he needs an image make over or you might as well not bother with the election. He's coming up to his 68th birthday 4 days after Old Knudsen's, he needs to show the werld he isn't fucken dead yet. 

He is famous for not spending money but get him to splash out on something nerdy, perhaps he can pretend to like Star Wars or something, he needs to look human and be seen having fun. 

 He can smile

Old Knudsen was wrong about Trump winning and he had hoped his fellow Brit would vote to remain in the EU and to not be bigoted cunts so on my losing streak I'm predicting a Tory win because Labour, nay Corbyn cannot promote himself and there is more to slag the old fart off over than there is to like him for. 

In June vote Labour, because it isn't Conservative and for fucks sake don't throw yer vote away by being clever or tactical.     

Monday, 24 April 2017

Logan's Run Wasn't Just About Tits

Logan's Run isn't about some Irish fella doing a beer run though who wouldn't want to watch that huh? It was a 1976 movie that spawned a crappy bland TV series and possible a movie reboot soon.

Hey lets make it all female so we could watch boobs bounce when Ms Logan runs. 

 A racially white world of young pretty people

I don't recall seeing any ethnic people in it so it's a futuristic white master race world run by a super computer. You are artificially conceived and born with a jewel in yer hand that turns red and blinks as you approach your 30th birthday. Then you have to wear a silly outfit and mask and enter the carousel.

Either the actors have had a hard life or they lied about their ages. 

   2274 kinda sucks

In the carousel there isn't any joyful show tunes, you float up and explode while everyone cheers. From birth you are told that this is the way and those that fly up in the carousel are getting renewed and come back to life again.

Not everyone is convinced and often do a runner. Sandmen are the ones that hunt down and kill runners, that means they don't get to come back to life if a Sandman gets them. The institutionalized Sandmen just don't understand why anyone would run and not want to get renewed. 

Logan 5 and Francis 7 are the main Sandmen buddies who party and shag chicks and kill anyone that runs. They aren't too deep, like armed frat boys with police powers. Vaguely Nazi.

Logan was on the futuristic version of Tinder/Grindr looking for a shag and meets  Jessica 6 who says she was online by accident and says she doesn't want to have sex. He isn't used to hearing "no" because in the future everyone are sluts .... YAY!

The super computer gets him to go undercover as a Runner to find Sanctuary where it says a thousand odd Runners are hiding. It speeds up his jewel making it flash. He asks if he will get his time back but is met with silence. He really starts to doubt now because it's his life.

The ankh which is a symbol from ancient Egypt is used to identify those that want to run. Like a secret handshake. On the way out of the city there is like an ice cave for some reason.

Their clothes got wet and while this line never works today it will work in the future. He only takes off his shirt while she strips down to a g-string.

Jessica knows the Runner resistance and even though she has plenty of time left she decides to run and get naked with a dodgy Nazi bloke who has killed her friends and that she hardly knows.   

 Jenny Agutter's nudity wasn't necessary to the plot but was much appreciated. All the young 30 year olds have small tits in the future and no beer bellies. A mix of English and American accents like Star Wars.

 Francis 7 goes after his old buddy feeling betrayed cos logan changed after getting a girlfriend

There is no Sanctuary. They make it outside of the city to find a world which suffered some catastrophe and is crumbling and returning to nature. They know nothing of the world and miss their easy city life.

It's a story about religion. About being brainwashed from birth by society about some fairy tale of everlasting life. Possibly also about the horrors you are willing to perpetrate in the name of your beliefs upon free thinkers or those that question the status quo.

Or what you are willing to accept and ignore because everyone else is doing it so it must be ok.    

Logan and Jessica go to Washington DC and meet a crazy old cat dude in a library. He tells them about parents, marriage and burying dead people ...  mind blown.

They want to return to the city with him and when he hears about the tons of young people there he really perks up and gets excited about going .... he must imagine children but there aren't any children I think they are babies and then get speeded up or maybe hidden until they are adults.

They are as dumb and as horny as teenagers so I think the speeded up age thing is the method. Perhaps the book covers that detail but who wants to read about a hot chick getting her tits out? ... the correct answer is no one. 

Hi-tech graphics

Logan kills his best friend ... probably because his gurlfriend told him too, pussy whipped! He returns to the city, gets captured and interrogated by the super computer.

The computer can't take being told something that it doesn't believe to be true .... the religion thing again. Instead of crashing like everything else the whole city blows up instead.

Not a very good system, you'd think that surge protectors would still be a thing. Then again cell phones aren't about then either and people don't speak in lol cat so really a 1970's future.


The crazy old cat man finds out that young hot chicks want to touch his wrinkly skin .... Fuck Old Knudsen loves the future!

So Logan destroyed a belief system and now all the useless party people have to fend for themselves and eat cats or something. The only real winner is the old dude that is getting touched up.

'If you like touching wrinkly skin I've got some down below'

It's a good film but with naff special effects. Like Francis 7 the brainwashed people of today won't get the whole religion has compromised your critical thinking by exploiting the fear of death thing and pitting them and us against each other.

Maybe it was all just about those thighs

The message is still current today. Is it ok to let others suffer because it doesn't personally effect you? Maybe you aren't ready to care. Like those who have had someone close to them die of cancer and after that they are moved enough to raise money and spread awareness.

Refugees in crowded boats, we don't have to see a dead toddler on a beach to be moved. There is too much to care about in the world and the concern that you'll be overwhelmed by it or worse still turned into a complete pussy that needs a safe space. Empathy is not a weakness, denial will do you more harm and will harm those around you.

A survival technique the brain uses is to not let things click enough to think about it and to also make us forget. You can see a load of dead Syrian children after a gas attack but still eat your dinner and sleep at night. You can eat meat and not think about the abattoir video some vegetable loving cunt posted on social media.

It's ok not to cry at every atrocity or feel offense inappropriate jokes. It's not ok to be a part of these atrocities or to tacitly support them.

A politician runs on an anti-ghey, anti-immigrant, destroy the environment, cut welfare and education platform and you vote for them.  That is you giving them your support for them to be a cunt which makes you a cunt.

Those hate crimes are on your shoulders because your vote, lack of vote or words validated the sentiment.  

 delusional to the end

Francis 7 acted out of emotion and fear rather than reason. Why should others have to suffer because you've bought into the lies even though it doesn't really effect your life but you are told it does? 

Don't be a Francis 7.   


Saturday, 22 April 2017

How To Trigger Libtards

Make the White House the White Trash House by inviting all your semi retarded redneck friends for a photo op.

What that was about was that Trump needed the best minds that America could muster. Bill O'Reilly was off meeting the Pope and Alex Jones is in the middle of a custody trial .... he isn't really a conspiracy nutcase ya know, it's performance art. Hey didn't Charles Manson use that defense? 

So Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sarah Palin were the best Trump could get. Nugent and Mr Rock had their plus one, boy did Trump do some presidential pussy grabbing and I don't mean he grabbed Nugent or Rock.  

The master race fixing the cuntry

After sending the two nobody broads to get coffee he gave the 3 uber patriots instant top level clearance. They investigated any Russian connections to the Trump's campaign but they all agreed there was nothing there and anyone that says there is are obviously being instructed to by the Obama administration . 

A plan to defeat ISIS was formed too. Mr Rock who you can see is in his thinking pose wanted to hit them in their pocket as illegal oil sales are one of their main sources of income but Ted said 'that was fucking gay' and suggested big bombs instead ... they liked the big bomb idea more. Well that's ISIS more or less beat.  

Palin wanted to go with Trump's previous plan of jailing anyone that disrespected or burned the American flag but was told to be seen and not heard 'little missy' and she said 'you betcha!' and gave an old folksy wink.

Palin recently said that those women who were sexual harassed by Bill O'Reilly were to share some of the blame too as they hung around to get paychecks instead of putting a stop to it or leaving.   

Geez, it sounds so obvious when she puts it like that. Don't forget little ladies to avoid being raped just keep yer legs together ... duh! 

Trump will be visiting Vietnam in November if he's still president which led to him and Nugent swapping Nam stories. For 3 hours they spoke about their exploits. Mr Rock said, "didn't you both dodge the draft?" and was set straight. Living through that time and seeing the news every night was more or less the same as having served. 

They were going to sort out healthcare but it's a difficult subject believe it or not so best to just not bother. 

Trump spoke of his plans to reverse the Obama law that infringed upon the 2nd amendment rights of white Americans refusing to let them buy guns upon their release from prison. 

Over the past 8 years the fear that Obama was to take all the guns increased gun sales from gullible Conservatives and now sales have slumped. 

 This is what Obama does now

I bet that even after the next big shooting spree (aren't we about due one?) that guns sales won't increase that much then too. The people buying guns now are worried Libtards but they only buy little pink guns .... but no bullets cos loud noises scare them and what if they hurt someone? .... what if it was a person of color? .... oh the shame and white guilt.  

It was a productive White House meeting and Trump strongly hinted that there were top adviser jobs that needed filled. The three amigos and their significant others were abruptly ushered out as Scott Baio had turned up with some ideas about North Korea that he had in the shower that morning. 


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Trump's Twilight

World leaders forget things all the time, David Cameron once forgot his 8 year-old daughter at a pub ... no it wasn't a 3 am bender it was lunch and he thought she was in the car with his wife. Obama forgot he was a Muslim from Kenya and totally forgot to take all the guns and to put people into FEMA camps.

So it's not unusual. Neither is falling, some politicians became more famous for falling down than for their policies such as Gerald Ford and Neil Kinnock.     

Trump has a fear of falling. It was a slight incline that caused him to take little panicked steps and to grab his mommy's Theresa May's hand to steady him. It wasn't sexism or affection though the act itself was embarrassing and repulsive. 

Calling 9/11 7/11, walking out without signing two bills, forgetting to put his hand on his heart for the anthem, forgetting Paul Ryan's name and kept referring to him as Ron, forgetting he has a wife and racing on ahead of her .... what politician hasn't blundered this much huh? .... what all of them?

Not even uber stupid Vice President Dan Quayle who corrected the spelling of a dumb 12 year-old had as many memorable blunders. It's spelled potatoe by the way, spell it like you say it for fucks sake.  

He talked to Xi for hours without an interpreter which explains the fixed glazed look.

People are catching on. I called it months ago but now they are saying it. Trump shows signs of early dementia. Some symptoms include irritability, personality changes, restlessness and a lack of restraint.

He also shows signs of sundowning, otherwise known as late-day confusion. Ever wonder why he seems so active in the morning? 

In one of his books he said that he only gets 3-4 hours of sleep, he could be lying of course or he could be like Napoleon, Thomas Edison, Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Bill Clinton.

Some people don't need much sleep while others like Churchill saw sleep as a waste of time and tried to do without or train the body to need less. 

Sleep deprivation can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Look at him, he plays golf every weekend but has a layer of blubber and undefined muscles. He waddles like someone that is overweight and has the diabeetus.

Chronic sleeplessness could be to blame for his erratic, offensive, and idiotic behavior. His poor judgement and ill-informed opinion the lacking of basic facts about Lincoln or the death status of Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King jr ... who are both still dead by the way.

Poor sleep also leaves you open to Alzheimer’s ... like Margaret Thatcher.

                                     Look at that ass, my wife Ivanka has a banging hot body.

Old Knudsen's Ma had the Alzheimer’s, the early stages you could pass off as being forgetful or eccentric as she was always one for a little joke or would make light of her mistakes. Old Knudsen's siblings preferred to ignore it and make excuses and so blamed poor Old Knudsen when he tried to get her help as that would mean they had to face up to the truth.
Old Knudsen's evil sister would buy her those horrible tabloids. Pretty soon Ma Knudsen was imaging people out to kill her and seeing pedos everywhere ... no I didn't have me friends round you pass remarkable fuckers.

 Why does Michael J Fox shake so much? ... cos he's a moosalim who wants to kill your children!

Look at Trump, he only watches TV to slag it off or if it's about him. Other than that he watches Fox News, reading Breitbart or listening to Alex Jones. The information the (throws up in mouth) President gets is less  informed and less honesty ... it's a werd and properly used here... believe me.  
My wife is so hot I can't stop kissing her 

Check out his interviews from 30 years ago, he sounds like he has a brain, he's calm and doesn't shout over people. Now he's incoherent when he speaks off script and peppers his vocabulary with basic words not at all elaborate. When he spoke about uranium he kept saying the word 'things' and his sentences stop and start as if he knows what he's saying but can't use his words. 

When a person with dementia is pressed they often get angry and frustrated. Trump also has his narcissism and his type A personality ... A for Asshole. 

 He also has a fear of little German boys

It's difficult to make a diagnosis from what we are seeing on screen but remember, what we are seeing is supposed to be a controlled version. Like how you only tell about yer dinners and have 10 year-old pics as yer social media profiles, they are the best versions of you, yer gnarly ass leak and double chins aren't brought up at all.  

Would any other world leader have cameras on them as they pointed and barked orders at their wife telling her where to sit?   

The people around him should be shielding him but I reckon they are walking on eggshells as Trump could get rid of them on a whim. They are too afraid to hide what he is or to tell him not to do something. 

He isn't the President, he isn't serving the people of the US. He is the Sun King and he demands tribute.  

Monday, 17 April 2017

Wag The Dog Perception Changing


The strike against Syria was called 'Trump's wag the dog moment' which comes from an awesome movie made in 1997. The whole wag the dog thing comes from an expression  Why does the dog wag its tail? Because a dog is smarter than its tail...  If the tail were smarter, it would wag the dog.

It's all about the tail wagging the dog in other words keeping you distracted from the truth.

Not about any president in particular because it's about the spin and bullshit rather than a political attack or satire. It mirrored real life events in the past as well as the future. The movie president did something inappropriate with a Firefly girl (the fictional equivalent of a Girl Scout) and a spin doctor was brought in to make it better as there was an election just days away. Weeks after the movie release the Clinton and Lewinsky sex scandal came out.  

De Niro is brought in and immediately stalls for time because an extended trip in China buys him another couple of days and it's all about filling days and getting past the election. 

He tells the room of advisers that the president's delay certainly has nothing to do with the B-3 Bomber so definitely don't be leaking that.  

They are a bit slow to catch on. De Niro just made up a fictional bomber and a possible distraction story on the spot. 

[Kim jong un may have nukes and can strike at the US we have to do something]

North Korea might have nukes ... I didn't know there was a law against it.  They cannot either now or in the near future strike at the US. Their subs are old from the 60's and have a range of 300 miles, a missile assuming they were able to launch one could have up to 600 miles at the very most.

The worry is really for South Korea and Japan, our wealthy allies. To make a strike more palpable to the world and the American people they have to talk in terms of Americans under threat so then they talk about NK striking the US or against the numerous US bases ... lets hope they don't target the black site in Thailand known as Detention Site Green cos how can the CIA ignore human rights if the black sites are blown up ... no they can't use one of the 21 prison ships they use to get around pesky laws. 

The reason why Trump flip flopped with NATO is Article 5. If an ally gets attacked we back them up. Trump is getting ready to strike NK and the Chinese manipulated him to that point. 

[lets hope Kim jong un doesn't use those new ICBM's he kindly put on show for us in his recent parade or fill up rockets with Sarin as President Abe mentioned] 

De Niro just hopes that the news of the B-3 Bomber being leaked doesn't mess up its testing because it has to be ready for the crisis. 

 You have to make other things back the story up so they send a General to talk with Boeing and make sure that news gets out. 

Tidbits to the reporters to make them work for you. Like the ratings hungry Rachel Maddow who teased that she had Trump's tax returns but had nothing news worthy.

Leaks have long been used to get a fake story out. Recently a memo from General Mattis about plans to board Iranian boats in international waters was leaked. Mattis is hawkish about Iran, this is well known but getting that out there suggests that the US isn't all just talk.

Make sure you have your own Sean Spicer to deny things in order to make people even more suspicious.

Trump complains about leaks and suddenly a couple of pages of his tax returns with no damning news on them and stamped with 'clients copy' comes out ... that a news cycle taken up about a nothing news story.  So yeah, he leaks his own stuff. 

You think he tweets to keep the public informed? The whole wire tapping thing was a massive pile of bullshit but it came from the president so of course it had to be investigated even though it wasn't true.  

While on a plane to enlist the help of a Movie producer (Dustin Hoffman) De Niro talks about the concept of distraction and says it's nothing new.  

No time to shout BEIRUT! like Conservatives have been shouting BENGHAZI! ... and that was only with 4 dead. Reagan had 10 embassies attacked, 318 deaths including one ambassador but who remembers that? 
Bush had 13 attacks, 66 dead. Obama had 2 attacks with just the 4 at Benghazi dead. Not to belittle the tragic deaths for 4 men but shame on those shouting Benghazi and demanding justice while ignoring the 384 deaths. 

De Niro points out that while no one remembers the wars but they do remember the slogans.   "We remember the slogans, we can't even remember the fucking wars. You know why? That's show business. That's why we're here. Naked girl covered in Napalm. 'V for Victory'. Five Marines raising the flag, Mt. Suribachi. You remember the picture 50 years from now, you'll have forgotten the war. The Gulf War, smart bomb falling down a chimney. 2500 missions a day, 100 days. ONE video of ONE bomb."   

Remember the Maine!  ... Tippecanoe and Tyler Too! ... 54-40-Or Fight! 

He suggests a war. Well not a real one, just the appearance of one. He randomly says "Albania" when asked What have they done to us? he replies "What have they done FOR us? What do you know about them?" ... nothing ..."See? They keep to themselves. Shifty. Untrustable."

The producer makes a set with green screen to show Albania and how we must save the people such as this young Albania gurl running away from the rape squads with her kitten. Tracey in the video was told she could never put this on her resume.

A little like Trump fighting for gassed children. Ivanka suggested he did it, not because it was right but because it would help them to look better.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio held up a picture of a dead Syrian child to shame Chris Christie who rejected allowing Syrian refugees (especially orphans under the age of 5) into New Jersey. 

Without acknowledging the irony, ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley held up pictures of dead gassed children in Syria to justify the US bombing an unimportant landing strip.

The US has already compassionately put a hold on the Syrian refugee program. That makes this dog and pony show even more distasteful.

Like a girl and her kitty hit them in the feels huh ... while the un-trendy and not of use deaths get ignored. 

Then you have to have a Live Aid type song too. 

There comes a time, in the course of human events... when a threat must be answered... with courage and strength... Our forefathers earned ... The right to be free. Now it's time... To guard their dream.

We guard ... Our American borders ... We guard the American dream ... We guard our right, to fight for democracy ... And keep our country free. We guard our American spirit ... We guard the American dream. 

Then the movie also had this one. 
"American girls and American guys ... We'll always stand up and salute ... We'll always recognize
When we see Old Glory flying ... There's a lot of men dead .... So we can sleep in peace at night when we lay down our head." 

Oh wait, this is an actual song. One of the many that came out after 9/11.  My favorite being Iraq and Roll ... You think the 1997 movie was being corny and dumb until you realise it's very close to reality. 

Patriots, especially those that have never served but do the most shouting for war tend to bug the fuck out of Old Knudsen.  The people that make the decision to go to war should A. have been to war and B. have a child that is serving in the military ... not draft dodging loud mouths whose life experience has been in a pampered elitist bubble.   

In the movie a rival presidential candidate with the backing of the CIA took the wind from De Niro's sails and declared the war over. Don't you hate it when the Intel community get political? ... yeah I'm looking at you FBI. 

They still had days to the election and didn't want the sex scandal in the news so they made up a US soldier that had been left behind in Albania. The fictional Albanian terrorists released a photo and in it had the secret morse code message 'courage mom'  ... a soldier that loves his mom, I think I'm tearing up.

Like the crew of the USS Pueblo captured by the North Koreans in 1968. Displayed for propaganda the crew had one person in each photo designated to show the middle finger. The North Koreans questioned it and believed it when the sailors said it was a Hawaiian good luck sign. The North Koreans sure didn't get any brighter over the years. 

In the movie the soldier picked to be the captured hero was called Sgt Schumann ... old shoe. So De Niro and Hoffman throw shoes over trees and cables and soon it catches on. The public buy into it and run with it. 
They even invented the unit that Schumann had served in, the 3-0-3.  

These days people sell ribbons and t-shirts or just change their social media profile pic if they can't be arsed but want to show their friends they care because it's what the sheep do. 

To really tug at their heart strings they had a song. 

I can tell the way you're feelin mom ... a million miles away. I know that I've been on your mind. And in your thoughts today. So pray for me, the way you do. Quote, the 37th Psalm. I'll do the same in his great name... And you have courage mom.   

Written and sung by Merle Haggard. 

It turned out that the special program they got Schumann from was really prison, he had raped a nun. Pretty fucked in the head Hoffman tried to explain it was because of Albania obviously.

They couldn't really go public with him but after a series of unfortunate events Schumann was killed by a hick with a shotgun.  

Bringing Schumann home was described as a tease. It would happen just after the election. Like a voting pact. Elect me and you'll get Sgt Schumann the next day. They got him back but as a dead war hero.
Nothing makes civvies more proud than dead soldiers ... they love em. Thank you for your service and hey lets use homeless vets as a pawn to avoid bringing in refugees. Civvies are big with the military talk.

The movie had some 303 soldiers and a flag draped casket. A parody of the Green Beret song was played.    

We're gathered here. With a cross to bear. The bravest men ... Anywhere. That this great land ... Will remain free. God bless the men ... Of the 3-0-3. Side by side. We know no fear. Our minds are sharp. Our eyes are clear.  In the air, on land ...  Or on the sea.  We're the fightin men ... of the 3-0-3.

Written by Huey Lewis.

Your prize for getting this far

Old Knudsen understand spin and how difficult it has become in separating fact from fiction. Wag the Dog is a mind altering must see film that is funny because it's true. The public has been and is being manipulated. Like how I was told that Syria was a pile of rubble but someone who has just seen those bomb pictures when in reality there is plenty of Syria that still needs to be bombed. 

People used to think that we in Belfast during the Troubles were dodging bombs and IRA snipers everyday ... it wasn't everyday. 

Perception is all which is why Trump is failing with the optics. Those golfing pics and gold covered walls of Mar a Lago will be his down fall. Like how Old Knudsen knows that after you've read this post the biggest take away from it will be how the fuck can he suck his own dick and does he swallow? ... does it make him ghey?