Friday, 10 March 2017

Wikileaks Is The Enemy Of The People

Oh good, the schools are getting out ... all those sexy children

Australian rapist Julian Ass-ange is a cunt, I've never liked him. Old Knudsen is a good judge of character, go with that or not it's your loss. He's still hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London rather than go to Sweden. They (right wing cunts) may call Sweden the rape capital of Europe but that's not because it has more rapes, it's because they'll fucken well go after you and take that shit seriously. 

    Skpying with a friend who I blurred out to protect his privacy

Wikileaks lost relevance and have had to beg for funding during Assange's exile years in the embassy, things were looking bad. 
Then in 2016 they somehow amazingly had the resources to hack the DNC. More impressively they had the resources to collate the information and then parcel it out just at the right time in order to do the most damage to Hillary. 
I had put Assange down as an egomaniac loser but no, he has the ability that only a world leading government would have. His talent and skills totally match the NSA, CIA, MI6 .... or even the FSB. I don't know how he pulled it off it would need teams of people, not just plebs but highly trained people working around the clock.    

That takes training, skills and lots of money so well done to Assange and some spotty teenager in an Internet cafe. 

The latest amazing from out of nowhere dump came in the form of evidence that shows the CIA can get around most encryption programs and have been watching me you masturbate in front of yer Samsung TV . US and British intelligence agencies came up with a program called Weeping Angel which is a cool name for it. 

A lot of this isn't new info but the details are new. Remember when the Feds wanted Apple to decrypt the San Bernardino shooter's phone? Snowden said they already could do it but when they failed to get a court order to force Apple to open it they suddenly could decrypt it .... Snowden knew. 

Yeah we know that most operating systems have back doors built into them but people like to think they are safe. The messaging system Signal, as used by the White House was found to be compromised forcing Sean Spicer to ban everyone from using it. One of the most secure areas in the world.

Best book ever, it changed my whole outlook so now I grab life by the pussy

All this shit came from Wikileaks .... certainly not any foreign government. Oh that's right it probably did. Hard to get definite proof when it all goes through the Ecuadorian Embassy. The tons of bots blasting out links and hashtags have been traced back to Russia though. It all mounts up into attacks on several fronts. 

The Russians know all this shit because they rely on morons like Trump and Spicer who know nothing about cyber security.  Hey just pop this USB drive into a secure system General Flynn

Then there was Nigel Farage ... the man of the people. Just after the latest Wiki dump he decided to visit the Ecuadorian Embassy, maybe he just wanted to congratulate them on years of human rights abuse. He spent 40 minutes there and then when asked why he was there he said he couldn't remember. You aren't on trial yet ya cunt. 

Assange and Farage, two of the biggest nubble buffers you can get. Old Knudsen really dislikes the two of them. They no doubt tell themselves it's all for the greater good but in reality they are petty, greedy little men.

Farage works for Trump and of course they all work for Putin. You have these people conspiring against anyone that stands in their way. Discredit the intelligence community and your erratic behaviour seems more justified. They can't find the leaks so we're going to stop talking to them. Trump didn't talk to the FBI over his claims that Obama hacked him. He could have cleared it up with a phone call but oh no, he wants the theater of an investigation.  

It's like that film The Usual Suspects with us trying to figure out who Vladimir Putin is. 

Trumpflakes scream about Muslims taking over with their Sharia law and totally dismiss the idea of the Russians being the big bad because ... MUSLIMS!!!!!!!! They'll eat us all and force us to pray to Allah. 

American politics is better than a reality show

I keep telling them to grow a pair for fucks sake but they are already too afraid. The Russians were living in New York when 9/11 hit and most people didn't know it and they still don't. Destabilize Europe and now the US, they've been 2 steps ahead of us all this time. Well played Putin, 17 years in power has taught you well. 

How amazingly cruel and would you have to be to remain in power for 17 years in a country with allegedly free elections? Putin thinks he is the only man strong enough to lead and the only thing he fears is a coup or revolution. He's just fucking with the rest of the world for kicks and to show who the daddy is. 

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