Tuesday, 21 March 2017

When The Leader Of The Free World Met Donald Trump

Trump using humor and playing the fool, he excels at the latter. 

Trump has been a harsh critic of Angela Merkel. He has gone as far as saying that she is ruining Germany. The average life expectancy rate is 2 years more in Germany than in the US ... ah socialist medicine. Don't worry, he's promised great healthcare to all Americans so we'll expect the average American to reach 80 years of age in no time.

He has denounced her accepting huge amounts of refugees but the US has a large ocean separating them from the places they bomb and doesn't have any other plan on how to help them so he can fuck away off. If you just leave them to suffer and die they'll give you more trouble. People don't like being treated like shit for some reason. 

Trump has also denounced nations that don't pay the requirements for being in NATO and Germany is one of them. 

They first shook hands and while Trump loves the close to body handshake he lost out on dominance with her hand being on top and a confident and steady gaze. His mental process no doubt started to unravel here as he is used to fawning women and being able to tell them what to do. 

Unlike Theresa May there was going to be no hand holding here. 

 WTF Donald? 

Trump gave away his dominance of the two even more by trying to use humor. He said, "As far as wiretapping, I guess, by this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps."

Merkel was tapped by Obama (not in that way) in 2010. It was an international incident because while all nations spy on each other getting caught in such a big way was stupid. This was a massive insult to Germany and to Merkel herself .... and still not really a laughing matter. 

Next up, 'how many Jews can you fit into a microwave oven? .... none because the CIA are in there.'  

Merkel's body language is professional. She hates his guts but she is civil. She relaxes and leans her body towards him and has her outer leg towards him. Trump is on the edge of his seat ready to be combative. Merkel and the media have him climbing the walls, there is no comfort zone for him here. 
The press shouted for a handshake and he sat there stony faced not answering. Merkel was heard saying, 'I think they want us to shake hands' but he ignored her. Those fake news people weren't going to tell him what to do.

He's shaken hands before and has been harshly mocked over it. The Japanese really don't like to be touched and Trump not only shakes their hands but places his other hand on top to show who is in charge. Mr Abe, you're having the meatloaf .... bitch! 

His handshake with the second coming Trudeau spawned a million memes. Trump cannot control handshakes and fails at intimacy,  he is aggressive when it comes to touching others, even his own family. He only gives hugs for the camera but I bet he punches his wife on the shoulder in private. "Fantastic honey I'll be in DC, love ya too buh bye" ::: thump:::  

Merkel speaks good English but doesn't speak stupid very well. A German reporter questioned Trump on why he hates diversity and called his policies isolationism. Trump kept saying how he is a trader, a fair trader a good trader .... yes, it did sound like traitor. 

He then questioned where the reporter got such ideas and maybe she was reading fake news. Merkel cast some shade at Trump for that one. If looks could kill. 

Yeah cutting foreign aid (except to Israel) trying to ban Muslims and wanting to build a wall. How the fuck do you get isolationism from that? 

They shook hands at the end with Merkel and her steel like gaze fixing him like a deer in the headlights, her hand turned to be on top too.

It's the little things that we might not even notice but registers on some level. In the TV show Billions a female astronaut shook hands with a therapist who was to evaluate her. The therapist noticed the strong confident handshake as asked if it was on purpose, the astronaut said, "you tell me." 

Later she admits her father taught her to give a firm handshake as she would be working with a lot of males and had to display strength.      

Merkel also met with business leaders including the First Lady Trump's daughter Ivanka who no doubt was only there to line her pockets with deals like the ones she has made with China and Japan. 

Germany beat austerity with a surplus of products and they still need the US to buy their stuff. I have every faith in Angela Merkel that she'll get a fair deal from these traitors traders or she'll tell them to fuck off and make it work some other way. 

Trump no doubt loaves meeting with confident world leaders that he can't buddy around with. Even the Irish PM spoke up about the importance of immigrants to the US. Trump is losing and the more he loses the more he says he's winning and the more he needs ego feeding rallies and golf weekends. 

He isn't a diplomat and his people aren't either, and it's showing. He can only bullshit his voters and once the cuts kick in they'll be catching on too. 

The score: Merkel - 4  Trump - 0 


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