Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Obama Did Tap Trump Tower

You had a late night again watching Fox News and reading blogs disguised as news sites and you have a bad dream. The usual one in which you are running from black men with machetes and as you run you try to use your cell phone to call for help but keep missing the numbers, then you see Vladimir Putin standing with yer father laughing and pointing at you and your father says, "you were always a disappointment Donald, be a man for once" just then you wake up in a cold sweat. You reach to your wife for comfort just to remember how she hates you and that she's 1000 miles away in New York.  

It's 4:30am so you might as well get up. The dream sticks with you and as you sit there half way through yet another difficult morning glory you realize you forgot to bring in your phone. You sit there alone with yourself hoping that another weekend full of golf and sun at tax payer's expense will take your mind off things.

Then it comes to you. The one thing your racist father always told you - 'blame a the blacks' how could everyone know about the secret Russian meetings? What else do they know? My distractions are cunning as fuck how could they not believe that a failed businessman reality TV star could win the presidential campaign on his own amazing merits?

Weak Obama and sick crooked Hillary proof of Trump Tower tapping

They must have tapped Trump Tower! Bro-Bart News said there was a black man near Trump Tower just before the election (Kanye, Carson?) It all makes sense now, I'd better shout for help.  "Ivanka honey this is your president speaking, bring me in my phone I have urgent business to do as I do my business."

Must fire off 5 frantic tweets all about Obama tapping Trump Tower .... blah blah blah Obama's fault, blah blah blah must be an investigated, blah blah blah poor me.

"Dad you misspelled 'witch' you'd better delete it before someone takes a screenshot of it."  

'Ivanka, what a lovely name. My name is Barry Smith from the phone company I just need to check that your phones are working ok .... yes I do look familiar, I get that a lot from white people.'

Blaming the blacks has always been popular when you can't hang it on the Jews. In 1989 Trump blamed 5  black and Latino teens for a Central park rape. He took out ads in the New York Times demanding they get the death penalty. They were forced to sign confessions by the police and after 7 years in prison the real rapist who was in prison for rape and murder came forward and the 5 were released.  

In 1995 Susan Smith said she was car jacked by 2 black men who ditched her car in a river drowning her two young sons who were strapped into their seats in the back. She herself did it as she thought the guy she was having an affair with dumped her because of her having kids. 

Do we really need wire taps to know what Trump is thinking? He tells us his every wacky thought on Twitter or blurts it out in interviews, it really isn't that difficult. 

He has respect for the military and the intelligence community, he supports law enforcement ... but he calls the troops losers, the spooks liars and doesn't trust the Feds unless they back up his conspiracy theories.  

Yeah I think I have him pretty well read. His decline into worsening mental health will be very public.

Trump promises American jobs for pipelines but everyone knows that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich will be supplying the steel because the US companies bought the steel ages ago and it's been lying around as they tried to get a deal so no one wants it now. You can't negotiate when the deal has already been done.

India and Russia are the only other options and luckily Trump knows many Russians.

His whole family knows Russians. The one thing Trump hates more than anyone suggesting he isn't as successful than he says he is, is connecting his people to the Russians, it will be his downfall unless he can spin his way out of it.   

Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador and lying about it under oath ... not good. Trump needs Sessions in place as he'd be the one that oversees any investigations. The people around you need to be dirty if they are too do your dirty deeds.

Trump also needs his travel ban 2.0 to get approved and for his Trumpcare which is Obama lite, he needs that not to get looked at too closely. Hence the distractions of the wire taps with zero proof to back up his wild early Sunday morning claims.

Keep shouting about an investigation and how it must be true because everyone is reporting on it .... they are all saying what crazy bullshit it is by the way.

How many inappropriate and not very presidential claims, accusations and insults can he make? 

 Not a real tweet but similar enough

With that distraction in place dominating the news cycle and drowning out everything else with his own narrative he then fires off 5 manic tweets saying how great Exxon are.
They say they are investing billions and creating jobs just like how Trump says he'll create jobs, look after the miners, lock up Hillary oh and build a wall.

Exxonmobil don't just invest and create jobs out of the goodness of their cold black hearts. Tell me when you've actually done all that, talk is cheap.

 I love you sexy Rexy, here, have a medal

Make Exxon the heroes and make them look good and before you know it ex-Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson has lifted Russian sanctions enough for Exxon to drill on the 63 million acres they've leased in Russia. The drilling will create jobs .... somehow, well for the Russians at least.

It always gravitates back to Russia. The Obama admin tried the reset button on US/Russian relations but that never took. They even tried with Iran but that never took either. The rival nations accuse the US of trying to take over with their American blue jeans and coca cola ... you just can't win.

Now Iranian boats are playing chicken with US and British warships in the straits of Hormuz, a Russian spy ship is off the Delaware coast just floating about, Sweden have brought back military conscription to counter Russian aggression, 800 British soldiers are in Estonia for the same and China has increased defense spending by 7% just after Trump declared his defense rise.

 He tapped Trump Tower but he didn't do it alone

What dominates the news? OBAMA TAPPED TRUMP TOWER!!!!!  How fucken stupid do you have to be? I'm insulted he thinks it's so easy to distract us but Old Knudsen sees everything.


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