Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Erdogan Has Been Expecting You

President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan has been getting on like a right old Bond villain. I don't mean the 50,000 people that have been rounded up during a made up suspicious coup attempt last year including 2,839 soldiers, 99 of them Generals or the 2,745 judges, political rivals and media.  

Erdogan is fucken paranoid and blames Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen who is in self-imposed exile in Pennsyvlania. He has demanded that the US hands him over but doesn't give them any proof of guilt ... that's what people do now, they blame someone without evidence and hope that their outrage is enough.

Even though Erdogan is cementing his power by using the excuse of the coup to get rid of all opposition he is holding a referendum that will give him even more power. He has said he wants a system in place that is closer to what the US has. What a scary concept that the US system is the system of choice for tyrants.

There are vast numbers of Turkish ex-pats in Germany and the Netherlands and he wanted to hold rallies for them to secure their support. The German and Dutch governments have problems with far right groups and the last thing they want is thousands of hyped up Muslims in the streets, it's all kinds of bad for them.
They both turned down Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to hold rallies to which he described the Netherlands as the "capital of fascism."  

Erdogan has called both Germany and the Netherlands "Nazis" which is pretty rich coming from him. 

And look who he's become besties with. They met in January and again a few days ago. No wonder he was saying to the Netherlands that he'll teach them about democracy. Russia knows all about western democracy. 

Funny that Erdogan and Putin suddenly became buds a month after the assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey. The assassin had been a part of the security detail for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on eight occasions ... Coincidence I'm sure.  

Russia has lifted many sanctions from Turkey that it had imposed after Turkey shot down a Russian jet on the Syrian border. This new era of friendship is strange and out of character, almost as if they've started to align for greater power to carve up the Middle East along with Iran. 

There are US bases in Turkey and while Erdogan tends to play all sides he keeps leaning towards kicking the Americans out. Then again overseas military bases are always a great source to get intel from, oh those lonely service personnel.  

Turkey can do fuck all to the Netherlands but Russia is a cert to meddle in their elections . Geert Wilders wants to make the Netherlands great again. They will also meddle in the French and German elections soon. 

You may see a lone gunman taking out a Dutch diplomat or something though, claiming it's for disrespect against Turkey. 



Stephen Barnes said...

You been to Turkey lately? Can't move for the Russians. All those nubile Russian 20 somethings posing for selfies, and Russian Milfs. They're everywhere! That's gotta be proof of an alliance. Hasn't it? (Pics available for a price :-) )

Old Knudsen said...

I got an e-mail from a rightly Russian lady looking for a ripe man. I think they are onto me.