Monday, 13 March 2017

Don't Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It's Raining

At the moment all the horrible illegal aliens that Trump has ordered deported go and sit in fenced off pens for no more than 72 hrs before being sent to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras or wherever. There isn't any heating but the Trump admin isn't cruel, they give them Mylar blankets and pads to lie on.

 Happy children

It just shows you how progressive Hitler was and yet he gets denounced or some crazy shit by the haters.Trump plans to build more detention centers for immigrants. If you have some cash to invest I've got one werd: "immigrants" private prisons are all the rage too. Trump's friends have shares in those and they make money by getting stipends from the government. Money making is like a yuge circle jerk that gives me flashbacks to Haliburton.  

I'm not sure where the extra money will cum from. Will these centers be built the same time as the wall, hows that coming along by the way? ... oh wait it's not. I've already predicted a wall a mile or two long and a photo op.  

Will all these centers not become redundant once there is a wall keeping immigrants out? 50 judges have been sent to the detention centers to clear up the massive back logs.

Working as a border agent you have dangerous shifts that take you away from home for a month at a time makes it difficult for the US border agency to fill their ranks at the moment.

Many fail the polygraph used in the hiring process in fact 2 out of 3 fail it. 10,000 new positions as Trump wants sounds impossible to fill. Army veterans are the best fit for the jobs but if you remember they did start scrapping the bottom of the barrel to fill military fodder roles so would they pass the vetting or will all those standards be lowered too?

The shit about lowering standards in order to let women serve in combat roles but for guys, yeah that's ok cos they are manly men. 

Maybe they should hire foreigners. On the subject of women in combat, a Marine D.I. said that the person next to you is a Marine and when shit hits the fan you don't care about gender, race or religion.

This Trump supporter probably has guns too.

Old Knudsen understands the need to know who is coming to your cuntry, it's a no brainer. Just as you should know who is living in your cuntry.  All these Trumpflakes afraid of Muslim terrorists and Mexican rapists will spend life hating and fearing and then will probably die from heart disease, cancer or their fellow American.

  You look better in this picture, you're still a 4 but now you're quickly becoming a 3 ... sad! 

The fear of immigrants stems from chronic dissatisfaction and our tribal tendencies. We have shit wrong in our lives .... no don't blame the government lets blame an easy target cos educated rich white people are my people ... though I work at digging ditches for $5 an hour.

Being and sounding uneducated has been a boon for Trump. A billionaire of the people. 

The Trump, Brexit, National Front, Britain First or whatever supporter think they have a grasp on what ails their nation because that is what they've been told. Quite happy for the swamp not to get drained as long as they like those in charge. Collusion with foreign powers, perjury, bare faced lies on buses ... so what? It's obviously the fault of the immigrants.

Will Trump muck in and do a few border security shifts or will his bone spurs come back and prevent him?

The Trump admin has to find money for their wall and their defense increase. Difficult to do. Trump's ego is writing checks that the country can't pay. That's why he's using figures from the economy Obama made to make us think we're doing better under him. He hates others to think he's less well off than he is.

Judges and States are slapping down his Muslim travel ban and his deportation of illegal immigrants. Officials in LA are telling ICE to stop putting police on their jackets and to stop telling people they are police as it messes up years of work in the community trying to build trust.    

Sean Spicer let his deputy field the questions over Trump's wire tapp (the new spelling) and you could tell that she didn't believe what she was trying to defend.

Spicer had a press conference and it was noted that his American flag pin was upside down, that's a signal of distress. Oh sure he fixed it and said it was an accident but his rescue note says otherwise.

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