Monday, 20 March 2017

Decoding Trump And His Wire Tapp

It's all in the wording. Trump used the excuse by saying that Obama "Wire Tapped" Trump Tower but by being in quotes meant a general sort of wire tapping or surveillance. Like when your sibling stands in your door way annoying you and says "mom said not to go into your room so I'm not, na na na".

Without admitting that you make shit up you then back up your claim by saying it was widely reported upon which doesn't really mean anything.  They say that a lot.  

If you use quotation marks as an excuse don't forget those times when you didn't

Trump then insisted that an investigation must be started as a distraction from his healthcare bill and Jeff Sessions being a traitor. That panel said they have not seen any evidence of a wire tap from US sources that means they are being polite and not calling you a liar, that doesn't mean you accuse GCHQ of doing it. 

Not only didn't Obama wire tap Trump Tower but he didn't get a foreign power to do it either. GCHQ issued a statement with the words, 'utterly ridiculous' which is very strong language for the English. In basic American friendly terms it would be more of a 'are you fucking high? I'm this close to knocking 10 shades of shite out of you dickhead.'  

If they had said 'bloody ridiculous' then the SAS would probably be burning out the White House like in 1812.

Remember Angela Merkel? Yeah Obama tapped that. In 2010 he ordered a tap on Merkel's phone and GCHQ helped him to do it. 

Now think about Trump ... yeah I know it's not pleasant but he fills the news cycle, you can try to ignore him but then you'd be living in denial like how we pretend not to see hobo's because dirty boak beards are gross. Or like how Russia and Iran don't have poofters.  

Trump is a malignant narcissist, imagine his horror when the likes of Obama ...  a durty Muslim from Kenya can't even be arsed to wire tap him. 

Why isn't everything about me thinks Trump, cos everything is about Old Knudsen you fucktard, that's why. The only reason why Old Knudsen hasn't achieved werld wide fame is because the gods conspire against him ... fucken gods and their jealousy of perfection huh? ... they will pay! Sad!

Well like I was sayin, a fucken malignant narcissist.  


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