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Cambridge Analytica Knows What You Did Last Summer

Just because you aren't introspective doesn't mean that others haven't picked you apart psychologically

This post is not conspiracy, it isn't science fiction either. It's a rabbit hole so deep and complex that I can't tell you everything or you'd be overwhelmed and would miss the message.

It isn't just the Russians that focus vast resources on hacking and the controlled leaking of information. Sure they do it and even have an Information Warfare Unit with the goal of destabilizing the EU, NATO and their main rival the US.

You collect information, exploit weaknesses and create your own narrative. This is what you do and others have been doing it and are doing it now. You've helped them to do it too by creating accounts and with your activity online.  

Cambridge Analytica is a company that uses data mining and data analysis to predict outcomes and to direct public perceptions towards to a desired agenda. 

This is used in marketing for brand recognition and to tailor ads to the customer going by sites they've visited, purchases they've made and even every single fucken LIKE they've ever made on social media. This isn't new, we know our information gets passed around like a hooker that hasn't lost their looks yet. We get cold calls from people trying to sell us shit and we get spam e-mails. 

Cambridge Analytica takes ALL your information and analyses it from Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, PornHub ... if you are online they can get your info. They can track you around the world and build a profile on you. 

     Alexander Nix CEO Cambridge Analytica

It isn't just marketing to sell you products, this technology is also used to to influence voting. Cambridge Analytica's parent company SCL (Strategic Communication Laboratories) Group is known for its military disinformation campaigns and since 1994 has been involved in 25 international elections. They help the military and politicians study and manipulate public opinion. They have influenced elections in Italy, Latvia, Ukraine, Albania, Romania, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Colombia, Antigua, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Kitts & Nevis, Trinidad & Tobago.

In 2012 it entered the US and was involved in 44 congressional, US Senate and state-level elections. Cambridge Analytica was used by Ted Cruz but when they saw that Trump was the more successful candidate and they changed over to him.

His poker face

Meet Robert Mercer, a computer scientist and co-CEO of the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies. The Billionaire heavily funds Cambridge Analytica and was the single biggest donor for the 2016 presidential election. 

Mercer has worked with Stephen Bannon over the years on Breitbart, Reclaim New York and the Government Accountability Institute. Bannon is also on the board of Cambridge Analytica. Mercer's daughter Rebekah worked with Kellyanne Conway. They helped those two get top jobs in Trump's admin.

      That moment when you sober up enough and think, shit, the president has a fucken mullet

Mercer is Conservative, not just a hate poor people like war Conservative but one that spends millions against the threat known as the Liberal agenda. Rich people only hate Political Correctness because doing the right thing gets in the way of what they are doing. The right thing does not make money, someone has to suffer. 

You can see the US Constitution as a Liberal agenda if you will with the all men created equal thing and the rights given out in it. Lofty Liberal ideals which many find too hard to live up to so they pervert the meaning of it and before you know it a well regulated militia turns into every civvie lard ass with a loaded assault rifle. 

By assault rifle I mean a rifle that could easily be used by the military. I'm sure the Founding fathers did not mean for this to happen. They didn't trust the people enough with votes hence the Electoral College but they'd trust them with semi-automatic weapons ... I don't think so. 

The Liberal agenda is equality, mutual respect and not being douche bags. Mercer, Nix, Bannon, Miller, Tillerson,Trump can not be anything but douche bags who want to lay down their law. 
 The Brex Pistols as they call themselves.

Raheem Kassam on the right is an ex Nigel Farage adviser. He tried to become leader of Ukip but dropped out, now he is the Editor in Chief of Breitbart News London.

Arron Banks with the poppy is a millionaire that funded the Leave EU campaign. He paid for all sorts of propaganda from page headlines to billboards. Cambridge Analytica advised Ukip and the Leave campaign for free. Mercer has been a friend of Farage for years. 

Gerry Gunster on the far left (that's the only far left he's on) is Washington political strategist who has worked on many US referendums with a claimed 90% success rate. He's not someone that you usually see as he prefers to be in the background pulling the strings.

Andy Wigmore between Farage and Kassam is the communications director of Otherwise known as a media guru. He knows that with every speech given there are key words that have to be used. Wigmore met with Trump's team at the start of the Leave Campaign, Jared Kushner and Jason Miller the then  communications director knew these AI programs were the holy grail to be able to judge and invoke reactions in the public. 

Pay more attention to the phrases that trend on social media. Someone just doesn't sit there in their mom's basement and say, "hey that sounds catchy I'd better do a hashtag." 

So yes Cambridge Analytica aided Brexit. Brittany Kaiser, an employee of Cambridge Analytica was even at Leave EU press conferences to explain the technology behind the campaign. 

The Democratic Unionist party DUP in Northern Ireland spent £282,000 on a pro-Brexit ad in a Newspaper in England. The paper isn't even sold in Northern Ireland. Because of The Troubles there is less transparency with donations or how to spend it. 
A group of businessmen from the CRC, Constitutional Research Council gave £425,000 to the DUP. This group is quite mysterious and only Richard Cook a wealthy Conservative Brexitard is the only name known. 

An anonymous group giving thousands to spend elsewhere, very fucken dodgy huh. That sums up the whole Brexit campaign, dodgy as fuck lies. 

 "Today in the United States we have somewhere close to four or five thousand data points on every individual. ... So we model the personality of every adult across the United States, some 230 million people."
— Alexander Nix (Chief Executive, Cambridge Analytica), October 2016

These are real people spending millions to shift public perceptions and influence opinion. In the military it's called  psyops ... psychological operations. Mass propaganda that works by acting on people’s emotions.

Look at the stock market. When something happens or even when Trump tweets the money people get worried and stocks dive. Moods worldwide can be effected and changed. We run on emotion. 

Don't you even wonder why things like immigration, ISIS, Hillary's e-mails and every little thing Trump does becomes so overwhelming in trending and news feeds? It's like nothing else exists. The media plays into this by thinking that this is obviously the big story to cover and that everyone is talking about it. 

A bill to strip funding gets quietly passed while everyone is freaking out over what Trump has tweeted about. 

Trump and Bannon spoke at CPAC and they gave out some of their evil plan but did any of it trend? The biggest story was how they were trolled into waving Russian flags. 

Breitbart opened in London in 2014 and with the up and coming European elections, France and Germany are next for a Breitbart expansion. 

There is also a war of the bots.  Before the EU referendum one third of Twitter traffic was automated bots. Before the US election for every one bot there were 5 bots in favour of Trump and many of those were Russian in origin. 
Russian bots were just recently used in a smear campaign against a Ukip politician during the by-election in Stoke that he lost. 

These bots are automated and programmed to look and act like people, to change the conversation or to make topics trend. 

Hundreds and hundreds of bots blasting out links just before the US elections, also hundreds of websites set up to blast out the same message.  All these voices that seem to be people agreeing with Trump just herding along public opinion. 

There are sleeper bots that remain dormant with a Twitter account until needed to Tweet all at once and that's it until next time. 

Old Knudsen has seen what looks like Twitter accounts that retweet month old stories and they keep cycling them. Many of the troll techniques did start in Russia then moved to everywhere else. 

Twitter, Google and Face Book can manipulate reality and what information you read with their algorithms.  

All of this requires lots of money and resources and those behind Cambridge Analytica/SCL sure have it. The bots blasting out links, the websites giving you fake news about Hillary, immigrants or whatever they want. All with the aim to sway your thinking and to dominate what people are talking about and of course to drown out everyone else.  

The whole repeating a lie until it becomes truth thing. Misspoke? Nope they are just floating an idea that someone will believe and that someone will repeat and so on. In the world of customer complaints the average dissatisfied customer will tell 9-10 other people, often more. 

Most people think they are too strong or smart to be swayed, those are the people who think they can't be hypnotized and end up clucking like a chicken, those are the people that think rich elitist people can be trusted because they speak for the average person. Both Nigel Farage and Trump have been called 'the man of the people' if that's the case then the people are cunts.    

If you are online then the chances are that you've been profiled and categorized by an AI program. This is happening now. 


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