Monday, 13 February 2017

Weekend At Donald's

Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met again to discuss US/Japanese relations. During the campaign trail Trump wanted Japan to pay 100% for troops on Japanese soil. Of course this is one of the many things he won't do but will get ignored by his followers and other poorly informed people that say, "he's keeping his word and doing what he said he would" .... Japan was a tad pissed off as they pay 70% of the US upkeep in Japan.

The base on Okinawa is not very popular as local authorities didn't have a say over the 3 US servicemen who abducted and raped a 12 year-old girl 2 decades ago or over the base worker that murdered a 20 year-old woman recently. The base is being relocated to Nago, Okinawa. The US also imposed drinking bans too after a Navy puke injured two people while driving under the influence. 

 Just checking your South China seas Mr Miyagi

After Trump was reminded that Japan and China are not the same cuntry he made a statement at Trump Towers. 

"It is with great pleasure that I extend the olive branch of hospitality to Mr Miyagi of Japan. He is my guest at Mar-a-Lago for the entire weekend and it's free, he doesn't have to pay a single thing, unless he chooses to watch a pay per view movie or to order anything extra off the menu."  

They then jetted down on Air force one and like every other proud parent Trump wheeled out his pride and joys for entertainment.   

Donald jr: Eric, my dog has no nose.

Eric: We're rich, have it put down and buy a new one numb nuts.

Donald jr: What do you call a poor person with no healthcare?  

Eric: I don't know, what? 

Donald jr: American lol! 

Fucken comedy gold right there. 

Then Ivanka came out to dance and sing to the song 'My heart belongs to daddy'  which ends with her in his lap of course. Jared has to stay at home and look after his Donald's kids as he tends to get drunk and causes a scene.   

The next day it's a round of golf. As you can tell Trump has always been athletic except during the Vietnam war as then he had a bone spur in his foot ... either the right or left he can't recall, it went away as soon as the war was over though. 

Remember US military, you salute the office he's pissed all over not the man, keep telling yourself that when he sends you off to war in one of his Twitter rages. 

PM Shinzo got some good exercise by carrying Trump's golf bag. One time he took off his hat to wipe his brow only to have Trump scream, "I said wear the hat you little bitch!" 

North Korea took this time to launch a missile in Japan's general direction. It's all show boating. The US and Japan have been carrying out anti-ballistic missile tests as Japan aren't allowed to have nukes ... even though on Trump's campaign trail he said he was in favour of it. 

Checks and balances Mr Trump, the president's power has limits. 

Japan have been building up their forces and not just for defense and "positive" non-aggressive activities such as disaster relief and peace keeping. They have the JASSM,  precision standoff missiles and have created an amphibious brigade to re-take islands if they had to. 

All US allies are concerned as to whether or not they'll be backed up by the US if shit hit the fan. General Mattis told them that they would be protected but said he couldn't speak for Trump, Pence or Bannon as they might have other ideas. 

Hugs, handshakes and secret trade deals all give the right signals to the world but could anyone really trust Trump? 


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