Monday, 6 February 2017

Tweeting As The World Burns

He has criticized stage actors, Mexico, anything Obama, protestors, the national parks system, SNL, various media outlets, judges and many others. The one thing he hasn't criticized is Russia.

The fighting in eastern Ukraine between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian armed forces is escalating. International aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian disaster. It's the worse fighting since 2015 with 33 dead in a week.


Yet no mention of it from the President. Like how he didn't mention the tornadoes in Georgia, the Mosque shooting in Canada or even the Jews on Holocaust day. Too busy slagging off judges who defend the Constitution. Too busy framing everyone from 7 countries as terrorists.

He wasn't even in the situation room when a SEAL was killed in a botched raid in Yemen that killed women and children. Where are all the anti-Rex Tillerson shouts of YEMEN! that Hillary endued over Benghazi.

I say botched but in fact it was a sucess if you don't mind 8 year-old children getting shot and million dollar planes getting destroyed. Not a great start is it? Trump's wins all seem to have a whiff of shit about them. 

He did take his wife First Lady daughter for a photo op to see the dead SEAL's body though. He spends more time with Ivanka than he does with his FSB handler Melanie.

 Pro-Russian rebels wear arm bands since they take off all their official Russian military insignia.
Why has fighting in Ukraine escalated since Trump took office? Well they wouldn't have done it with Obama as he might have reacted to it.

Rival nations such as China, Iran and Russia can smell when a nation is in decline. Those declining nations talk about withdrawing world support and goes on about focusing on their own people. The people of the nations cheer but in reality the government is in retreat with no intention of making life for its people any better.

Travel bans, walls, leaving the EU all signs of decline. Estonia and Poland are two of the few that pay their agreed way in NATO, this is because they fear being left alone. No one can count on the US to protect them, Trump called this being taken advantage off but it's really mutually beneficial, now Trump is changing the rules.

What Russia is doing in the Ukraine is 'probing' they see what they can get away with and Trump's reaction to it? He eased sanctions against Russia ... very strange huh.
China is also probing by taking over meaningless rocks that aren't worth going to war over. Bit by bit they slowly move forward. They also use civilian fishing boats to probe the US Navy in the area to see what they can get away with.

How worried should we be about China's ever growing Navy? Ach I'm sure they just like boats or something. They probably don't mean any harm to anyone.

Australia is worried which is why there is a heavy US presence in the north of their country. Don't upset Trump too much or he'll remove them. 

Over the past 10 years with US decline, nations like Estonia, Poland, Finland in Europe. South Korea,Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan in the Far East and Saudi, UAE, Israel etc in the Middle East have been building up their military.

Alliances such as V4 (Poland Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) and Nordic-Baltic group have shown that smaller more exposed nations don't think the US, Nato or the EU will save them from Russian aggression which is a real threat.   

Many far east nations don't align to one side 100% and just wait to see what will happen. Without US backing and support many soft oil rich countries would appease accommodate Iran.  

 US and Japan carry out missile launch drills in Pacific

They have been buying JASSM - Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile and ATACM - Army Tactical Missile System.

These aren't nukes but they can send a missile hundreds of miles to strike at the heart of any large enemy. Anti-missile rockets, anti-tank and anti-ship depending if you are a sea going nation or facing land invasion.

The allies are worried. Trump has called them scroungers but when he stops helping them that is when he'll suddenly find he needs allies. Allies make other alliances if their usual ones don't back them up so this is a worry.

Missile test drills are mostly shows. North Korea does it for attention so Japan does it to get their attention too.

In 1907 the US sent The Great White Fleet to tour the world as a display of US strength. When Russia sends warships to dock at the Philippines that is more or less the same thing. The Philippines has been lost as a US ally now by the way, they've made other friends.

Trump is too busy signing bills that target US protesters with his token women dressed like women standing obediently behind him to worry about world shit. Soon it will be curfews and permits needed for protests of more than 5 people.  He'll show everyone in the US but not the world who is the boss. He'll stamp on you and belittle you if you don't do as you are told.

WWIII won't happen because Trumps hits the red button instead of the tweet button, it will happen slowly bit by bit as the media focuses on what crazy shit he's saying while he's letting the rest of the world get on with things. He'll be too busy trampling on American freedoms to care about former Soviet countries returning to Russia again.

That is the real danger of Trump and of May who is molding the declining UK even more insidiously than Trump could ever do. The far right is taking over in the US and all over Europe. Our tolerance for injustice will be desensitized and will be tested. We'll shrug and say "what's the point?" and give in as the tactics of abuse works on us.

We can never give up. When you post about how sick you are with political posts that's fine, just don't ignore it all and don't give up being the voice of dissent. The people that stand up for YOUR rights need back up and support.

Trump ignores world events and soon it'll catch up on him and you'll pay for it. Don't bury your head in the sand and ignore injustice because it doesn't affect you, that is what he's counting on, that is what they all count on.    




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