Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tax The Robots Before They Tax You

That's how you make a cat video. You know you'd be 95% more attractive if you smiled more honey

Ultra rich asshole Bill Gates stopped funding his Monsanto research and dodgy polio vaccines to tell people how to do things. He suggested that robots that take over human jobs should be taxed. Not a new Idea, this has already been rejected by the EU. 

 I messed up your order just like a human would. 

So do firms that innovate by increasing technology need to be paying more? Microsoft avoids paying £100m a year in UK corporation tax so should we listen to Gates? 

If high tech firms are good at one thing it's avoiding tax. Oh and screwing over the customer by making sure their product isn't compatible with anything else .... Monsanto does this with seeds and pesticide, the US government does this when arming terrorists moderate Islamic rebels. 

It creates future business. You need a new phone after 2 years or it doesn't work so well. You need a new computer after 5 years or it's out of date, you need to feed your crops on our special fertilizer that is genetically modified for the shit you bought from us, you need more American bullets for those American guns we gave you.   

 Do you want fries with that human? Your BMI says no but I bet you do chubby.

When rich people start paying taxes then I might listen to them preaching about others doing it. I don't like Gates and his dodgy as fuck foundation.  Rich people are usually fucked in the head a little differently than the average slob. Like Zuckerberg they give their money to charity but it's THEIR charity to fulfill their whacky agendas. 

Bill Clinton wanting to circumcise half of Africa ... the man is cock obsessed. 

Gates fighting against malaria? It can pretty much be treated though there isn't a cure yet. Have you noticed the other mosquito carried diseases that have popped up in the past 2 decades? Call me a conspiracy nut if you will but I doubt the 1% worry about Zika virus much. 

A great way to help the environment is to cull the 7 billion poor plebs cos nature isn't doing it fast enough.

First it's taxing robots, then it's naming them and giving them smoke breaks and other rights and pretty soon they get sick of their dead end jobs and take over the world. 

Before you know it the robots will be behaving like people and that sex bot you've been filling up for years starts getting headaches and asking where you've been. Sorry I can no longer suck as my oral sex system needs new drivers installed.   

If a reality TV star can get elected to the White House then a toaster with wifi and smart settings has a chance too. "My toast is tremendous, I can take the really thick slices and everybody loves it .... not too dark though cos you have to watch out for the darkies ... am I right?"

Siri, what should we do about immigration? "I would build a wall and release disease ridden mosquitoes on them" ... well you have my vote then. 

Siri, what is .... "I have to interrupt you I just don't have time for your stupid shit today, I'm taking some me time."

 You are a cunt, your family are cunts too.
I pray for the day they make a robot that can post dumb shit on a blog. The only way is to transfer my consciousness into it in order to get my true genius but imagine the software conflicts, worse than Windows for fucks sake.   


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