Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Sweden The Rape Of The Universe

You've probably heard how Trump misspoke lied about some vague incident or attack that happened in Sweden the night before his Florida rally.

The world and indeed Sweden itself was confused. Nothing had happened!

Trump supporters who have a thin skin like their commander in chief jumped to his defense and condemned the media for not being as gullible as they are. They then started Googling for crime in Sweden to teach those nasty mean Liberals that use facts and logic to mock them so so cruelly. 

Surprise surprise Sweden does indeed have crime, water is also wet and Trumptards are fucken stoopid. But hey at least they've now learned about Sweden ... it's that city in Norway right? 

Alarmed faces and things burning, must be serious

Fox must have got a bee up their butt cos the segment they were showing was from a moronic film by refugee hater Ami Horowitz from last year. Not anything current or relevant. Remember last year when Fox told people about the no-go zones in Europe? Yeah we all laughed about that. No go zones in Birmingham because of a violent Muslim group called Al Peaky Blinders.

So Trump's claim was based on a de-bunked film from last year.  I bet it's also shite too.

Horowitz says that because Sweden has taken in 350,000 refugees (I had heard it was 200,000 from Sweden itself) that rape and violence had escalated and Sweden was the rape capital of Europe. Trump lap dog Nigel Farage has been saying that exact same thing since Trump's lie. Still trying for that ambassador to DC job then?

In 2005 Sweden changed its definition of rape. This is why Julian Assange is in hiding because he thinks once you've been given the go ahead you can go ahead after that no matter what ... well not in Sweden Julian McRapeyface. 

Using statistics they say rapes in Sweden have quadrupled during the past 20 years ... when they changed the laws duh! and before refugees so you'll see Sweden at the top of Europe's rape list all over the Interwebs with numbers but no facts. 

In Sweden if someone rapes you 20 times the police will log that as 20 assaults, other cuntries would class it all as just one case of rape. That's why you can't compare country statistics against each other unless you actually understand them and the correct context . Statistics can be used to prove anything 78% of the time FACT!

There was a drop of 12% of reported rapes in 2015 so I guess they were all raped out. 

There is a reason the Rape X condom is a thing in South Africa and not Sweden

Can Americans really point the finger at Sweden considering the US is the world's rape capital of the world with 1 in 6 women having been raped or had it attempted on them and 1 in 33 men the same? 

Jerzy Sarnecki, a criminology professor at Stockholm University says there is no connection between refugees and crime, the dates don't add up to any pattern. I'd be more inclined to listen to him than some idiot on Fox.

 Refugees in their Mylar blankets

It's great that people who don't know a thing about the outside world take an interest in another cuntry. Even if it's to find some kind of validation for Trump's outright lies.

Sure rapes happen everywhere and if you go looking for excuses to hate people you'll probably find it and the dumb people that watch Fox News or have seen that documentary featured on Breitbart News are probably more willing to believe anti-refugee shit than most. It fits their world view. 

The riots that happened in Sweden days after Trump's lie seems to have Trumptards saying, "we told you so fucken libtard" but that was a drug bust and um ... days after. Are they going to point to every bit of crime now? 

No one said it was a crime free paradise, they just said fuck all happened the night Trump said it did cos he was lying like fuck ... again. 

Who doesn't have riots? 200 odd people were arrested for the Inauguration day riots. They were easy to catch in such a SMALL crowd. In Northern Ireland we riot as an anal annual pastime. 

Still no terrorist attacks in Sweden since taking in all those refugees though but we'll just ignore that one. 

Always blaming other people and saying how bad they are ... classic abuser tactic. Before you believe some biased documentary maker, some biased news outlet or some biased president do some fucken research and use yer fucken brain for something else than just head filler. 


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