Thursday, 23 February 2017

Keep Your Enemies Close But Not This Close

I had been willing to give Russia the benefit of the doubt. Over the years they had been behaving for the most and keeping to themselves. I was annoyed at that Obama kept goading them with troop build ups in Poland and missile systems. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State had the task to weaken Russia by setting up Russian neighbors with fracking so they wouldn't have to rely on Russian gas and their threats of turning it off.
Ukraine was also buying less and less gas from them and allegedly owed Russia money for gas they had bought. Russian human rights violations was big in the news too.

Hillary ended her term in 2013. It must have worked because in 2014 the Russian economy was collapsing. I doubt it's a coincidence but this was also the same year that Russia invaded Crimea.

Crimea is rich in natural resources and is of key strategic importance for the Balkans and Ukraine were going to get rid of the Russian naval base at Sebastopol. There were concerns between Russia and Ukraine over gas supplies so avoid more sanctions and to bypass Ukraine, Russia annexed Crimea under the pretense of freeing pro-Russian people as it had also done in parts of Georgia.

No one wanted to go to war over pro-Russian settlers that wanted to join the motherland. That is why such stories are created, to give over nations an out to not go to war. Ukraine was broke and its military weak but Russia was done with its invading, it could have easily invaded Ukraine but that would have probably meant a war with Europe and the US and Putin is no fool. 

You could ignore Crimea getting taken but more difficult to ignore Ukraine. 

Now something odd. Russian aggression in Ukraine, US and EU sanctions hurting Russia. Putin laughs them off but it's not like he's the one suffering. People unable to get alcohol have been dying when they have drunk window cleaner or perfume as a substitute.

While all this is going on Exxon went from leasing only 11.4 millions acres of Russian land in 2013 for exploratory drilling and the like to increasing that over a year to 63.7 million which they have today.

No one wanted to touch Russia in 2013-2014 and this was a fuck load of money. A high risk gamble that could lose billions. What did that know that others didn't? 

They can't do anything with that land expect survey it because of sanctions.

Rex Tillerson the CEO of Exxon Mobil getting a medal  from Putin in 2012. It would be crazy to appoint him as the new Secretary of State wouldn't it?

Conspiracy theory? If sanctions get eased or lifted it becomes fact. Exxon is sitting on all those assets they can't use at this minute. Russia has increased aggression in Ukraine and is probing the water off Delaware so you'd be a fool or a traitor to lift sanctions now.

Maybe they are being overly aggressive so they'll have something to come back from and the public will say, "thank you for saving us your lifting the sanctions seems justified now." 

It's a case of 'I'll keep beating you but I'll not do anything extra and you will thank for it.'

East StratCom task force which works in the EU to fight disinformation from Russia is very worried about the elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands. 
The Lisa case in 2016 which was based on a false story FAKE NEWS! of a Russian-German 13 year-old girl raped by Arab refugees in Berlin, this had people protesting against refugees in the street.

The girl had lied to not get into trouble after staying at a friend's house but of course people accused the German government of cover ups as Fox is doing with Sweden right now.

Just recently German NATO soldiers stationed in Lithuania were accused of raping an underage Lithuanian girl. Lithuanian police looked into it and there was no such story, no victim no rapists.

Over the past decade Russia has been behind cyberattacks in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, France and Austria.

Estonia has 1.3 million Russian speakers so the events in Crimea has worried them. They are a member of the EU, Ukraine didn't finish its membership and probably never will now. That is another reason why it was safe to attack it, not a formal ally.  

Prince Harry with Estonian troops who served in Ganners

800 British soldiers are set to go to Estonia as part of NATO's defense against Russian aggression. Estonia's spy chief has warned against Russian honey traps and staged pub brawls.

A honey trap would be say setting up a married US Billionaire with a model who would then break up his marriage and get compromising material on him in order to blackmail him to do the bidding of the Russians .... just an example as that could never happen.

Old Knudsen has been a British soldier and knows how easy it is to get into trouble with the locals as you stand out a mile as a soldier and often locals will target you never mind fucken Russian spies. Locals usually hate soldiers.

800 young men and a few weemen there are bound to be some soft targets. English soldiers don't have the same street smarts a Northern Ireland soldier would have, especially one that has been through the Troubles where you didn't know who was a friendly cos we all look and speak the same.

I recall a few years back a British soldier telling social media the parties he was going to in Belfast that weekend. So stupid. It's only called the peace process, don't go thinking there is really peace for fucks sake.

The order has gone out not to go on the piss or get into any trouble. The Russians are out to give troops a bad name. We went through the same in Palestine getting called thieves and criminals by the Jews. Different faces and languages but the same old shit. History repeats so many times and not just the big stuff.

To sum up, Russia doesn't like outsiders fucking with its vodka money and they will cut you. They've been increasing influence in European elections and not just those nations that used to belong to them. They have now moved on to the US and have their people in place. Either naive accidental traitors or ones being blackmailed and manipulated.

Trump has done years of deals with Russians including the one that bought a mansion off him in Florida and didn't even live there. He let it get run done and now he's selling it off in lots ... sounds like a round about way to give Trump money to me.

Trump has been given money from Russian banks when US banks wouldn't lend to him, you'd see that in his tax returns ... oh that's right no one wants to see those.
He may not own Russian property but he has tried to for years and has certainly relied on Russian money. 

Don't forget the Russian tactic of Maskirovka that distracts you so they can do something else and the fact that those fuckers don't go looking for fucken Pokemons, they still play chess and do shit old school.

 One of the 10 Russian spies arrested in New York in 2010

Those armed with the facts will be belittled and told they are overacting with the reds under the beds thing as if Russia is somehow not as aggressive as the Soviet Union but conspiracy theories aren't always batshit crazy. The Russians are a real threat and many haven't and won't see it coming until it's too late.

You expect tanks, wise up and stop watching movies for fucks sake, they are in your government and decide your fate.     

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