Thursday, 23 February 2017

Anatomy Of A Photo Op

Vice President Mike Pence took time from thinking about people using restrooms to visit and help out at the Chesed Shel Emeth cemetery outside St. Louis where 150 head stones in the Jewish cemetery were toppled over the weekend.

The Trump admin is always quick to condemn stage actors, protesters, immigrants, Muslims, Trans gender and the media so it was obvious they denounced this act of douche baggery .... considering they neglected to even say the word Jew on Holocaust remembrance day.  

Some Jewish groups like the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect in New York have said their condemnation of this vandalism is too little too late and condescending. Considering Muslim activists Linda Sarsour and Tarek El-Messidi raised $90,000 to repair the headstones I think they might be right.

Oh hey a camera! You just caught me out helping the Jews. I've been here since dawn and as you can see by my clothes, I'm filthy.

The rules of spin for showing people you mean business and are getting stuck in are wear a blue shirt instead of a white one, it's a literal blue collar thing. Roll up your sleeves .... but you have to take yer fucken tie off and open a button to imply hard work.    So much fail in this admin.

A camera crew being there for his unannounced visit, that's handy. Yes there was a line of people helping out which explains that while the headstones are broken the area around them is fairly spotless.

Did he also take the worker's gloves?

Old Knudsen condemns the destruction of any grave (unless it's like Jimmy Savile's or something) because there is just no need for it. These are someone's loved ones for fucks sake. Those things cost money too. I'd say disrespectful to the dead but the dead don't care.

I'd like to see the Nazi fucks that did this swinging from a lamp post but that's just me. It takes a fucken tough guy to break headstones under cover of darkness. I hope they get all they deserve. 

This is such a bull shit photo op visit feeding off the misfortune of others. This is media manipulation and throughly dishonest ... the shit they accuse others of doing.
It says a lot about this admin and the fact they have more anger for stage actors than Nazis saluting Trump's election victory or all the threats made against Jewish centers across the US.

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