Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A White House From Russia With Love

Former Lieutenant General Michael Flynn was a hate filled arrogant cunt and so was the natural hire of Trump's White House. 
He had been fired by Obama or rather pushed into retirement for being a lose cannon and I don't mean it in an LA cop on the edge cool way. 
He was abusive towards staff, had his way or the highway and was very quick to condemn US policy. As Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency he sent out classified warnings about Syria because he was right and Obama was wrong, he wouldn't shut up.   

He was actually right about what he said about Assad and Turkey but it wasn't his job to go over the boss's head and to say so. He should have started a fucken blog and behave like the soldier he was supposed to be. If they wanted his opinion they've have issued one to him.

Why yes that is Jill Stein on the right but going by her actions she seems to be clean.

To pay the rent he appeared on RT which is the place anyone with anti-American views go to. You want to slag off the US you go on RT. He may have spoken out against Turkey and Erdoğan saying they were looking the other way with ISIS but as soon as his security firm were hired by a company with ties to the Erdoğan government he quickly switched sides and said that Turkey was a critical U.S. ally.   
That is the man he is. During the election he talked sanctions with Russia, he then lied he has done so and then went all Oliver North and pretended to have forgotten if he had or not. His resignation is to protect Pence who no doubt knew what was going on. You don't discuss something like this without having run it past the top bosses.

The Logan Act says it's illegal for unauthorized people to negotiate with foreign powers in dispute over such things like hmmm lets think, the easing of Russian sanctions. Trump hadn't been elected so this does apply. 

Sally Yates the former Deputy Attorney General had already marked her cards before she told her staff not to enforce Trump's un-Constitutional anti-Muslim travel ban. She had told Trump in January she was worried about Flynn and the possibility he was open to blackmail by a foreign power. Trump ignored the warnings as we all know that he himself is in the same boat. 

Hail Hydra you're fired! 

Paul Manafort who was the former Kellyanne Conway

Paul Manafort has been a lobbyist for Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, military dictator of the Congo Mobutu Sese Seko and worked with Reagan to arm guerrillas of Jonas Savimbiin in Angola. His recent most interesting role was for Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych who was a puppet of Putin and is now living in exile in Russia.
Manafort is under investigation by CIA, NSA, FBI, ODNI and FinCEN for $12.7 million in cash from Yanukovych's Party of Regions and for the $2.2 million he distributed in Washington DC on behalf of that party to gain favor for Yanukovych.

Isn't it funny that a man who has no ties to Russia, no debts and no business interests there and certainly no compromising video from the FSB of Russian hookers peeing on him keeps on hiring people with ties and connections to Russia?

Manafort, Flynn, Tillerson. Oh and Spectrum Health in Michigan that owned the server used for a Trump company to communicate with Alfa Bank in Russia. Spectrum Health is owned by the husband of Betsy DeVos, she as we know paid $1 million to more than 20 senators who were to vote for her to become the head of the Education Department.

We know her brother Erik Prince has been advising Trump too.  

  Aras Agalarov a Russian version of Trump
Aras Agalarov put $20 million into Miss Universe. Donald jr spoke of Russian investment in 2008. Don jr also held talks in Paris in Nov 2016 with Russian supporters about Syria. 

Of course he has Russian ties, his deals in Russia span 30 fucken years. Gorbachev visited Trump Tower in 1988 for fucks sake. 

The CIA denied a special security clearance for Robin Townley who was Flynn's pick as NSC's senior director for Africa. Lots going on in Africa in Libya and Somalia. A government to back and form in Libya and forward operational bases in Somalia. Townley already has top secret security clearance but it says a lot that he was denied further clearance. 

The NSA etc record most calls made by senior people and Flynn knew this. You have to vet top level people to find out their weaknesses and vices. I bet Trump has quite a few. If you know what they are into then you know what Russia and others would use as leverage. 

Need money for a failed business, a couple of mistresses you want to keep quiet, a drug habit? These are all exploitable. 

Too much arrogance and ego? That too can be exploited. Benedict Arnold's ego and the fact he was passed over for promotion sent him into the waiting arms of the British. Similar to Flynn's experiences. 

There have been at least 4 White House advisers being investigated for Russian links. These lower level plebs be sacrificed so Trump, Pence and Bannon can get away. 

I see Trumptards on Twitter still blaming the left for Trump and his people consorting with a rival power ... what the fuck? 

Yeah it was these libtard  snowflake cunts that said, "hey I've got Sergey I. Kislyak's number, you should call him up and discuss the easing of sanctions to Russia even though they've started up the fighting in Ukraine again."

It was liberals that said, "Hey Manafort you should pay lobby groups $2.2 million to help out Viktor Yanukovych."  

Did they also make Trump grab pussies too? 

There comes a point beyond gullibility where you are soo firmly in denial that you become complicate. Time to admit that maybe you aren't so politically savvy and that a TV reality star chicken shit draft dodger and noob to politics perhaps wasn't the right choice.

Or maybe you are a traitor to the US too, that seems like a real possibility. Not even a month in power and his admin is tearing itself apart. This is long from over.    


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