Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Do We Really Need Free Speech?

The Correspondents' dinners in which people stand up and take the piss out of politicians and even the President were always a source of much fun. Humor and TV were things that Obama certainly had mastered. He didn't mind having some fun at his own expense.

Remember when he did that video in which he went to the DMV to renew his driving license only to have the woman behind the counter question the authenticity of his birth certificate? ... good times, it almost made up for all the war crimes, deportations and domestic spying.

In 2011 at the Correspondents' dinner Obama mocked Trump by saying, " I know that he’s taken some flack lately, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the Donald. And that’s because he can finally get back to the issues that matter, like: did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac? We all know about your credentials and breadth of experience. For example no, seriously just recently, in an episode of Celebrity Apprentice when a team did not impress Trump he didn’t blame Lil Jon or Meatloaf you fired Gary Busey. And these are the kinds of decisions that would keep me up at night."

Trump can take a joke aimed at him, look at how much he's enjoying himself.  He's always quick to mock himself and be the butt of a joke, he doesn't let it brew and fester over years to get petty revenge when he can, oh no.

 Trump enjoying his Comedy Central roast ... no not really

Most topics were allowed for the roast but the one he won't have is people saying he has less money than he says he does. Very telling.  That was also a no go topic when interviewed by Joan Rivers too.

Trump didn't attend Obama's last Correspondents' dinner. He usually goes to them but when he's the one getting roasted without his permission he doesn't like it. He likes to be in charge and look strong remember.

"Although I am a little hurt that he’s not here tonight. We had so much fun the last time. (Laughter.) And it is surprising. You've got a room full of reporters, celebrities, cameras, and he says no? (Laughter.) Is this dinner too tacky for The Donald? (Laughter.) What could he possibly be doing instead? Is he at home, eating a Trump Steak -- (laughter) -- tweeting out insults to Angela Merkel? (Laughter.) What's he doing?"

Before being elected Trump went on late night chat shows and even appeared on SNL and you know he's hating every moment because he doesn't have a sense of humor, he has never needed one. He has no timing or charm. I doubt he'll be doing any funny Buzzfeed videos.

This year Trump has announced he will not attend the Correspondents' dinner, the first President in 36 years to not attend. He has liberty to trample on or maybe some more golf to play or tax payer's money to spend. 

 I like big butts and I can't deny ... ok, not this one. 

Northern Ireland lad Rory McIlroy faced criticism for playing golf with Trump and says it wasn't political at all it was just golf.
Well fuck you McIlroy, if you don't mind spending time hanging out with a bigoted sexual predator then yer a fuck wit enabler. You can tell a lot about someone with the company he keeps. 

The dinner will go ahead but will there be anyone funny at it? Will anyone be able to say anything vaguely anti-Trump at it? Anti-Trump I mean the derogatory humor that everyone uses. Poor Donald and his precious thin orange skin .

Some comedians have said they would attend rather than boycott because humor is the best weapon and is totally protected under the First Amendment. That's the whole point of the fucken dinner to show and celebrate the free speech the US should be allowed to have. 

No one is beyond criticism in the US and a free press is paramount to showing that. 

  Not you not you not you ... Fox?  you go ahead yes Breitbart or rather Bro-Bart you'll get a question

As you know CNN, BBC, The Guardian, LA Times, New York Times, Politico, Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail were barred from a White House briefing. To recover from the backlash they said they had been very selective rather than excluding anyone. Just their besties like Bro-bart, Fox, Washington post and some blogs. 

The AP and Time boycotted the briefing. 

Other ones allowed such as CBS, NBC, and ABC were invited for a "Gaggle" in Sean Spicer's office. This is an informal off camera chat. 

Trump has called most of those outlets that were banned, FAKE NEWS and the enemy of the American people. They very often post things like stories that Trump just doesn't like even if it is the truth. Buzzfeed published the account from a reliable MI6 operative about what Russia has on Trump to black mail him with and the Daily Fail which is fake news is being sued by Melania. 


The BBC is state run and would be reporting on Trump when he visits the UK. Old Knudsen would see this as an act of war and would burn that fucken White House again but May as usual is just being quiet about it. 

Her hand still stings from when Trump held it, a constant reminder that he could just not trade with the UK if he has a bad day. 

Trumpflakes and ammosexuals don't seem too angry about it. For years they have used the shall not be infringed argument so they could continue to shoot school kids with assault rifles. 

 What part of no prohibition, abridging and infringing don't you understand? 

Trump is a laughing stock though not very funny. He and his people are against freedom and liberty. The checks and balances that naive people talk about don't work very well if the bad guys pay off the Senators placing idiots in positions of power. 

We need the White House leaks and the FBI leaks as that is all we have. You stifle the media and only have state sanctioned information given out, what's next regulating the Internet like China does? Knowledge is power and the people can't be trusted with it which is how Trump got into power in the first place ... the Electoral College.

A President against free speech is very dangerous. His words and actions are classic abuser tactics and to go a step further an abuser with power becomes a dictator. Hitler jailed those that spoke out against him or wrote about what he was up to. 

Two years ago the opposition leader in Russia, Boris Nemtsov condemned Putin for an illegal war in Ukraine and was shot dead not long afterwards.   

We may have issues with the press at times but they HAVE to be free. They HAVE to report on things that Trump doesn't like and to hold him accountable for breaking the law.  

Remember the Watergate! 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Lip-Stick For Cunts

"Have you ever woke up with your lips stuck together? It didn't hurt and was kind of fun . All you had to do was wet your lips from the inside with saliva and they became unstuck."

Ever lie in bed after one of those dreams in which you eat a lot of dick and just think how much the mouth is like a vagina? It has lips, teeth and poo cums out of it just like a vagina.

Daniel Dopps a failed doctor Chiropractor from Kansas thinks about cunts all the time. More so than so-called Christian politicians and celibate men in dresses at the Vatican. He is beyond the baby thing though cos he is into blood. Blood is life!

I'm a cunt .... specialist

He is annoyed that men seem to have no say in the goings on with vaginas (even though men make up all the laws) because he himself owns a vagina ... well his wife looks after it but it's his ...  by state law.

He says that a neighbor who was a bit of a dirt bird kept her tampon in her twat too long and got blood poisoning that caused her to lose her legs. He had already thought about the neighbor's cunt long and hard even after her legs has gone. 
She'd leave red trails all over the sidewalk when she went out for a drag and so Dopps came up with a way to help her with her periods and maybe make some money and get a look at her snatch. 

Or at least validate his browser history ... it's research damn it!

 A pussy purse to keep all that blood money in.  

A Chiropractor is like a masseur with some first aid training, unlike the UK in the US it is regulated and you do have to train for it. Googling isn't a part of the training though. 

He says that there is no knowledge of how women dealt with their periods 200 years ago so therefore he decided that then they must have naturally secreted a substance that sealed their cunt shut.   

With that in mind they obviously evolved over that 200 years and now use pads and their brains have grown enough for them to vote and make proper modern sandwiches ... but not to become president, baby steps luv. 
Pads and tampons meant they didn't have to excrete the fanny batter as much and only gushed when Old Knudsen enters the room ... ask yer mom. 

As usual weemen complicate things by mentioning the uterus or cervix whatever those are but Dopps keeps it simple. 
You apply this lip stick to yer fanny lips and with its natural combination of amino acids and oils it sticks the lips together ...simples! 

You can roller skate, hang glide, mountain climb even on yer period. You can wear sexy white cotton panties and pole dance if you want to. 

He believes that weemen didn't come up with this cos their brains are fucked up because of periods ... poor luvs. Weemen are usually too busy plotting the death of all males or thinking of how to make their lives a living Hell to really have intellectual thoughts. 

Hey you ate the apple in the Garden of Eden, don't project yer guilt onto us! 

It's not a crazy idea cos when the woman pees it breaks the seal... So wait, the blood up there doesn't break the seal just the pee? .... ach my head is hurting just fucken believe it. 

Jen Gunter, a San Francisco OB/GYN and all round Debbie Downer wonders if Dopps has even seen a labia up close. 

A typical stench trench

I don't know what the fuck a labia has to do with cunts but that's a typical menstruating woman's response.  She said applying glue could cause abrasions or even make it grow together. 

She said it was all a little far fetched. 

Gunter pointed out how vadge's move all throughout the day so if you crossed your legs or shifted in yer seat the levee would break and you'd have another Katrina event ... not her exact werds cos I don't even think she is a real doctor, unlike Dr Dopps the pussy doctor who vaginas all the fucken day. 

In history ancient Romans used wool tampons dipped in opium. Egyptian women used softened papyrus for tampons. The Greeks used tampons rigged out of lint wrapped around small pieces of wood. Paper, moss, wool, animal skins, moss and grass were used in other parts of the world. 

Dopps who is a man and calls himself a doctor (PhD in geography counts) so therefore can be trusted has said that it works and has tested it on his daughter. Not even an erect penis or lap dances can break the seal. 

 Yer Ma!
He has suggested that if you were to use it to have yer vagina teeth removed as some can be quite sharp and might break the seal. You could probably keep yer molars in though. 

I wonder if say the Octo Mom tried it a little would it tighten her up a bit. It would have to be a big bit though.

Mensez or Rag stick as it was almost called hasn't gone into production yet and is just waiting on some man with great insight to fund it.  


Thursday, 23 February 2017

Anatomy Of A Photo Op

Vice President Mike Pence took time from thinking about people using restrooms to visit and help out at the Chesed Shel Emeth cemetery outside St. Louis where 150 head stones in the Jewish cemetery were toppled over the weekend.

The Trump admin is always quick to condemn stage actors, protesters, immigrants, Muslims, Trans gender and the media so it was obvious they denounced this act of douche baggery .... considering they neglected to even say the word Jew on Holocaust remembrance day.  

Some Jewish groups like the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect in New York have said their condemnation of this vandalism is too little too late and condescending. Considering Muslim activists Linda Sarsour and Tarek El-Messidi raised $90,000 to repair the headstones I think they might be right.

Oh hey a camera! You just caught me out helping the Jews. I've been here since dawn and as you can see by my clothes, I'm filthy.

The rules of spin for showing people you mean business and are getting stuck in are wear a blue shirt instead of a white one, it's a literal blue collar thing. Roll up your sleeves .... but you have to take yer fucken tie off and open a button to imply hard work.    So much fail in this admin.

A camera crew being there for his unannounced visit, that's handy. Yes there was a line of people helping out which explains that while the headstones are broken the area around them is fairly spotless.

Did he also take the worker's gloves?

Old Knudsen condemns the destruction of any grave (unless it's like Jimmy Savile's or something) because there is just no need for it. These are someone's loved ones for fucks sake. Those things cost money too. I'd say disrespectful to the dead but the dead don't care.

I'd like to see the Nazi fucks that did this swinging from a lamp post but that's just me. It takes a fucken tough guy to break headstones under cover of darkness. I hope they get all they deserve. 

This is such a bull shit photo op visit feeding off the misfortune of others. This is media manipulation and throughly dishonest ... the shit they accuse others of doing.
It says a lot about this admin and the fact they have more anger for stage actors than Nazis saluting Trump's election victory or all the threats made against Jewish centers across the US.

Keep Your Enemies Close But Not This Close

I had been willing to give Russia the benefit of the doubt. Over the years they had been behaving for the most and keeping to themselves. I was annoyed at that Obama kept goading them with troop build ups in Poland and missile systems. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State had the task to weaken Russia by setting up Russian neighbors with fracking so they wouldn't have to rely on Russian gas and their threats of turning it off.
Ukraine was also buying less and less gas from them and allegedly owed Russia money for gas they had bought. Russian human rights violations was big in the news too.

Hillary ended her term in 2013. It must have worked because in 2014 the Russian economy was collapsing. I doubt it's a coincidence but this was also the same year that Russia invaded Crimea.

Crimea is rich in natural resources and is of key strategic importance for the Balkans and Ukraine were going to get rid of the Russian naval base at Sebastopol. There were concerns between Russia and Ukraine over gas supplies so avoid more sanctions and to bypass Ukraine, Russia annexed Crimea under the pretense of freeing pro-Russian people as it had also done in parts of Georgia.

No one wanted to go to war over pro-Russian settlers that wanted to join the motherland. That is why such stories are created, to give over nations an out to not go to war. Ukraine was broke and its military weak but Russia was done with its invading, it could have easily invaded Ukraine but that would have probably meant a war with Europe and the US and Putin is no fool. 

You could ignore Crimea getting taken but more difficult to ignore Ukraine. 

Now something odd. Russian aggression in Ukraine, US and EU sanctions hurting Russia. Putin laughs them off but it's not like he's the one suffering. People unable to get alcohol have been dying when they have drunk window cleaner or perfume as a substitute.

While all this is going on Exxon went from leasing only 11.4 millions acres of Russian land in 2013 for exploratory drilling and the like to increasing that over a year to 63.7 million which they have today.

No one wanted to touch Russia in 2013-2014 and this was a fuck load of money. A high risk gamble that could lose billions. What did that know that others didn't? 

They can't do anything with that land expect survey it because of sanctions.

Rex Tillerson the CEO of Exxon Mobil getting a medal  from Putin in 2012. It would be crazy to appoint him as the new Secretary of State wouldn't it?

Conspiracy theory? If sanctions get eased or lifted it becomes fact. Exxon is sitting on all those assets they can't use at this minute. Russia has increased aggression in Ukraine and is probing the water off Delaware so you'd be a fool or a traitor to lift sanctions now.

Maybe they are being overly aggressive so they'll have something to come back from and the public will say, "thank you for saving us your lifting the sanctions seems justified now." 

It's a case of 'I'll keep beating you but I'll not do anything extra and you will thank for it.'

East StratCom task force which works in the EU to fight disinformation from Russia is very worried about the elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands. 
The Lisa case in 2016 which was based on a false story FAKE NEWS! of a Russian-German 13 year-old girl raped by Arab refugees in Berlin, this had people protesting against refugees in the street.

The girl had lied to not get into trouble after staying at a friend's house but of course people accused the German government of cover ups as Fox is doing with Sweden right now.

Just recently German NATO soldiers stationed in Lithuania were accused of raping an underage Lithuanian girl. Lithuanian police looked into it and there was no such story, no victim no rapists.

Over the past decade Russia has been behind cyberattacks in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, France and Austria.

Estonia has 1.3 million Russian speakers so the events in Crimea has worried them. They are a member of the EU, Ukraine didn't finish its membership and probably never will now. That is another reason why it was safe to attack it, not a formal ally.  

Prince Harry with Estonian troops who served in Ganners

800 British soldiers are set to go to Estonia as part of NATO's defense against Russian aggression. Estonia's spy chief has warned against Russian honey traps and staged pub brawls.

A honey trap would be say setting up a married US Billionaire with a model who would then break up his marriage and get compromising material on him in order to blackmail him to do the bidding of the Russians .... just an example as that could never happen.

Old Knudsen has been a British soldier and knows how easy it is to get into trouble with the locals as you stand out a mile as a soldier and often locals will target you never mind fucken Russian spies. Locals usually hate soldiers.

800 young men and a few weemen there are bound to be some soft targets. English soldiers don't have the same street smarts a Northern Ireland soldier would have, especially one that has been through the Troubles where you didn't know who was a friendly cos we all look and speak the same.

I recall a few years back a British soldier telling social media the parties he was going to in Belfast that weekend. So stupid. It's only called the peace process, don't go thinking there is really peace for fucks sake.

The order has gone out not to go on the piss or get into any trouble. The Russians are out to give troops a bad name. We went through the same in Palestine getting called thieves and criminals by the Jews. Different faces and languages but the same old shit. History repeats so many times and not just the big stuff.

To sum up, Russia doesn't like outsiders fucking with its vodka money and they will cut you. They've been increasing influence in European elections and not just those nations that used to belong to them. They have now moved on to the US and have their people in place. Either naive accidental traitors or ones being blackmailed and manipulated.

Trump has done years of deals with Russians including the one that bought a mansion off him in Florida and didn't even live there. He let it get run done and now he's selling it off in lots ... sounds like a round about way to give Trump money to me.

Trump has been given money from Russian banks when US banks wouldn't lend to him, you'd see that in his tax returns ... oh that's right no one wants to see those.
He may not own Russian property but he has tried to for years and has certainly relied on Russian money. 

Don't forget the Russian tactic of Maskirovka that distracts you so they can do something else and the fact that those fuckers don't go looking for fucken Pokemons, they still play chess and do shit old school.

 One of the 10 Russian spies arrested in New York in 2010

Those armed with the facts will be belittled and told they are overacting with the reds under the beds thing as if Russia is somehow not as aggressive as the Soviet Union but conspiracy theories aren't always batshit crazy. The Russians are a real threat and many haven't and won't see it coming until it's too late.

You expect tanks, wise up and stop watching movies for fucks sake, they are in your government and decide your fate.     

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Sweden The Rape Of The Universe

You've probably heard how Trump misspoke lied about some vague incident or attack that happened in Sweden the night before his Florida rally.

The world and indeed Sweden itself was confused. Nothing had happened!

Trump supporters who have a thin skin like their commander in chief jumped to his defense and condemned the media for not being as gullible as they are. They then started Googling for crime in Sweden to teach those nasty mean Liberals that use facts and logic to mock them so so cruelly. 

Surprise surprise Sweden does indeed have crime, water is also wet and Trumptards are fucken stoopid. But hey at least they've now learned about Sweden ... it's that city in Norway right? 

Alarmed faces and things burning, must be serious

Fox must have got a bee up their butt cos the segment they were showing was from a moronic film by refugee hater Ami Horowitz from last year. Not anything current or relevant. Remember last year when Fox told people about the no-go zones in Europe? Yeah we all laughed about that. No go zones in Birmingham because of a violent Muslim group called Al Peaky Blinders.

So Trump's claim was based on a de-bunked film from last year.  I bet it's also shite too.

Horowitz says that because Sweden has taken in 350,000 refugees (I had heard it was 200,000 from Sweden itself) that rape and violence had escalated and Sweden was the rape capital of Europe. Trump lap dog Nigel Farage has been saying that exact same thing since Trump's lie. Still trying for that ambassador to DC job then?

In 2005 Sweden changed its definition of rape. This is why Julian Assange is in hiding because he thinks once you've been given the go ahead you can go ahead after that no matter what ... well not in Sweden Julian McRapeyface. 

Using statistics they say rapes in Sweden have quadrupled during the past 20 years ... when they changed the laws duh! and before refugees so you'll see Sweden at the top of Europe's rape list all over the Interwebs with numbers but no facts. 

In Sweden if someone rapes you 20 times the police will log that as 20 assaults, other cuntries would class it all as just one case of rape. That's why you can't compare country statistics against each other unless you actually understand them and the correct context . Statistics can be used to prove anything 78% of the time FACT!

There was a drop of 12% of reported rapes in 2015 so I guess they were all raped out. 

There is a reason the Rape X condom is a thing in South Africa and not Sweden

Can Americans really point the finger at Sweden considering the US is the world's rape capital of the world with 1 in 6 women having been raped or had it attempted on them and 1 in 33 men the same? 

Jerzy Sarnecki, a criminology professor at Stockholm University says there is no connection between refugees and crime, the dates don't add up to any pattern. I'd be more inclined to listen to him than some idiot on Fox.

 Refugees in their Mylar blankets

It's great that people who don't know a thing about the outside world take an interest in another cuntry. Even if it's to find some kind of validation for Trump's outright lies.

Sure rapes happen everywhere and if you go looking for excuses to hate people you'll probably find it and the dumb people that watch Fox News or have seen that documentary featured on Breitbart News are probably more willing to believe anti-refugee shit than most. It fits their world view. 

The riots that happened in Sweden days after Trump's lie seems to have Trumptards saying, "we told you so fucken libtard" but that was a drug bust and um ... days after. Are they going to point to every bit of crime now? 

No one said it was a crime free paradise, they just said fuck all happened the night Trump said it did cos he was lying like fuck ... again. 

Who doesn't have riots? 200 odd people were arrested for the Inauguration day riots. They were easy to catch in such a SMALL crowd. In Northern Ireland we riot as an anal annual pastime. 

Still no terrorist attacks in Sweden since taking in all those refugees though but we'll just ignore that one. 

Always blaming other people and saying how bad they are ... classic abuser tactic. Before you believe some biased documentary maker, some biased news outlet or some biased president do some fucken research and use yer fucken brain for something else than just head filler. 


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tax The Robots Before They Tax You

That's how you make a cat video. You know you'd be 95% more attractive if you smiled more honey

Ultra rich asshole Bill Gates stopped funding his Monsanto research and dodgy polio vaccines to tell people how to do things. He suggested that robots that take over human jobs should be taxed. Not a new Idea, this has already been rejected by the EU. 

 I messed up your order just like a human would. 

So do firms that innovate by increasing technology need to be paying more? Microsoft avoids paying £100m a year in UK corporation tax so should we listen to Gates? 

If high tech firms are good at one thing it's avoiding tax. Oh and screwing over the customer by making sure their product isn't compatible with anything else .... Monsanto does this with seeds and pesticide, the US government does this when arming terrorists moderate Islamic rebels. 

It creates future business. You need a new phone after 2 years or it doesn't work so well. You need a new computer after 5 years or it's out of date, you need to feed your crops on our special fertilizer that is genetically modified for the shit you bought from us, you need more American bullets for those American guns we gave you.   

 Do you want fries with that human? Your BMI says no but I bet you do chubby.

When rich people start paying taxes then I might listen to them preaching about others doing it. I don't like Gates and his dodgy as fuck foundation.  Rich people are usually fucked in the head a little differently than the average slob. Like Zuckerberg they give their money to charity but it's THEIR charity to fulfill their whacky agendas. 

Bill Clinton wanting to circumcise half of Africa ... the man is cock obsessed. 

Gates fighting against malaria? It can pretty much be treated though there isn't a cure yet. Have you noticed the other mosquito carried diseases that have popped up in the past 2 decades? Call me a conspiracy nut if you will but I doubt the 1% worry about Zika virus much. 

A great way to help the environment is to cull the 7 billion poor plebs cos nature isn't doing it fast enough.

First it's taxing robots, then it's naming them and giving them smoke breaks and other rights and pretty soon they get sick of their dead end jobs and take over the world. 

Before you know it the robots will be behaving like people and that sex bot you've been filling up for years starts getting headaches and asking where you've been. Sorry I can no longer suck as my oral sex system needs new drivers installed.   

If a reality TV star can get elected to the White House then a toaster with wifi and smart settings has a chance too. "My toast is tremendous, I can take the really thick slices and everybody loves it .... not too dark though cos you have to watch out for the darkies ... am I right?"

Siri, what should we do about immigration? "I would build a wall and release disease ridden mosquitoes on them" ... well you have my vote then. 

Siri, what is .... "I have to interrupt you I just don't have time for your stupid shit today, I'm taking some me time."

 You are a cunt, your family are cunts too.
I pray for the day they make a robot that can post dumb shit on a blog. The only way is to transfer my consciousness into it in order to get my true genius but imagine the software conflicts, worse than Windows for fucks sake.   


Monday, 20 February 2017

Decoding Trump Speak

"Last night two people dead, authorities don't have a clue no one knows what's going on, Refugees from Europe maybe Germany or Sweden."

What that means is he watched Sleepy Hollow on the Fox network and the Barghest, a European wolf demon gave him bad dreams that he has mistaken for reality. 

When asked a question on what he intends to do about the 48 threats against Jewish centers across the US he only hears antisemitism and stops listening thinking it's an attack on him. This leads to bullying whoever asked it. 

"I'm not antisemitic, I'm not racist I love the Jews, my son-in-law is a kike, he's married to my hot daughter Ivanka, she says I'm better in bed than him, everybody says I'm amazing in bed, big crowds watch me pump her sweet pussy." 

Abusers always accuse others of that they themselves are guilty of so when he screams DISHONEST MEDIA and FAKE NEWS it's him that's doing it. 

The Bowling Green massacre, the Atlanta attack, the Sweden incident ... misspeaking several times over or as we used to call it LIES!   

 How wrong can one person be? 

He holds press conferences to tell the nation and the world how successful he is. Why would you need to do that, wouldn't your sucess be evident? .... oh that's right the media isn't covering it. 

The media are only interested in the constant leaks, the 6 people fired for failing FBI background checks, the traitorous ex General who resigned and the firing of Craig Deare the head National Security Council's Western Hemisphere division for complaining about Trump's rocky start with Mexico and that Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner make decisions without talking to the NSC.

I believe the media has covered his successes such as the hundreds of families broken up by deportation.... still not as much as Obama though who was nicknamed the Deporter in Chief.   

They also covered his lack of tax returns and fact check shit he says ... not cool. 

When Trump tells the media he's looking into something that means that his boss Steve Bannon hasn't told him about it. Look at Trump's face, the man is clueless. Alzheimers within 5 years you'll see. 

When asked what he'll do about the Russia spy ship off the Delaware coast he doesn't reassure the people that the US Navy are keeping an eye on it or anything, he gets all defensive and more or less says, "I'm not telling so there" as if whatever he decides would actually stun or surprise the far more clever than him Russians. 

Has Trump done more in his first 4 weeks than anyone? It seems so because he tells everyone and is a fucken attention hoor showing off his yuge signed book to the cameras. The facts are that he has signed less than Obama in the same amount of time and things like The Affordable health care act otherwise known as Obamacare can't just be done away with in one signing.

The Affordable Care Act helped more than 20 million previously uninsured Americans get health coverage. It had its problems, mostly down to lobby groups with politicians on both sides in their pockets but can you see Trump's people come up with something better?

As president he gets more tokens at rallies

Why is Trump doing a rally in Florida? He doesn't need to do them anymore he won for fucks sake. Wikileaks and the Russians helped him take down Hillary, the jobs a good un.

I suspect that he does fuck all at the White House and Pence, Bannon, Kushner and Mattis do most of the thinking. Even General Kelly has to come up with 3 new ideas to round up immigrants every week. 'Uh curfew, national guard, micro chipping ... you aren't going to do these right? I was told they were just ideas.' 

He wants to get back to a happier time when no one asked him really hard questions and he could just insult Hillary, he wants to surround himself with like minded morons who will give him validation.

Every civilian killed in combat creates 40 new enemies. Every Trumptard infected with stupid will shout down at least 40 Liberal snowflakes.

Cut off one head they'll still have two cos Trumpers are inbred fuckers.

Trump is saturating the news, soon there will be only Trump. The Kremlin got concerned that Trump was getting name checked in Russia way more than Putin ... I guess he wants some credit now.

The Russians are making up stories of rape to make NATO look bad, doesn't that sound like something Trump would do? Loyal Trumptards still refuse to see the connection ... or they are all just FUCKEN TRAITORS TOO!!!!!  

Alt-right, alternative facts, fake news and misspoke ... we need to call these Neo-Nazis, lies, lies and more lies instead of using their Trumpy newspeak terms.

When we start talking like the bad guy the slide to full on bad guy isn't too far and all of a sudden we don't mind immigrants getting trampled on because Merica!  

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A White House From Russia With Love

Former Lieutenant General Michael Flynn was a hate filled arrogant cunt and so was the natural hire of Trump's White House. 
He had been fired by Obama or rather pushed into retirement for being a lose cannon and I don't mean it in an LA cop on the edge cool way. 
He was abusive towards staff, had his way or the highway and was very quick to condemn US policy. As Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency he sent out classified warnings about Syria because he was right and Obama was wrong, he wouldn't shut up.   

He was actually right about what he said about Assad and Turkey but it wasn't his job to go over the boss's head and to say so. He should have started a fucken blog and behave like the soldier he was supposed to be. If they wanted his opinion they've have issued one to him.

Why yes that is Jill Stein on the right but going by her actions she seems to be clean.

To pay the rent he appeared on RT which is the place anyone with anti-American views go to. You want to slag off the US you go on RT. He may have spoken out against Turkey and Erdoğan saying they were looking the other way with ISIS but as soon as his security firm were hired by a company with ties to the Erdoğan government he quickly switched sides and said that Turkey was a critical U.S. ally.   
That is the man he is. During the election he talked sanctions with Russia, he then lied he has done so and then went all Oliver North and pretended to have forgotten if he had or not. His resignation is to protect Pence who no doubt knew what was going on. You don't discuss something like this without having run it past the top bosses.

The Logan Act says it's illegal for unauthorized people to negotiate with foreign powers in dispute over such things like hmmm lets think, the easing of Russian sanctions. Trump hadn't been elected so this does apply. 

Sally Yates the former Deputy Attorney General had already marked her cards before she told her staff not to enforce Trump's un-Constitutional anti-Muslim travel ban. She had told Trump in January she was worried about Flynn and the possibility he was open to blackmail by a foreign power. Trump ignored the warnings as we all know that he himself is in the same boat. 

Hail Hydra you're fired! 

Paul Manafort who was the former Kellyanne Conway

Paul Manafort has been a lobbyist for Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, military dictator of the Congo Mobutu Sese Seko and worked with Reagan to arm guerrillas of Jonas Savimbiin in Angola. His recent most interesting role was for Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych who was a puppet of Putin and is now living in exile in Russia.
Manafort is under investigation by CIA, NSA, FBI, ODNI and FinCEN for $12.7 million in cash from Yanukovych's Party of Regions and for the $2.2 million he distributed in Washington DC on behalf of that party to gain favor for Yanukovych.

Isn't it funny that a man who has no ties to Russia, no debts and no business interests there and certainly no compromising video from the FSB of Russian hookers peeing on him keeps on hiring people with ties and connections to Russia?

Manafort, Flynn, Tillerson. Oh and Spectrum Health in Michigan that owned the server used for a Trump company to communicate with Alfa Bank in Russia. Spectrum Health is owned by the husband of Betsy DeVos, she as we know paid $1 million to more than 20 senators who were to vote for her to become the head of the Education Department.

We know her brother Erik Prince has been advising Trump too.  

  Aras Agalarov a Russian version of Trump
Aras Agalarov put $20 million into Miss Universe. Donald jr spoke of Russian investment in 2008. Don jr also held talks in Paris in Nov 2016 with Russian supporters about Syria. 

Of course he has Russian ties, his deals in Russia span 30 fucken years. Gorbachev visited Trump Tower in 1988 for fucks sake. 

The CIA denied a special security clearance for Robin Townley who was Flynn's pick as NSC's senior director for Africa. Lots going on in Africa in Libya and Somalia. A government to back and form in Libya and forward operational bases in Somalia. Townley already has top secret security clearance but it says a lot that he was denied further clearance. 

The NSA etc record most calls made by senior people and Flynn knew this. You have to vet top level people to find out their weaknesses and vices. I bet Trump has quite a few. If you know what they are into then you know what Russia and others would use as leverage. 

Need money for a failed business, a couple of mistresses you want to keep quiet, a drug habit? These are all exploitable. 

Too much arrogance and ego? That too can be exploited. Benedict Arnold's ego and the fact he was passed over for promotion sent him into the waiting arms of the British. Similar to Flynn's experiences. 

There have been at least 4 White House advisers being investigated for Russian links. These lower level plebs be sacrificed so Trump, Pence and Bannon can get away. 

I see Trumptards on Twitter still blaming the left for Trump and his people consorting with a rival power ... what the fuck? 

Yeah it was these libtard  snowflake cunts that said, "hey I've got Sergey I. Kislyak's number, you should call him up and discuss the easing of sanctions to Russia even though they've started up the fighting in Ukraine again."

It was liberals that said, "Hey Manafort you should pay lobby groups $2.2 million to help out Viktor Yanukovych."  

Did they also make Trump grab pussies too? 

There comes a point beyond gullibility where you are soo firmly in denial that you become complicate. Time to admit that maybe you aren't so politically savvy and that a TV reality star chicken shit draft dodger and noob to politics perhaps wasn't the right choice.

Or maybe you are a traitor to the US too, that seems like a real possibility. Not even a month in power and his admin is tearing itself apart. This is long from over.