Friday, 27 January 2017

Those Poor Snowflake Nazis

I wonder if White Supremacist or Neo-Nazi types can enjoy movies like Raiders of the lost Ark. Do they cry at the end of Schindler's list not because Oscar Schindler breaks down about not saving more than 1100 people but because the Nazi gets hanged? 

Can racists watch Will Smith or Denzil movies? They've made some good flicks but do racists see Smith with his Colt AR-15 in I am Legend and start to shake and sweat because a black man has a gun ... and his own fucken movie?
I had to watch the zombies types in that movie through my fingers. No it wasn't scary it was just crap CGI that spoiled an otherwise good film.

Richard Spencer punched twice in a week right in his dick face

The world is an odd place. Maybe it was odd before but now the fuckwits have figured out how to use social media. Like Velociraptors learning to use door handles.

Yesterday, the day before Holocaust remembrance day Old Knudsen had to try to explain to a US military vet why Nazis were bad. He claimed to be a Major but boy was he obtuse. A major dumb fuck. He also gave Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt for any bad things he's done or said. Can't be true, you libtards call everyone fascists and racists but it you who are the fascists.
That's what they do, they call you libtard, snowflake or in the case of Brexit it's remoaner if you voted remain.

They whine a lot about whiners ... a lot. 

What it boils down to is they are resentful that you have higher standards than they and can argue your point better ...  with facts an shit.

   A Nazi midget? Shia isn't very tall so what the fuck? 

Shia LaBeouf has this He will not divide us Trump protest in which you say or shout "He will not divide us" into a camera.  

A guy came up and shouted Nazi shit instead. LaBeouf who has defended the world against yuge evil robots then started shouting He will no divide us into the guy's ear to drown him out. Their bodies shoved each other as LaBeouf tried to edge him away from the camera and as the guy pushed past him to get at the camera. 
LaBeouf grabbed the guy's scarf and may have scratched him so got arrested for assault I suppose. Hardly fight night.

People were ready to defend the guy and dismiss anyone that suggested he was a Nazi. LaBeouf is unstable it's his fault! Yeah I made sure to point out the German WWII cap ... duh! 

The question is .... and I can't believe this isn't a no brainer. 'Is it ok to punch Nazis?' How is this even a question? I don't know but it is. We've got to the point of civilization where facts and morals have been replaced with compromised opinion and emotion. 

 If we punch Nazis then we are as bad as they are ... yes that was what some weeping vagina of a man said.

 Punching Nazis makes me hard ... ach getting retweeted on Twitter makes me hard.

It's true, when Old Knudsen punches a Nazi he then wants to kill all inferior races in gas chambers and ovens and take over the world ... NOT!

What about Nazis also having freedom of speech and rights? Fuck em to death! Why should anyone want to hear Nazi crap and why should anyone be allowed to say it? Will it solve the mysteries of the universe or enrich anyone's lives?

Like pedophiles and mimes it needs to be destroyed and removed from society. 

If you believe that you are superior because the colour of yer skin or eyes then yer just a knuckle dragging Jobbernowl. No one needs that kind of bullshit, if you want to believe in something improbable and unscientific then read the fucken Bible or watch Fox News. 

Nazis and their hair cuts huh

Nazis, White Supremacists, Racists, Bigots, Misogynists and any President that falls into those categories ARE the bad guy.

Sometimes you have stop a bad guy or a bully with violence. That is why cops and soldiers have weapons and are trained for combat or self defense. You can't reason with these people or the people that make excuses for them.  

They may say the same about libtards and some times it might be true but the rest of the times it's because they themselves don't think too good so how can they reason with someone else?

Violence needs to be the last resort but when a Nazi gets in your face or just speaks then it's ok to punch them until they stop. Those are the rules.

We are animals, don't deny all your natural instincts in favour of being a soft comfortable pussy person whose idea of suffering is waiting 5 minutes on yer latte. OMG it was cold but I didn't want to make a fuss, I'll just bitch about it online. 

A Nazi or someone that shares their ideology would have no problem putting you and yours into a death camp so fuck em up and drink their tears of woe cos those cunts have done way too much shit to be ever forgiven.

 resist and protect against the rising tide of hate even if it's not for you 

If you wake up one day and suddenly think it's a good idea to be a Nazi or some other kind of hate filled cockwomble then you surely deserve the fisting that Old Knudsen shall give you.     


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