Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Russian Long Play

The name is Haarlem, Erwin van Haarlem ... or is it? 

As anyone with half a brain knows, a good spy isn't some twat in an Aston Martin and a tux, a good spy is one who is ordinary looking and blends in.   

Vaclav Jelinek was born in Modrany, a small village near Prague in 1944. His da sold ice cream until the commies took over. Jelinek had to enlist in mandatory military service which was the time of the Cold War. He got promoted to the Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior but grew bored with the routine jobs. 

He was caught reading up on how to learn German instead of guarding a checkpoint and he thought he'd get into trouble for it. 
Instead of being forced to eat Gulag which as you know is a stew made from turnips and rat meat he was interviewed by the Statni bezpecnost,  the Czechoslovak secret State police.

 We are friendly ... lol! 

They had been looking at his file and he fit the bill.  A womaniser, highly intelligence, patriotic, a risk taker and best of all prone to violence. While that won't get you a job in yer local bank, having that on yer resume in Cold War Czechoslovakia would get you a job in the StB nay prabs.  

He undertook 3 years of training and then to Austria to orientate him to get him used to the West. He was either a kind of Colonel in Czech intelligence StB or Czech military intelligence SFGF. 

He was given the new identity of Erwin van Haarlem a dutch infant that was given up for adoption. What happened to the child is not known that is why they use missing persons for fake identities. After applying for his Dutch passport he then went to London in 1975. The exact nature of his job wasn't known. He was to spy on Jewish dissident groups and get intelligence on the British military and then later on the US Star Wars program. That part of the job was shite cos Star Trek is way better.

He got a job in the 24th-floor Roof restaurant at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, Mayfair. He used a radio to received messages and sent out messages in magazines in invisible ink. One such message was his disgust at people asking for ketchup ... a fucken disgrace, good food is wasted on the Brits. 

In 1977 he received the message that the real Erwin van Haarlem's mother was looking for him with the help of the Red Cross and if she contacts him to agree to meet up. The Dutch embassy gave her his London address and in early 1978 she met him. We still don't know why she suddenly decided to look for him at that time.

Ich Bin Ein Nazi Rapist

Johanna van Haarlem mentioned that his hair was darker than his father and that he was shorter but she went along with it. 
In 1943 she was an 18 year-old  virgin when she met his fake father on a train. Gregor Kulig was a 23 year-old Polish Nazi soldier. Four weeks later he raped her at a party. 

When she became pregnant her father who was Jewish was outraged and told her to move and to give the child away. She tried to live as a single mom but ended up taking the baby to an orphanage. Over the years the orphanage sent letters to Johanna to take back her child but she never replied to them. 

Having a Dutch Jewish mother was great cover for a spy. He went to Holland and met the family. His job at the restaurant promoted him from waiter to assistant purchase manager. He visited the Polaris submarine base and other military installations giving information about underwater sonar chains that NATO used to detect subs with. 

He didn't like his fake mother but had to keep up the act. He became an artist/art dealer though no one in the art business had heard of him and he always had money. He gave his mother expensive gifts but to him she was a Nazi fascist that collaborated with foreign soldiers. 

Someone is hiding a secret and I know where

He even took girlfriends to Holland to meet his fake mom. In 1986 he noticed a car tailing him then around his flat there were "new" postal workers, telephone repairmen and window cleaners that seemed to clean windows daily. 
A woman in the local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme contacted police about a morse code sound from her TV at 9.20pm every night, it really spoiled her enjoyment of Benny Hill.    

MI5 set up a stakeout in a neighboring building and watched his flat. In 1988 they burst in on him listening to his "special" station on the radio.

In his flat were tiny code books and information on how to get British citizenship. Also paintings that he had told his accountant he had sold.   

During questioning he kept to his cover and when his mother visited him in prison he still told her he was her son and that it was all a mistake. A DNA sample proved they were not related though. 

She looked for some remorse and some affection but he was cold towards her now. Johanna died in 2004. 

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for espionage. After serving 5 years he was deported back to the Czech Republic and has been living free for the past 23 years. 

The kind of story that should be made into a movie. The Russians did this kind of shit and do you really think they ever stopped it? The US haven't stopped spying on them.

10 Russian spies caught in New York in 2010 says they are still at it. The Slovakian intelligence service accused Russia of trying to influence public opinion and to infiltrate various organizations in 2015. This year they elected a pro-Russian candidate to lead them. This is after decades of mistrust for Russia and rightly earned. 

Putin the former KGB agent and now the owner or Russia and the US

Did the Russians do the same thing in the US as they did in Melania's home of Slovakia? They love the long play. Was Melania a honeypot trap? Good spy connections and covers take time, years in fact. Everybody thought Hillary was going to win, even Trump was prepared to declare the election rigged, how the fuck did he do it? 

Old Knudsen thought she was going to win and you know it's suspicious when he's wrong. 

You have Trump supporters saying things like they listened to both candidates, they made up their own minds and realised they were bigots voted how they pleased. Russia did not make them vote for anyone. Going by the popular vote they didn't vote him in at all and the people's vote didn't matter.  

So the question is, blackmail, bribes, how many Electoral voters does Russia own? The American public don't even know who most of the Electoral college are. Secret votes cast in private, what kind of way is that to run a cuntry? ... not that the Russians are complaining, they are well pleased.


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