Monday, 16 January 2017

Thank A Baby Killer

Probably didn't kill any babies but hey he might have

Over the last 20 years it has become trendy to put veterans onto a pedestal. The flag loving civvie demands you show respect because someone did something that they didn't and everything they know about the military comes from movies.

Snipers used to be the pariah of the military as for some reason soldiers thought it was more honorable to be face to face with the enemy when you kill them though bomber pilots were never thought of the same way as a sniper was.

After some movies sniping became cool and even though Chris Kyle lied/exaggerated about shit including what medals he got and his kills he was still considered a hero by many.

Clint Eastwood makes a crappy movie about an invading force killing people from afar. I wonder if he'd make the same movie but with Russian soldiers in Ukraine instead, same kind of premise, neither side should be there. 

Being a veteran myself I don't get the adulation and think it's dangerous glorifying the military. The saccharine thanks and demands that vets be treated special and outrage when a flag is burned is just bullshit. It was a job they didn't put their boots on and say, "gots to go and earn some freedom for asswipes to bully others with ... oh and the flag" they got paid or if they were drafted they didn't have a choice.

Those who join up after falling for all the jingoistic crap no doubt got schooled real fast. Pat Tillman gave up an NFL career for the red white and blue and was shot dead by accident by his own side. A reminder that death and war can be more stupid than glorious. The Bush admin lied about his death and used it to recruit more calling him a martyr hero until they were caught out. 

Still no shouts of "jail Bush" ... very odd.

We don't need your thanks but I'm sure American vets enjoy the reduced Disneyland tickets and other discounts they get. 

Civvies are stupid and are usually held in contempt by those who have served. Not all, just the ones that ask how many Japs you killed etc. Rebecca Landis Hayes parked in a veteran's parking space at the grocery store in North Carolina. She doesn't usually but the two spaces were empty.

When she got out there was a note on her car.

She thought that someone had hit her car but no it was civvie stupidity. After 8 years in the Navy she had more than earned the right to park there but civvies only think men can be veterans. Such a lack of basic intelligence. 

In the 19th veterans of the The Crimean War were given social housing priority on streets named after battles like Balaclava, Inkerman and Sevastopol. You have vets with PTSD and a constant reminder of it everyday. Not too smart.

John Kerry on the right

The Vietnam war had veterans being despised. No home coming parades and being spat on and called baby killers in the street. None of those soldiers wanted to be there, many were drafted or if like the President elect you could get out of it with a vague medical condition that didn't prevent you playing sports you did.

I'm too rich and important to die, let the poor people fight the war. 

Can you blame someone for not wanting to enlist? It's disgusting that rich people could get out of it while others couldn't but to be pro-serve your country in war is dumb if it's an unjust war. Yay you get to kill some Gooks thousands of miles away because they are Commies ... awesome!

The most patriotic, sabre rattling people are usually chicken hawks. Civvies that don't mine others going to war.
Trump of course is worse than most as he disrespects everyone unless they have a use to him. He slagged off a POW who was tortured and slagged off the parents of a fallen soldier, now Trump is commander in chief.

Obama is a chicken hawk too but at least he showed respect. His coffee cup salute really isn't as bad as calling captured pilots losers. I'm not demanding you show respect because they turned up for war, just show some decency towards them. 

Secretary of State John Kerry has walked the walk. He won the Silver Star for bravery and 3 Purple Hearts which means he was wounded 3 times in the line of duty.

He went back to Vietnam to the place the crew of his PCF94 swift boat were ambushed. He spoke with
Vo Ban Tam who was on the Viet Cong side that night.

The VC had an RPG and were shooting at Kerry's boat to make them move into the line of fire for the RPG. Kerry jumped ashore and shot the RPG soldier dead thus saving the lives of his crew. That was some brave shit from the then 26 year-old Navy lieutenant.

Vo Bam Tam knew the fighter that Kerry had killed, he was 24 year-old Ba Thanh. I don't know how much closure this has given Kerry. You could say it wasn't Kerry's fault and if he hadn't killed him his crew would have died, it makes sense but with emotion, guilt and war there is no clean cut sense to be had.

When Kerry returned States side he joined the anti-war protest. Things got ugly and they were branded traitors and Commies yet soldiers weren't regarded very highly either ... make up yer fucken minds.

Would anyone that served actually join a pro-war protest? How stupid would you have to be to be pro-war? War has its place but should only be a last resort not something to protect monetary interests or to bully other nations as per the up and coming invasion of Mexico.

Kerry is a boring dry shite that looks like George Washington or Herman Munster. He could actually be a reincarnation of ol George himself. If Washington ran for preez today his military record, switching allegiances and his many military failures would have him lose.

Washington was brave but had his moments of crying in front of the troops. John Kerry was called a traitor and a flip flopper for merely speaking out about Nam just think if he had changed sides like Washington for fucks sake.

Kerry failed in his Whitehouse bid with vets speaking against him and people claiming that he had shot a teenager during that ambush. I don't see what difference that would make. If a woman or 10 year-old was about to shoot an RPG at you then you have full permission to kill them before they do.  That's war bitches.

If you were really worried about teens, women or children getting killed you wouldn't be very supportive of Obama and his drones. Out of sight out of mind. 

People pick and choose who they venerate and who and what demands unquestioning obedience. It has nothing to do with actual life experience. If they gave a thought to the atrocites carried out by some military (not every vet shot a gun or dropped bombs) personnel upon the innocent would they yap on about their precious flag?

They they probably would because blind patriotism and nationalism is only for the incredibly stupid and yes the sheeple.
Without jingoism no one would join up for the never ending war. Now it's sweetened with college money and home loans while in reality many service families are on food stamps or go to food banks.

Sing yer cuntry songs about how proud you are to be whatever you are but remember that the other side is thinking the exact same thing just different names and faces. 

"Nationalism is a disease of the brain controlled by the heart" ~ Old Knudsen    

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