Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sieg Heil To The Chief

When Hillary didn't win the election I knew right away something was off. It was a fixed point in time that was tampered with probably by evil time travelers that are not me.

Even Trump was getting ready to do a Farage and declare everything rigged, the only people confident in a Trump win had snow on their boots.

  9 out of 10 Russian spies prefer Trump

Tomorrow ushers in a new era. I would like to be confident that Trump only played to the right wing bigots to get into power so he could change things for the better but I'd be naive to think that. 

He comes into office with the lowest approval rating that an incoming President has had in over 4 decades. He constantly Tweets his stream of consciousness opinions calling people, companies and things in general names and boasting about himself. Screaming FAKE NEWS! as he types his bold faced lies.

     Even god kings with their massive slave armies bleed

The GOP bolstered by their future leader tried to get rid of the ethics department but a backlash canceled that. They then voted to gut healthcare to get rid of Obamacare. They had years to come up with a substitute but have nothing. It is projected that 18 million people will be without healthcare in 2018.  

Trump using the carrot and stick technique has been showing companies he can make them lose billions with just a tweet so now they are more keen to get on his good side and pay him for protection.     

Trump's cabinet is pretty scary with rich people with no experience or with views of  morons. The education head says teachers are overpaid and favors private schools. The head of housing is the token black guy so if you slag him off you're a racist. Wealthy surgeons know poor people housing ... he has disdain for poor people especially black people as he thinks if they are poor they are slackers as he grew up poor and black before becoming white. 

The Secretary of State was a former CEO of Exxon Mobil and has business ties with the Russians. A Texas Governor that ain't too bright looks after the arsenal of nukes. 

 Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn with those chairs and Putin at an event for RT in Dec 2015. Flynn was a speaker. He has been paid often to appear on the state run news channel .   

There are several bankers/finance people, billionaires and business people. The Secretary of transport has no experience in that field but is married to the majority leader of the GOP. There are a couple of former army officers and a couple of former Marine generals. You have Trump's son-in-law as his Senior adviser and what role will Ivanka play? She could possibly be the First Lady. Spouses do not have to do that role and I don't think Melania is really into the whole White house thing. 

The future presidential generation is being formed and molded. Ivanka may very well be the one to break that glass ceiling.

I'm sure his admin will not set out to do away with abortion, same sex marriage, renewable energy or affordable healthcare and welfare benefits. I'm sure they won't undo everything Obama did just out of spite. I'm sure this admin of billionaires and out of touch elitists will care about the average Joe on the street as they have done all their pampered lives. 

"Stop the limo I want to give that hobo $50" .... aye only if you've run over him and want to shut him up.

I'm sure they won't use loopholes to do business deals or use their connections to line their own pockets. "My dad is President ... that's all I'm sayin, now do we have a deal?"

Sure it's a worrying start they they want to gut healthcare to normal people and want to increase military spending. That kinda tells you how things are going to go. 

As like American POW's the sick, poor, old and disabled are losers to this president. If you get tortured or die for your country you failed. If you haven't become affluent enough to own your own home and retire by 55 you've failed. 

No man left behind? .... we leave them behind now .... losers! 

Old Knudsen isn't suggesting that he'd just have to get within half a mile of Trump with a rifle to make America great again ... that would be let me so fucken do it wrong! 

Killing people is wrong! .... nah not really, that's why I laugh when people call me a Liberal. Someone told Bush that you can't kill your way out of Iraq. I disagree. You can kill yourself out of most situations you just have to play to win and get all the right people.
Israel knows what I'm talking about, only the fear of not getting US support stops them from wiping out the Palestinians once and for all.   

US Presidents as like UK Prime Ministers get away with war crimes all the time. The last couple should be in prison. Will Trump be this generation's choice when asked who they would go back in time to kill? 

 Hitler with Senator John McCain
Remember the other unpopular guy who promised to make his country great again. He only got 33% of the vote, no popular vote for him either. He had to bully his way to power and remove all opposition. 

He did make his country great ... for a decade or so and then destroyed it. Now after the allies rebuilt it the country is great in other ways and not at all how he wanted it to be.  

The next 4 -8 years will be a roller coaster of emotional abuse. Just remember that the US influenced elections in 81 countries from the 1940's onwards so think of this as karma.

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