Wednesday, 18 January 2017

North Korea Could Destroy The US At Anytime

Tough guy Kim Jong-Un means business

In a message directed towards the US, Kim Jong-Un has said that his top scientists are on the verge of creating Intercontinental ballistic missiles that can deliver nuclear warheads to the US laying waste to American cities. 

Sure an ICBM only has a range of 3,400 miles and North Korea is 5,822 miles from Los Angeles but what if he used a submarine or a ship to travel out for 2 thousand odd miles and then fire? 

Kim Jong-Un warned the US not to underestimate him for they shall rue the day. He also said that he could eat 5 fully loaded 12 inch pizzas in one sitting. He ended his message to the US with 'send more aid or you go boom!' I think he's serious this time.  
Obama was probably in a fetal position crying about having to leave Joe but luckily the President Elect was awake at 3:30 am and on Twitter ready for action. 

Old Knudsen who follows Mr Trump on Twitter was asked to go to NK to investigate their nuclear capabilities. 

After I had killed Osama I had promised myself no more covert ops but they pulled me back in. Trump had asked for an expert in wet work yet was surprised when he got me ... odd.  

I clung onto a drone for 4,000 miles launched from a secret base in northern India ... sorry, I can't tell you any more it's classified. Then I dropped, cushioning my fall with my head.   

Sorry wrong pic, my camera is full of selfies.

Their facility at Paedongdingadongdo was poorly guarded as you would expect from this lot and I was able to take a picture of their latest missile.

The Fan-tae Dong III an orange missile for an orange president. I'm no scientist but it looks very impressive. It looks more capable than any of their other attempts. 

Luckily a president with balls is taking over, he'll sort them out. I hope someone explains to him that South Korea is a different cuntry or there may be problems. 

Now if he would just pay me for my mission, and making those hookers go away in 2013. It's like getting blood from a stone with that fella. 


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