Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Libtards Get Triggered

1998 sequel to The Fugitive 

I've had so many jobs that I watch movies and scream out, "YOU DON'T DO IT LIKE THAT NO WONDER YOU HAVE A FUCKEN PANDEMIC" which might be why I'm no longer allowed in many movie theaters. 
Unlike weemen that think they can change a bad boy by marrying them and the religious who think they'll win the lottery eternal when they die, Old Knudsen has limits on his suspension of belief.  

A clumsy plot device that has me saying 'why the fuck did they do that?' can spoil a film which is why idiot slasher movies do nothing for Old Knudsen. The Producers of Dr Who and Sherlock seem to have whole shows devoted to clumsy and illogical plot devices. 

Tranquilizer guns that aren't tranquilizer guns just to give a cliffhanger and a dog bowl with Redbeard on it and there was never a dog at all?????? 

It's a drone, yes I can see that ... such clever dialogue 

Who else wanted to see Sherlock and Watson bounce off the solid and probably double glazed sash window they jumped through to escape the not very deadly deadly bomb? 

In Man of Steel why didn't Clark save his Da from the tornado at super running speed? no one would have noticed unless he stood a round posing like he does ... cos he's a cunt that's why. Batman was right all along. 

MI-6 training didn't include trigger discipline 

You look at a TV shows like The Unit, The Last Ship and you'll see they've been trained how to move. This is one reason why career military don't make great covert operatives unless they are good mimics and actors. 
The movie Lone Survivor may be a custer fuck of bad decisions but they move like Navy SEALs unlike that American Sniper shite.  

If he was really from Texas he wouldn't be afraid of loud bangs like those libtards are ...open yer eyes for fucks sake!

I wouldn't want to clear a room looking for a fugitive with Tommy Lee Jones, besides his inconsistent trigger discipline he flails about and is like an ADHD child playing hide and seek. 

The money shot 

When there is some posing to do they might remember the trigger discipline, it's a detail film makers forget because their experience is other movies and they won't pay for an adviser. 

  Inception was a movie very concerned with the look 

Point your weapon down, if the guy behind you is a pussy liberal and shoots due to a jump scare they'll shoot your leg or foot rather than your head. Don't just rush in and say "clear" you have to check for fucks sake ... you reading this Tommy Lee?   

China has a ton of soldiers, they don't care. 

Poor trigger discipline was why yon lady cop shot yer man who had just broken down. She panicked and fired at the sound of her partner's taser going off.   
Jump scare, tripping up, getting pushed or in the case of the Chinese a bump in the road can make your weapon discharge if yer fucken finger is wrapped around the trigger. 

They may have their safety's on who knows? It only takes one of them to not have. The safety on a FAMAS is just in front of the trigger. Woops a burst of three rounds into yer buddy. Sucks to be you mate.

This Frenchie shows you the proper, well trained way to carry a long rifle. His sling has been adjusted to the front quick to aim method. In Old Knudsen's time we'd barely use the sling and had to hold our weapons in our shoulder at all times except when on parade. It makes you stronger and envious of how easy young un's have it today. 

This is not how you carry it. Also why Open Carry and the American ammosexuals have Old Knudsen's scorn. You are either trained or you aren't. 

People don't pay attention to their kids at the best of times and do not have eyes in the back of their heads. A magazine on a rifle means it's loaded. Any weapon you come across should be treated as loaded until you can clear it/make sure it's unloaded. 

 Clearing weapons at a barrel for dry firing.

If you go inside a building you need to unload and clear your weapon. If the French are brave enough to unload their rifle indoors then you'd think the open carry people would be too but no, they be afraid of the boogeyman .... who happens to be ethnic by the way. 

The US Constitution says about the right to bear arms but doesn't say they have to be loaded when yer picking up yer anti-depressants in Walgreens. 

The gun lobbies are too powerful for any politician to go against them, even for common sense reasons. There is no common sense allowed when it comes to the Constitution. Another powerful lobbyist group would be for Big Pharma ... I hate that term because it reminds me of people that say, "jet fuel can't melt steel" and "wake up sheeple" I'm this close to telling you that marijuana cures cancer and cleaning with vinegar is the answer to anything else that marijuana doesn't fix.  

Big Pharma with Dem and GOP politicians in their pocket are the reasons why healthcare and insurance costs so much in the US and why Obamacare failed to please everyone. 

 Julian Assange or is it Jimmy Savile?

Trump supporters or Deplorables tell the Libtards that they are "triggered" this seems to be a thing now. Obviously when a Liberal talks to a Deplorable they are annoyed right away because dumb people who will put up with Russian influence, bigotry and misogyny are difficult to talk to so by calling Liberals or people like Old Knudsen who just believe in what's right 'triggered' they try to invoke more agitation. 

Many Liberals want gun control because they don't like children being shot in schools but Deplorables love it, it makes them hard so the word trigger works on other levels too. 

There isn't a cure for stupid but if you have proper training with anything it will lessen the stupid.  

Nobody invests in people anymore, just look at the education system. People are to be used and manipulated so those at the top can do as they please. People Open Carry to offend others rather than exercise their rights, they vote Brexit to screw over others rather than work on key issues, they repeal Obamacare cos Obama is a Muslim Kenyan rather than have any other plan in place to replace it. 

We live in a werld of small petty victories being the drug of choice. 

 You know this story is true right? 

Emotion and shouting FAKE NEWS instead of RED FLAG! has taken over and reason is what pussies with some secret agenda do. 

It's easy to get triggered so always remind yourself to have trigger discipline and take a step back before engaging the enemy because they want you to be as emotional and as poorly trained as they are.    

Don't let the enemy decide or control your own state of mind.      

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