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Japanese Cops Don't Need Arms They Have Fists

Reading about gun ownership in Japan or the lack of it led me to look at its police service a bit closer. A population of 127.3 million they have 27,000 legally held rifles and half a million shotguns though these figures have gone down over the years.  Their law is "No-one shall possess a fire-arm or fire-arms or a sword or swords" .... if any Americans are reading this then please lie down and breath before going any further.

 You Japs are soo un-American it hurts me! 

Male Circumcision at birth in Japan is not very common so they lack that anger that most Americans have. The Yanks don't know why they have it because the trauma happened as a baby. They are told it's the social norm but at the back of their heads they must know they didn't have a choice, like when someone is raped. Just better not to think about it huh, lets shoot guns and fireworks and other penis substitutes and no one had better try to infringe on me doing it.

The Japs are masters of resentment rather than anger and this discipline is taught to them so they know why they are fucked up. "you are unworthy, not perfect!" which explains yer man stabbing 19 disabled people in a care home to death in 2016. He was polite enough to hand himself in afterwards.

Tomohiro Katō who carried out a knife attack killing 7 in 2008 said, "If only I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't have quit work. I would never have become addicted to my mobile phone. Anybody with hope couldn't possibly understand how I feel and I don't have a single friend and I won't in the future. I'll be ignored because I'm ugly. I'm lower than trash because at least the trash gets recycled."  

Fuck up Kato ya pussy. No wonder his parents made him redo school homework, made him eat scraps off the floor and stood him outside for hours in winter as punishment. Yer low self esteem is no reason to kill innocent people, take it out on yer parents for fucks sake. 

You can't have handguns in Japan (the same in the UK) and gun licenses only last for 3 years. You have to attend an all day class, pass a written test and score 95% on the shooting range. A background check, a check for drugs and mental illness, links to extremist groups and yer relatives and work colleagues get checked out too. 
Guns and ammo need to be under lock and key in separate places and the police will inspect yer guns once a year. After 3 years is up you have to do the tests all over again. 

If you shoot a bullet or a shell you have to bring the empty casing to one of the few gun shops in Japan if you want anymore bullets. Gun ranges have been known to be put on lockdown until one missing casing has been found.     

Gun violence and homicides are ridiculously low with 3 shot dead in 2012 and 12 in 2013. But but what about other crimes? says the ammosexual trying to use whataboutery as a means of reasoning. Tokyo has about 40 muggings a year compared to 11,000 in New York. 

Knife crime is the deadliest kind of homicide since swords and guns are regulated so strictly. Yet still the homicide rate was just 0.3 per 100,000 people in 2015 so not really high anyways. The Yakuza have a hard time getting guns and still kill fewer than US gangs. It isn't worth it, a gun will get you 3 years to life prison sentence. The average sentence for just having them is 7 years. You can't have yer peeps that know too much put away for merely possessing a gun.

The Japanese police solve 75.9% of robbery cases and 95.9% of homicide cases that in itself is a pretty good deterrent.  

The police don't separate themselves from the public. They have police boxes or tiny stations called  chuzaisho (if officers can live there) and koban as just a place to keep guard. In rural areas the police family may live just off a chuzaisho. The public goes to these boxes for help and even advice in non-crime related things like raising children. 

 A typical Japanese man who likes to eat sooshi and drink Shaki

If the police have a good relationship with the public then they are more likely to get told good stuff. Bicycle theft is a big crime there so you may get stopped and asked to see yer bicycle registration. Yep, you need to register yer bike when you buy it. 
Foreigners will often get stopped and asked for ID it's very difficult to get Japanese citizenship if you don't have Jap blood so it's a good way to keep a slitty eye on those sneaky immigrants and their taco carts.  

Due to the lack of crime in Japan you'll get foreigners targeting the place to take advantage of the Japs who aren't as wary as other nations. 

  A Chinese cop tackling a loafer 

Status is important in Japan as it has always been and someone that hasn't been to University may take 5 years to become a Sargent while someone with a degree in art history may take a year. Nothing to do with being more intelligent. 

 US cops apprehend a suspected jaywalker

While many Japanese police can and do carry firearms they have to account for every bullet just like the public and leave their gun at the station when they are off duty.  A cop who killed himself while on duty was criminally prosecuted when dead. The yearly average shots fired on duty by police for the whole cuntry is around 6 in total, in the US that would be the amount fired at one person for fucks sake. 

 Another means of torture .... sushi.

Tomohiro Katō the forever alone dude I mentioned earlier dropped his knife when armed police pointed their gun at him. He was taken alive. Japanese police always try to use other means than violence. Sumaki was originally a means of torture in which you put someone in a straw blanket. The person could then be beaten or thrown into a river. 

Japanese cops will rush at a violent perp with blanket like things and they'd wrap them up and carry them off like you would a dead hooker in a trash bag. It gives the person time to calm down. 

They'll also use batons if they have too, they spend hours practicing kendo which is beating each other with bamboo swords. Every cop also has to have a black belt in Judo. US and UK police also require black belts but that's to keep up their trossers .... of course the US belts are elasticated. 

You can't compare the US gun problem to other nations because there isn't really another nation like the US. They kinda missed out on the ideas of the greater good and how to live as a society. The US is a nation of mavericks. Tell them to put up with being asked for ID and they go all "that's unconstitutional and profiling I know my rights"  ... just show yer fucken ID and stop making trouble, no wonder their cops want to shoot them. 

Israel and Switzerland have more guns per capita than the US and fewer gun crimes but they also have training and accountability not as bad as Japan, they don't give out rifles if you open a bank account or buy a car or something ...  what fucked up cuntry would do that? 


Japanese have low crime, can follow direction, take orders but it's a far from perfect place. At least 70 suicides a day, often suicidal parents killing their children too. 

Guns aren't an issue for them, they can get along without them. Guns don't kill people but if you misuse them and give them to any fool then you have the US. Less guns does mean less gun crime duh but so does accountability and training. 


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