Thursday, 5 January 2017

Fukoku Off Human

Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance in Japan is sacking 34 of their human staff and replacing them with AI. They think it will increase productivity by 30% and reduce the smell of fish and noodles in the cubicles.

It'll save them £979,500 / $1.2m a year in salaries as machines aren't as needy and useless as humans. You turn off the heating or the lights and humans whine ... fucken sissys.

When Old Knudsen werked on the suicide hotline he heard loads of whinging fuckers, I don't want to hear yer life story for fucks sake. Obviously you aren't going to kill yerself cos yer phoning me so go for a walk or have a cup of tea or something.

The Fukoku robots can learn about their policyholders and whatever problem they have they can tell them to Fukoku off. So slorry your policy doesn't cover that.

Over the next 5 years 5.1 million human jobs are said to be lost to AI.

During one of the times when Professor Stephen Hawking changed his meds he gave his opinion on AI. He said it would be the best or the worse thing that could happen to us .... Seriously he went to university for that.
What about Donald Trump Professor Hawking? "In a world of infinite possibilities he might be good or bad, sweet or sour and could be our doom, or not."   

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