Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fort Lauderdale Shooter

Esteban Santiago got on a one way plane ride from Alaska to Fort Lauderdale Florida. His only luggage was his Walther 9-millimeter pistol and some ammo.

He went into the restroom of the airport, loaded his weapon, walked out and started shooting the first people he saw. He emptied his first mag and reloaded firing about 15 shoots in total that killed 5 people and injured 6 others.
He then dropped his gun and lay spread eagle on the ground.

You have TSA grabbing women by the pussy in the name of preventing terrorism but no fucken armed guards? Attacks won't happen from international flights anymore they'll happen from home grown crazies or people that have stayed hidden for a while.

  The index finger salute as seen by ISIS and sports fans.  

He was born in New Jersey and his family are Puerto Rican. The 26 year-old was in the army reserves for 6 years and served in Iraq. His family say he changed after Iraq from the things he saw. He had been given some mental health treatment for it. 

Discharged for unsatisfactory performance after he just stopped turning up he was employed by a security firm in Anchorage Alaska ... Signal 88 ... could that sound anymore white supremacist? I'm not saying he was one, yes you can be Hispanic and be a white supremacist or rather just a racist accepted by white supremacists because you aren't too dark. Being a vet will get you respect from assholes that would normally hate you.

  Disturbed ... no shit. 

He had been arrested for domestic violence when he strangled and beat his girlfriend about the head. His court date was to be March. He had also gone into an FBI office in Alaska and told them his mind was being controlled by US intelligence, some reports say he said he was being made to fight for ISIS.

He left his newborn and his gun in the car when he went into them. 

His gun was held for a few months and then given back to him in December. Innocent until proven guilty no matter what he did. 

It was said he wore a Star Wars t-shirt when he did the shooting, did he shout "Admiral Ackbar!" I wonder. 

Many many soldiers have PTSD but most do not go on a killing spree. He wasn't a convicted felon and hadn't been diagnosed as being mentally ill ... even after a mental health evaluation. 

They probably said, 'he's a vet, lets give him a break, he's just having a hard time' because vet's shit doesn't stink to many of those that didn't serve.

The guy was having a psychotic break and he was still allowed to have a gun. Would he have killed 5 people if he didn't have access to a gun? Slack US law says you can carry your legally held gun in a case as luggage and even carry ammo too. 

There is following the Founding Fathers bullshit about being armed and then there is being stupid. They didn't mention airports so fix the fucken laws.

American freedom is laughable. 20 children get shot dead and people are more worried about being allowed to have guns. To the point that they then totally deny that 20 children and 8 adults died at all and claim it to be a government conspiracy. Why do they make it so easy for people to be shot dead? 

Obama is caught with personal data on millions of private citizens and rather than be outraged at that they call Edward Snowden a traitor instead. 

Thanks to US freedom an 84 year-old granny was among those killed. 

I don't care what his motives were he should not have been allowed to get to that point. His PTSD should have been treated more than it was, he should have not been allowed to hold a firearm and where was child protective services? 

What the fuck do you have to do to be classed as a threat to the FBI for fucks sake? No wonder bad shit happens. The country that has the world's largest and best funded war machine needs to look after its worn out cogs more .... but does it really care? 

Like voters to Trump, soldiers are only useful when they serve a purpose, otherwise chew them up and throw them out. Hey they chose to join up.

As of yet we don't know if he was radicalized, does it matter? he was mentally broken in Iraq, crazy doesn't need a motive. I wonder why he picked Florida though, the first flight he could get maybe? 

Timing, blind luck and fate had those people get to that place in their lives to be shot dead. To not dander, to walk faster or take your time only to be blindsided as you pass the restroom door. Sometimes even being alert won't help you when shit happens turns up to the party. 

The cause and effect comes into play with the Iraq war, lack of mental healthcare, the holidays and freedoms.

A gun at an airport legal or not, in the luggage shouldn't be treated as normal. The TSA lose their fucken minds over scissors and a woman wearing a fanny pad for fucks sake.     

Back off on the TSA and work on stricter regulations and armed guards. If there were armed guards would this crazy coward have opened fire there? Sure he might have picked somewhere else or decided against doing it who knows? Airports should be safer though, did they not learn anything from the past 16 years?  

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