Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Brexit Patriot Wants It Hard

John Thomas of Kent took to the streets of London with his upside down flag to protest for a hard Brexit. He likes it hard.

"I'm a British patriot, I believe in the Queen, ruling the waves and drinking tea. It should be white British first and Britain first. I go into a Chinese or Indian restaurant and where are the fucken good honest hard working white British people? I'm not racist but they should be sent back to their own cuntry .... especially those Muslims, send them back to Islam!"  

Thomas wants a hard Brexit and he wants it rough too. He hates the Tories but he's willing to give up paid holiday, basic human rights, quality and standards, unrestricted European travel, work and study and to put the Tories in total control because he hates foreigners not being British even more. More expensive holidays and ex-pats being forced to return home should be good for the economy. 

"We've got a strong military and when the EU sees our lovely turnips and the like they'll be begging to trade with us and we'll tell them, look we've got other nations interested like New Zealand and um Uruguay over in Africa to trade with so it's the back of the line for you ... I want to see their sad frog faces. "

After Brexit when the foreigners are kicked out and the Tories privatize the NHS there should be loads of jobs for British citizens once they lower the bar enough for them to qualify for them. Zero hour contracts and worse still no tea breaks but the Brits are used to being shit on just remember the good old days of the Blitz.

People are fatigued with war. Boots on the ground can mean political death for politicians. You then have everyone complaining about spending money on allies.

No one likes spending money on smaller less powerful allies but if you didn't and then all of a sudden you have a conflict you won't have any forward bases to launch from, you won't have cooperation when you need it. 
Jaded allies who have more powerful nations that disengage then look elsewhere for friends and make alliances with rivals.

What has this to do with Brexit? Not just Brexit but Trump's talk about leaving the world stage and focusing on the US.

The Russians are probing western strength in Georgia and Ukraine. The Chinese are doing the same in the South China seas. The Iranians literally test the water in the Straits of Hormuz and North Korea with its nuke talk are doing the same too.

With the lack of interest in Northern Ireland there has been an increase in terrorist activity too. A failed local government and apathetic Sassenach overlords they will probe defenses.

Rivals see a declining power like the US and probe the places that are difficult and costly to protect. This is what happened during the British Empire and the Argentinians gambled on the recession hit UK fighting a domestic terrorist war not being able to defend the Falklands. Two weeks longer and the British might have  lost the islands, it was that close.

Pulling up stakes, relying on your navy and technology gives you a false sense of security. The outside world just doesn't cease to exist.

Cutting international ties with allies like the EU and going into an insular siege mentality means the enemy knows where you are and they chose where and when to strike at you.    

I wouldn't expect the likes of John Thomas to understand this, some people can only comprehend what's in front of them and what they are told.
Old Knudsen just wishes that decisions were made to benefit the UK as a whole and not fucking over Northern Ireland who has a special status and a peace process dependent on EU membership but Patriots with upside down flags don't know nor do they care.

He also wishes that people didn't vote for things just out of tribal spite but that's too much to ask for.    


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