Tuesday, 24 January 2017

America First Last And Always

You can go back to George Washington warning against getting stuck in foreign affairs or The Monroe Doctrine that had the US telling the rest of the world to stay out of North or South America. America First isn't a new thing invented by Trump, he doesn't do originality. 

In the 1920's Chicago mayor William Hale Thompson had America First, Last and Always as his campaign anthem. Thompson is ranked among the most unethical mayors in American history. He had the nickname "Kaiser" Bill Thompson as he was proud of Chicago's German population and didn't want to get involved in WWI.

In 1940 as war was breaking out, Yale law student named Robert Douglas Stuart Jr. and Gen. Robert E. Wood started the America First Committee.

From the 20's to the 40's the US was in piss poor shape. When that happens a loud voice telling the people who to blame always seems to come up. Many saw Great Britain as having been lost to Hitler and hey it wasn't their war. Fighting fascism would be a waste of US money and the vast oceans would protect them from getting attacked themselves.

 Hey we're alright lets not get involved.

As mentioned on this blog previously Charles Lindbergh the national hero was a eugenics nut with Nazi leanings. The hero of the US joined the America First Committee and spoke at rallies arguing to not get involved in WWII.


He had powerful like minded friends such as Walt Disney and Henry Ford as well as 800,000 members. The government was under immense pressure to stay out of WWII. FDR got elected by saying the US will stay neutral.  

The honeymoon kinda soured when Lindbergh got a medal from the Nazis. Sort of like the modern day version of being friendly with Putin.

If you don't learn from the past you are doomed to repeat it. Like Trump, Lindbergh wasn't anti-Jew, he thought a certain type of Jew (wealthy) was beneficial to the US ... so they have that in common. They both don't mind cozying up to foreign powers with a history of anti-Semitism and homophobic views. 

They both support appeasement. FDR went against the will of the American people who didn't want another costly war. He secretly supplied guns to Great Britain under the lend lease agreement. As like Ireland during WWII they did all they could do without directly getting involved in the war. 

There was a story of how Obama removed a bust of Churchill from the Oval Office. It's was an ugly ass thing so I can't blame him. He responded by saying he had a second bust in his private offices so didn't see what the forced outrage from snowflake deplorables was about. 

As per Bexit our special relationship with the US will be along the lines of discrimination. Theresa May has already said British First. If you are Irish then yer probably used to that attitude. If you have British and Irish citizenship if you were born in Northern Ireland you know that you aren't really going to included in the British first bit no matter what yer passport says. 

White people looking down in white people. Unlike black and Hispanic folk we can pass as them until we open our mouths. 

    The ruling class

You can say well the US and the UK are just looking after its own people. Don't forget how Hitler also did the same. The very idea that Americans and British are superior than others is divisive and will only make us weak. 
USA is not # one and Britannia hasn't ruled the waves for centuries. Adapt and move forward not backwards.  

Jesus just called, he said that God was not on the side of the Nazis as Hitler had claimed and he certainly isn't on the side of Trump either. God doesn't take sides you fuckwit, yes Jesus said fuckwit ... on the assumption that God is real though no evidence has ever concluded such a crazy ass notion.  

If the un-American America First people had their way the whole 'Churchill's bust' thing would be a mute point. The US would not have helped Great Britain and Hitler's ally wouldn't have attacked Pearl Harbor.

Churchill would have been executed by the Nazis after telling them to fuck off. Sir Oswald Mosley would be PM and the royal family wold have more power over the people with their new Nazi friends.

If the American people had listened to the elitist fascist rhetoric of the America First Committee then as Europe got stronger under Nazi rule the US would get weaker and still be in its decades long recession.

Trump's America first is bullshit. He'll sell out the US to foreign investors while telling the people how American they are by working for them. He'll tell Americans how great and independent they are just like the early pioneers as he proves it by taking any government assistance away.

By the end of 4 years you'll be gagging on flags and apple pie wondering where all the success stories Trump has boasted about are.    

The UK and the US need to be leaders inspiring confidence in its allies not circling the wagons and jumping at shadows. The world is a small place now and we are dependent on others for trade. Those ties along with military and information sharing ties will make us stronger.

Russia moves west and China moves east. That aggression along with being in all of our computer networks is a great danger. If we break away from the EU, put up walls and bureaucratic barriers then divided we will fall.

When patriotism become the main reason to do things then you are just not facing reality.  

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