Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Scattered Showers And A Chance Of Terrorism

The Bush invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was the best ever boost recruitment to al Qaeda ever! They provoked the US with 9/11 and the US played into their hands by giving them someone to physically fight on the ground.

Invasions of homelands stirs up more than just some Islam radicalism it makes enemies that weren't there before.

Trump with his anti-Muslim travel ban that allegedly puts Christians first will stir up yet more American hatred and even more Christian persecution, yay ta go Trump.

A 90 day suspension of people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen come under Trump's ban. That's 6 countries the US has bombed and one country it has tried to not provoke as that could lead to WWIII. Those in the air at the time of the ban were caught out by this, even if they were US residents.

 I'm sorry but white people don't seem to care so fuck off

A suspension of the US Refugee Admissions Programme for 120 days. This fucked over the agreement the US had going on with Australia but who cares? When Trump has a whim things happen.

An indefinite ban on Syrian refugees  .... he said he'd show priority to Christian refugees. This discriminatory idea that points out Muslims as being second class people is kinda just talk considering how few Christians there are and well there is a ban on right now so fuck them too.       

Cabin crew were barred from entering the cuntry. A dual citizen like say an Iranian/British person can't enter the US either. The British government says they can but they'll be detained ....  that'll show the terrorists who are all laughing right now.

Other Presidents have barred some nationalities over the years. Obama put a ban on Iraqis for 6 months because slack procedures let some al Qaeda terrorists in. Obama has in fact deported 2.5 million people during his 2 terms.

Bill Clinton had a terrible human rights record when it came to immigration. He used the Oklahoma City bombing to get laws passed and that atrocity was done by a white American Catholic veteran, not someone from the Middle East.

Clinton turned back Cuban refugee boats and returned Haitian refugees to the brutal dictatorship they were in danger from. 

Old Knudsen looks at others and says, 'there go I but for the grace of Gog' and counts his blessings. Then he gets angry at people in their nice comfortable chairs with their central heating and cup of tea calling refugees swarms, illegal or terrorists. 

These people who have had the fuck bombed out of them and have nothing but the self righteous keyboard warrior kicks them when they are down. 

The US has probably doubled its enemies since Trump got to work. There will be more, there will be bloody attacks because those in the US right now see how they are second class citizens even if they are working hard to be American as it will never be enough.    

Add to that the mosque that was burned down at the weekend and the slaughter in Canada. More on the way and it looks like Trump is trying to tip both sides over to all out breaking point as that would strength his agenda.  


Monday, 30 January 2017

One Direction Got Aids From Koala Gangbang

A little known incident in the world of pop was the big koala gangbang of 2012. Yeah ok you got me, these are "Alternative Facts" and this is FAKE NEWS! .... they actually caught the clap from a hooker koala in Brisbane .... New Zealand. 

I'm getting some tonight 

Harry Styles who is a walking STD didn't see what the big problem was but the others weren't too happy. Liam already had genital warts so this came at a bad time for him. It thought that Zayn left the group as he was fed up with catching crabs every time he shared a dressing room with Styles. 

When Justin Bieber needed a shoulder to cry on during his breakup with Selina Gomez he turned to Styles. Bieber did many early morning walks of shame from Harry's London home. It has been suggested by experts that Bieber's emotional melt downs on stage and erratic behavior is due to untreated syphilis.   

Styles is thought to have contracted syphilis in 2013 after a visit to a heavy petting zoo. 

During a trip to Australia in 2012 One Direction posed for photos with a frightened but cute koala bear. 98% of animals in Australia can kill you and koala's are no exception. In the late 20's Old Knudsen himself was mauled and left for dead by a rogue koala. I believe Leo DiCaprio made a movie based on it but changed a few facts to make it less horrifying for audiences. 

Koala bears all carry the STD chlamydia. It is thought that the bear was scared by the unwanted attention that Styles was giving it and it pissed over him like a Russian hooker. 

But honey I'd never cheat on you, I must have caught chlamydia from the Eucalyptus oil in my Vicks Vapour rub that was contaminated by a koala, have a rose to prove I'm telling the truth. Does your fat ass want some chocolate too? Women love that right?   

Who hasn't used the Vicks Vapour rub excuse? Chlamydia causes clams to grow on yer genitals, sometimes up to 60 of them. The only way to get rid of chlamydia is to immerse yerself in salt water and when the clams open to remove them by hand. 

Old Knudsen made his second fortune from pearls found in his genital molluscs. He spent it on drugs, drink, hookers, fast cars and wasted the rest. 

Before glue sniffing was a thing we poor kids used to get bird poop in a bag and get high huffing that. Yet another way to get chlamydia. It's like mother nature doesn't want us to have any fun. 

Animal lovers

Before you use this excuse when caught by yer spouse or partner after a routine test you must remember that it won't be the same strain as the sexually transmitted one. 

Might old Knudsen suggest claiming to have been sexually assaulted by some animal and you were too ashamed to talk about it, male pride and all. Weemen are suckers for more understanding about vulnerability and may even thank you for opening up to them.   Or use the old I sat on a toilet seat after Harry Styles did.  

Any teenage hate mail for this post should be sent to oldknudsen@gofuckyerself.co.uk 

No animals were harmed during the making of this post as they were all asking for it.


Saturday, 28 January 2017

Our Special Relationship

Guess who has back doors into the UK and US security systems. Guess which two nations are going to collaborate more closely and share more intelligence.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Those Poor Snowflake Nazis

I wonder if White Supremacist or Neo-Nazi types can enjoy movies like Raiders of the lost Ark. Do they cry at the end of Schindler's list not because Oscar Schindler breaks down about not saving more than 1100 people but because the Nazi gets hanged? 

Can racists watch Will Smith or Denzil movies? They've made some good flicks but do racists see Smith with his Colt AR-15 in I am Legend and start to shake and sweat because a black man has a gun ... and his own fucken movie?
I had to watch the zombies types in that movie through my fingers. No it wasn't scary it was just crap CGI that spoiled an otherwise good film.

Richard Spencer punched twice in a week right in his dick face

The world is an odd place. Maybe it was odd before but now the fuckwits have figured out how to use social media. Like Velociraptors learning to use door handles.

Yesterday, the day before Holocaust remembrance day Old Knudsen had to try to explain to a US military vet why Nazis were bad. He claimed to be a Major but boy was he obtuse. A major dumb fuck. He also gave Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt for any bad things he's done or said. Can't be true, you libtards call everyone fascists and racists but it you who are the fascists.
That's what they do, they call you libtard, snowflake or in the case of Brexit it's remoaner if you voted remain.

They whine a lot about whiners ... a lot. 

What it boils down to is they are resentful that you have higher standards than they and can argue your point better ...  with facts an shit.

   A Nazi midget? Shia isn't very tall so what the fuck? 

Shia LaBeouf has this He will not divide us Trump protest in which you say or shout "He will not divide us" into a camera.  

A guy came up and shouted Nazi shit instead. LaBeouf who has defended the world against yuge evil robots then started shouting He will no divide us into the guy's ear to drown him out. Their bodies shoved each other as LaBeouf tried to edge him away from the camera and as the guy pushed past him to get at the camera. 
LaBeouf grabbed the guy's scarf and may have scratched him so got arrested for assault I suppose. Hardly fight night.

People were ready to defend the guy and dismiss anyone that suggested he was a Nazi. LaBeouf is unstable it's his fault! Yeah I made sure to point out the German WWII cap ... duh! 

The question is .... and I can't believe this isn't a no brainer. 'Is it ok to punch Nazis?' How is this even a question? I don't know but it is. We've got to the point of civilization where facts and morals have been replaced with compromised opinion and emotion. 

 If we punch Nazis then we are as bad as they are ... yes that was what some weeping vagina of a man said.

 Punching Nazis makes me hard ... ach getting retweeted on Twitter makes me hard.

It's true, when Old Knudsen punches a Nazi he then wants to kill all inferior races in gas chambers and ovens and take over the world ... NOT!

What about Nazis also having freedom of speech and rights? Fuck em to death! Why should anyone want to hear Nazi crap and why should anyone be allowed to say it? Will it solve the mysteries of the universe or enrich anyone's lives?

Like pedophiles and mimes it needs to be destroyed and removed from society. 

If you believe that you are superior because the colour of yer skin or eyes then yer just a knuckle dragging Jobbernowl. No one needs that kind of bullshit, if you want to believe in something improbable and unscientific then read the fucken Bible or watch Fox News. 

Nazis and their hair cuts huh

Nazis, White Supremacists, Racists, Bigots, Misogynists and any President that falls into those categories ARE the bad guy.

Sometimes you have stop a bad guy or a bully with violence. That is why cops and soldiers have weapons and are trained for combat or self defense. You can't reason with these people or the people that make excuses for them.  

They may say the same about libtards and some times it might be true but the rest of the times it's because they themselves don't think too good so how can they reason with someone else?

Violence needs to be the last resort but when a Nazi gets in your face or just speaks then it's ok to punch them until they stop. Those are the rules.

We are animals, don't deny all your natural instincts in favour of being a soft comfortable pussy person whose idea of suffering is waiting 5 minutes on yer latte. OMG it was cold but I didn't want to make a fuss, I'll just bitch about it online. 

A Nazi or someone that shares their ideology would have no problem putting you and yours into a death camp so fuck em up and drink their tears of woe cos those cunts have done way too much shit to be ever forgiven.

 resist and protect against the rising tide of hate even if it's not for you 

If you wake up one day and suddenly think it's a good idea to be a Nazi or some other kind of hate filled cockwomble then you surely deserve the fisting that Old Knudsen shall give you.     


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Brexit Patriot Wants It Hard

John Thomas of Kent took to the streets of London with his upside down flag to protest for a hard Brexit. He likes it hard.

"I'm a British patriot, I believe in the Queen, ruling the waves and drinking tea. It should be white British first and Britain first. I go into a Chinese or Indian restaurant and where are the fucken good honest hard working white British people? I'm not racist but they should be sent back to their own cuntry .... especially those Muslims, send them back to Islam!"  

Thomas wants a hard Brexit and he wants it rough too. He hates the Tories but he's willing to give up paid holiday, basic human rights, quality and standards, unrestricted European travel, work and study and to put the Tories in total control because he hates foreigners not being British even more. More expensive holidays and ex-pats being forced to return home should be good for the economy. 

"We've got a strong military and when the EU sees our lovely turnips and the like they'll be begging to trade with us and we'll tell them, look we've got other nations interested like New Zealand and um Uruguay over in Africa to trade with so it's the back of the line for you ... I want to see their sad frog faces. "

After Brexit when the foreigners are kicked out and the Tories privatize the NHS there should be loads of jobs for British citizens once they lower the bar enough for them to qualify for them. Zero hour contracts and worse still no tea breaks but the Brits are used to being shit on just remember the good old days of the Blitz.

People are fatigued with war. Boots on the ground can mean political death for politicians. You then have everyone complaining about spending money on allies.

No one likes spending money on smaller less powerful allies but if you didn't and then all of a sudden you have a conflict you won't have any forward bases to launch from, you won't have cooperation when you need it. 
Jaded allies who have more powerful nations that disengage then look elsewhere for friends and make alliances with rivals.

What has this to do with Brexit? Not just Brexit but Trump's talk about leaving the world stage and focusing on the US.

The Russians are probing western strength in Georgia and Ukraine. The Chinese are doing the same in the South China seas. The Iranians literally test the water in the Straits of Hormuz and North Korea with its nuke talk are doing the same too.

With the lack of interest in Northern Ireland there has been an increase in terrorist activity too. A failed local government and apathetic Sassenach overlords they will probe defenses.

Rivals see a declining power like the US and probe the places that are difficult and costly to protect. This is what happened during the British Empire and the Argentinians gambled on the recession hit UK fighting a domestic terrorist war not being able to defend the Falklands. Two weeks longer and the British might have  lost the islands, it was that close.

Pulling up stakes, relying on your navy and technology gives you a false sense of security. The outside world just doesn't cease to exist.

Cutting international ties with allies like the EU and going into an insular siege mentality means the enemy knows where you are and they chose where and when to strike at you.    

I wouldn't expect the likes of John Thomas to understand this, some people can only comprehend what's in front of them and what they are told.
Old Knudsen just wishes that decisions were made to benefit the UK as a whole and not fucking over Northern Ireland who has a special status and a peace process dependent on EU membership but Patriots with upside down flags don't know nor do they care.

He also wishes that people didn't vote for things just out of tribal spite but that's too much to ask for.    


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

America First Last And Always

You can go back to George Washington warning against getting stuck in foreign affairs or The Monroe Doctrine that had the US telling the rest of the world to stay out of North or South America. America First isn't a new thing invented by Trump, he doesn't do originality. 

In the 1920's Chicago mayor William Hale Thompson had America First, Last and Always as his campaign anthem. Thompson is ranked among the most unethical mayors in American history. He had the nickname "Kaiser" Bill Thompson as he was proud of Chicago's German population and didn't want to get involved in WWI.

In 1940 as war was breaking out, Yale law student named Robert Douglas Stuart Jr. and Gen. Robert E. Wood started the America First Committee.

From the 20's to the 40's the US was in piss poor shape. When that happens a loud voice telling the people who to blame always seems to come up. Many saw Great Britain as having been lost to Hitler and hey it wasn't their war. Fighting fascism would be a waste of US money and the vast oceans would protect them from getting attacked themselves.

 Hey we're alright lets not get involved.

As mentioned on this blog previously Charles Lindbergh the national hero was a eugenics nut with Nazi leanings. The hero of the US joined the America First Committee and spoke at rallies arguing to not get involved in WWII.


He had powerful like minded friends such as Walt Disney and Henry Ford as well as 800,000 members. The government was under immense pressure to stay out of WWII. FDR got elected by saying the US will stay neutral.  

The honeymoon kinda soured when Lindbergh got a medal from the Nazis. Sort of like the modern day version of being friendly with Putin.

If you don't learn from the past you are doomed to repeat it. Like Trump, Lindbergh wasn't anti-Jew, he thought a certain type of Jew (wealthy) was beneficial to the US ... so they have that in common. They both don't mind cozying up to foreign powers with a history of anti-Semitism and homophobic views. 

They both support appeasement. FDR went against the will of the American people who didn't want another costly war. He secretly supplied guns to Great Britain under the lend lease agreement. As like Ireland during WWII they did all they could do without directly getting involved in the war. 

There was a story of how Obama removed a bust of Churchill from the Oval Office. It's was an ugly ass thing so I can't blame him. He responded by saying he had a second bust in his private offices so didn't see what the forced outrage from snowflake deplorables was about. 

As per Bexit our special relationship with the US will be along the lines of discrimination. Theresa May has already said British First. If you are Irish then yer probably used to that attitude. If you have British and Irish citizenship if you were born in Northern Ireland you know that you aren't really going to included in the British first bit no matter what yer passport says. 

White people looking down in white people. Unlike black and Hispanic folk we can pass as them until we open our mouths. 

    The ruling class

You can say well the US and the UK are just looking after its own people. Don't forget how Hitler also did the same. The very idea that Americans and British are superior than others is divisive and will only make us weak. 
USA is not # one and Britannia hasn't ruled the waves for centuries. Adapt and move forward not backwards.  

Jesus just called, he said that God was not on the side of the Nazis as Hitler had claimed and he certainly isn't on the side of Trump either. God doesn't take sides you fuckwit, yes Jesus said fuckwit ... on the assumption that God is real though no evidence has ever concluded such a crazy ass notion.  

If the un-American America First people had their way the whole 'Churchill's bust' thing would be a mute point. The US would not have helped Great Britain and Hitler's ally wouldn't have attacked Pearl Harbor.

Churchill would have been executed by the Nazis after telling them to fuck off. Sir Oswald Mosley would be PM and the royal family wold have more power over the people with their new Nazi friends.

If the American people had listened to the elitist fascist rhetoric of the America First Committee then as Europe got stronger under Nazi rule the US would get weaker and still be in its decades long recession.

Trump's America first is bullshit. He'll sell out the US to foreign investors while telling the people how American they are by working for them. He'll tell Americans how great and independent they are just like the early pioneers as he proves it by taking any government assistance away.

By the end of 4 years you'll be gagging on flags and apple pie wondering where all the success stories Trump has boasted about are.    

The UK and the US need to be leaders inspiring confidence in its allies not circling the wagons and jumping at shadows. The world is a small place now and we are dependent on others for trade. Those ties along with military and information sharing ties will make us stronger.

Russia moves west and China moves east. That aggression along with being in all of our computer networks is a great danger. If we break away from the EU, put up walls and bureaucratic barriers then divided we will fall.

When patriotism become the main reason to do things then you are just not facing reality.  

Monday, 23 January 2017

How To Get Your Prayers Answered

God always answered his prayers for hitting Nazis ... right up to the time he was killed. 

You don't have to be a church goer to get your prayers answered. You don't even have to believe very hard at all in order to get your prayers answered. Nor do you have to do good stuff ... who the fuck has time to do good stuff? You only end up getting beheaded by ISIS or something when you try to help others.

Has never read a book in his life and now he's President. 

It's easy to get your prayers answered and you don't have to promise your soul to anyone including God.   

Old Knudsen has spent years studying scripture ... after 3 years he gave up, the Aramaic words just wouldn't make sense so he just read the English translation instead.

What Old Knudsen found was a vital secret. Biblical scriptures contained words of power and as any student of ceremonial Magick knows the words of power have ... power!

Yes, they had the power to render Old Knudsen unconscious. The best fucken sleep I've had for years. 

In the modern age we don't have to go out shopping, we can do it online. We don't even have to meet people face to face to have a conversation with them, you can even wank while talking to them and they would never know ... unless you blog about it. There are even chairs that you can poop in while online so you don't have to move cos moving to do things is so 20th century.  

Social media has taken out the tax dodging middle man (the church) and you can get blessings or help save a child with cancer online. 

Well done Timmy you are now a man

Back in the day I would walk into Tesco and argue with people, now all I have to do is say, "ach Hitler, Trump and Bill Cosby aren't that bad and Roman Polanski is a genius of cinema and therefore can fuck a child if he wants to" .... it's awesome! ... a real ice breaker.

Trump supporters that complain how whiny Libtards are tend to be whiny and very thin skinned pussies themselves. I never get such a child like response posting negative things about Hillary and Obama than I do about Trump. 

Hillary supports fracking ..... crickets

Obama commits war crimes with his drones daily ...... crickets


The Internet is awesome but can it really help you get yer prayers answered? Why yes it can. 

Look at the picture, why do you think God isn't helping the poor wee African child? Firstly helping Africans ... is this 1985 for fucks sake? 

They don't get help because they probably aren't praying in English. Santa doesn't stop their either and rightly so. Africa is a big place so there are many that have been taught English and the way of the Lord, they still won't get into Heaven but at least it looks good. Great effort guys! 

They tend to clog up the psychic airwaves praying to not die of hunger or for the militia to stop raping their mother or some shite. 

Like God, Superman, Spider man and the Higglytown Heroes, Old Knudsen is here to help you. 

Find out yer location first. You can check trees for which side the moss is growing, see the direction of the sun rising or setting or check the envelopes of any mail you get to yer house, that should tell you where you are. Don't ask a spouse or neighbor as people lie and are out to trick you. 

You might accidentally ask a Liberal with a New World Order agenda who will steal yer guns when yer distracted or a Trump supporter who'll probably steal yer washing as it hangs to dry and any loose change you have lying about ... it's their way. 

Boko Haram preparing to kill an aid worker.

If all else fails just ask Google. Once you've established where you are you have to get into the mind of an African. You'll have to fight the urge to kill lions and jump up and down on the spot chanting, think about what you are doing. Are you awake or sleeping in Africa? 

Sleeping Africans can't pray. While there is a lull in the God communication network knock one out ... a prayer I mean. It might piss the all mighty off who was having some quiet time but at least it will get through. 

Time yer prayers for when part of the world hasn't woken up yet. 98% of Old Knudsen's prayers cum true. It's a FACT! 


Large and in bold so it must be true. Old Knudsen is old and prays not to die in between the breaks of his favorite TV shows ... I'm still here. 

I prayed to find my soulmate then got an e-mail I found in my spam folder from Emily who wants to taste me. 
I prayed for my bowels to hold until I got off the bus after I had yon curry. Well that was the 2% even God can't control the effects of a curry. You'd think I'd learn by now. 

An old woman from Brazil was praying to a figure from Lord of the Rings she had mistaken for a saint. Her grandson noticed and her prayers to be mocked on social media worldwide came true... She prayed when Africa was sleeping. 
She also prayed for wealth and not long after the story came out a load of Nigerian Princes have been wooing her.

Old Knudsen was praying for a big dick and his arresting officer on Saturday night was named Richard, hardly a coincidence, he was big too. 

So do as I have suggested as well as click LIKE or type AMEN on those social media posts. Don't listen to people that put up memes saying God isn't your fairy godmother and doesn't grant wishes. How dare they pretend to know the will of God .... damn them all! 

God keeps up to date with technology and even has one of those eye pods in his ear. Heaven gets great Wee-Fi reception and he reads EVERYTHING even yer messages. He's like the NSA except he has been invited in to yer hearts and computers. 

Even atheists have God with them because all the Bible thumpers pray for them. So send him yer prayers you aren't really talking to yerself for that would mean that we ourselves are God, and that immortal invisible beings that care about YOU and how you have sex and who you have sex with don't exist and that right there is crazy talk, of course they exist.



Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Inauguration In Pictures

Old Knudsen's unbiased report of the Inauguration of Donald J Trump. A banshee was heard crying in the distance, all the crosses in the churches fell to the ground and the sky cried in mourning.

Reports around the cuntry say that thousands of delicate Bernie supporters died of severe melancholy and broken hearts.


The crowd didn't care, "stop crying and shut up" was what they shouted at the snowflake liberal sky. 

Was she preaching or praying? No one really knew. All they knew was she went on and on. Trump stood there all self conscious wondering how ridiculous he looked with his eyes closed. Melania can't close her eyes, thanks to the Botox the poor lass can barely blink.

The Speaker of the House who was initially against Trump seemed to be the happiest person there.

Well not as happy as this guy or the Asian surrounded by white folk. Did he put white powder on his face?

Then that rapist guy from that TV show was made President.

He gave a long speech about how the government were crap and got rich and spent money all around the world while Americans got poorer but that was going to stop thanks to him and his super rich buddies.

He never once mentioned his foreign factories that took jobs away from lazy Americans or how he hires cheap immigrants if he can.   

Obama and Bush had to sit there while Trump slagged them off by implying incompetence and corruption at all levels over decades.

He channeled Hitler when he said that God was on the side of the Americans and they were the chosen ones then he chanted America First! ... Not to be confused with the fascist group Britain First or when Theresa May says British First when she condemns immigrants.

Sane viewers must have wished for a turn coat like George Washington to save us from this tyrant but it never happened. All those military with guns and bayonets and none of them were even tempted.

Then there were yet more prayers. For a secular nation that separates religion and government as per the Constitution there was sure a lot of Gog bothering. Three preachers, no Muslim or Buddhist preachers though.

Some master race teenager with a horrible deep nasally voice sang the national anthem. Certainly no Beyoncé that's for sure.

The white people put their hands where they thought their hearts were and we found a black guy.

The crowd .... well one person loved the fuck out of the singing. Is that Taylor Swift there incognito?

We found another one of those darkie types just in time for the rich people to go inside out of the rain for some lunch after a hard days swearing in.

Trump gathered his klan around the table to discuss werld domination even though he had just said he was done with the werld and just wanted to build roads an shit and to increase the size of the military to deal with the border .... I'm assuming he means the Mexican one.

You could tell that lunch was on his mind though. Paul Ryan is saying, "can someone get some lobster in here?" .... he's a good toady.

Out in the hall people were looking at their phones in between pretending to be interested in old dudes talking to them.

Carson the Secretary of Housing and inner city gangs development is figuring out how to kill 12 people and make it look like natural causes so he can become President.

Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser was seated beside a special guest of honor. 

It was a bit embarrassing when a homeless looking bag lady found her way in and started ranting at the guests. Turned out to be Kellyanne Conway. Get an oil treatment for that dead thing on yer head for fucks sake. 

The only ethnic people at the luncheon were a former President, some military and some waiting staff. The room was almost as white as the crowd standing out in the rain. 

Hillary looked rested, sexy and presidential as fuck. I wonder how many times someone said to her, "that should be you up there" I bet a lot.  

Well if you sneered at Libtards comparing Trump to Hitler go and listen to some of his speeches about how God was on their side and Deutschland über alles. If you thought it sucked to be a minority in the US before then just wait.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the Inauguration, I'm sure his second one in 4 years time will be just as entertaining.