Monday, 5 December 2016

Make The World Great Again

Immigrant trouble makers 

Yes we can blame the rise in crime on immigrants. If they weren't here we wouldn't have to call them names, tell them to go home and burn their homes down. What have immigrants ever done for the cunty? Fucken Angles, Saxons and Jutes all taking good British jobs. 

I went to a Mexican food place and all they had was burritos and tacos an shit, where are the spuds? British hero Sir Francis Drake invented the potato you'd at least expect some chips or French Fries as immigrants call them. Chipping away at our British culture they are.

It's too easy to blame immigrants and Muslims etc, I miss the old days when it was Jews that were to blame for everything.

They kill Jesus yet the Romans got the blame, well played. 

 Och aye I never did do nothing

I've figured the it, I know who is to blame .... no not men, I'm sick of man shaming about how we're the ones doing the raping and starting the wars. I shagged a bird and you know what? I didn't give yer permission to suck me off so I'm the victim here. 

Check out those JCB starter buttons

Weemen re to blame .... yeah, shocker. The Bible which was written around 1887 shows Lilith refusing to have sex with Adam cos he wants to do the "normal" missionary style sex. She wanted to jump on top, do reverse cowgirl, lust and thrust, the organ grinder and other deviant positions .... who the fuck wants that?

It's a rhetorical question as the answer is obviously no one ... gross! 

Lilith got dumped and things looked good with Eve, she knew what men liked. We like it when they lie still. The only problem was she was highly suggestible and bit the apple thus spoiling Adam's sweet set up cos he was really into his garden of Eden but God said, "you had to go an listen to yon bint, no more Geraniums and potted plants for you, out of the garden!"  

Adam had to apply to the council for an allotment to grow his geraniums and mums on. Imagine the humiliation. I have a first edition Bible and it's all in there.  

Since then our male ego has been belittled and were told we have to talk about our feelings which is shite, I want to fuck or kill things ... not necessarily in that order. I want to burn, shoot and blow stuff up. I want to do things half arsed and say, "good enough". If food falls on the floor it's still good even after the 5 day rule.

I want to be able to blow snot out on the street or when there is too much saliva in my mouth I can spit it out and not get judged. When a waiter/tress or barman drops something I want to be able to cheer, laugh and not look like a dick.   
 The good old days. 

I want to scratch, sniff and fart and not be judged as uncouth cos I'm just being manly. People see my poor hygiene as being slovenly behavior but I don't need no negative judgements .... I can be double negatives too cos education is like poofy ... you don't watch a John Wayne film to be intellectually challenged, you watch it cos he's good at pretending to be a man.

He never says, "Get off your horse and tell me what yer thinking."

I want to make the werld great again! No one worried about the environment, everyone believed what the government told them, terrorists were white and Catholic, the few brown ones were Arabs. Everyone smoked and licked asbestos cos it never did do anyone no harm.

Fuck those sentences make my head hurt. Being a man means I don't got to think too much, thinking too much made the atom bomb.  

Newspapers had tits in them and we couldn't wait for large breasted gurls to turn 16 so they could get them out.

It wasn't quite being a pedo cos it was gurls and so it was fine. We wanked away to these young lasses with parental permission and it was acceptable. You never get good parents like that these days ... unless you go on the dark net, PM me I've got some contacts.

Stoopid Americans waste 2 years and the build up is just too much."those Olson twins are going to be 18 soon , know what I mean huh huh?" ... no, what does that mean? They'll not touch you as adults? Maybe it's because then you don't have to pull yerself off to them in secret, you can do it with yer mates who will no longer judge you.  

iCarly is 23, sure you may still think of her as a young teen being goofy but now she's legal, huh, huh, know what I mean?

Do hipster pedos say, "I was wanking over Hermione Granger long before she became hot"?  

We seem to live in hope that weemen in entertainment will get their tits out. Well it werked for Game of Thrones. You you even comprehend the disappointment when a hot chick doesn't get them out?  I want to tell them, 'fuck integrity you'll be old some day and you'll have wished you got them out on camera to remember the good old days.'

23 huh. A bit on the old side but not too bad.

News papers have really gone downhill now. No tits, all you have left is the slanted made up content. Thanks to liberals, feminists and commies these ladies have to get real jobs or go into porn ... see what you did?

Britain lived up to its name of GREAT we went half way around the werld and beat the Argies, that's winning one war more than those alleged superpowers .... what losers.

We had pretty ladies on our beer cans. It was a young man's rite of passage to knock one out to a beer can.

No one complained about blackface on the telly, no one complained about being sexually molested at the BBC. People didn't take offense at the smallest thing and if you were raped you were no doubt asking for it.

Now men get blamed for forcing themselves onto others WTF ... what ever happened to blame society or the parents?

Our NHS surgeons had little plastic eyelets in their surgical masks that you could fit yer ciggie into in case you were gasping for a fag during a long 1 hour surgery.

Clamp, foreskins forceps, fag!  
You go on about fags these days and people call you a gramophone or something.

You could wank to popular TV shows such as Top of the pops or Benny Hill. on Top of the Pops which was a show watched by the whole family you'd have sexy barely dressed weemen doing durty dancing while the cameraman tried to look up their skirts ... but it kept families together.  The family that gets aroused together stays together.

I don't know what the fuck is going on now, no wonder the werld is in a shit state. Feminists condemn body shaming and tell us to stop judging weemen like they are just objects of lust saying that they are so proud of their bodies that everyone should see them so they post topless selfies for you to judge.

Then they denounce naked pics taken when they weren't so famous. Aren't feminists about weemen's rights and aren't shallow slappers that get them out for money just making the whole sexism system go round? You can understand my confusion.   

Old Knudsen is a feminist cos he doesn't judge naked pics, he's too busy wanking to them, I'm typing this with one hand BTW.

Weemen have a power over men and by showing their tits on beer cans, in the papers and on the bus they make the werld a better place.
When they did get them out without terms and conditions attached, racism, sexism and being a pedo weren't the anger triggers they are today, it was more socially acceptable ... thus um better.

Miss KKK

The KKK were neighbours with interesting 4th of July fireworks, politicians (hey there Ted Heath former Prime Minister) were all pedos but they kept the cuntry running. Only students cared about minorities.

You can't beat a law student with yer baton these days without it going on YouTube and people giving it the thumbs down. Do you know how demoralizing the thumbs down is when you shoot some black dude and are put on administrative leave ?

I think I've made a great case to make the werld great again and do away with all the hate because even bigots, sexists and racists have feelings but no one ever stops to consider that.

Yeah ok, the whole tits out at 16 does seem well very fucken dodgy, we should make it 12. 


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