Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I Don't Have Time To Be PC

This picture makes my vagina cry

If you know Old Knudsen you know he either doesn't give a shit or gives lots of shit, yuge boxes of it, some firm shit and some watery. Sometimes he flings it rather than giving it.  

He's like a mean Captain America, he'd stand up for yer right to be treated fairly and equally and will fight the enemy to their death but doesn't have a problem killing you with a large rock to the head if you take the piss and don't act like yer worth the effort. 

US Ranger graduates and Dr Claire Miller who won the TV show Ultimate Hell Week. 

Women are not the weaker sex. There is no such thing. Some people are stronger, faster and smarter than others regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference .... that is a FACT! 

Old Knudsen could do a headshot at over a mile in high wind but could he make a sandwich? ... yeah ok, he probably could but that's not the point. If something requires math or concentration then get someone else.  

The Sacred Band of Thebes were 150 pairs of males who were lovers, these 300 were crack elite troops feared by the few enemies that still lived. It's natural to watch the movie 300 with a boner, I don't judge.   

I've sure they made plenty of jokes about backs to the walls and sticking things into their opponents. I doubt they said "I'm offended by the term poof" what they probably did say was :::smack:::: "pick up yer teeth loser and bend over real slow so I can watch".  

This post is about people taking offense because their critical thinking is set to 'react' rather than think. It also points again at how contagious fear can be.  

To a Trump supporter you can't say anything bad about Trump because they don't like it. To a Trump hater you can't say anything good, even if you are joking or being sarcastic because they don't like him ... and maybe they don't like the person that says it.

Making a sandwich comment to a feminist that lost their sense of humor in a car crash, not fun. 

Old Knudsen isn't in a popularity contest. Twice on FB I've said things to friends and have had their friends overreact. I don't care, I'm not friends with them and for obvious reasons. The people who are my friends sometimes come to dislike me and what I say so they drift off into unfriending me and I notice like a month or two later.

I bet they leave nasty anonymous Yelp comments online too. 

Trump was right about being PC though he goes the wrong way about it as usual. When Old Knudsen says things he doesn't say them to be mean ... unless he's being mean.

A GIF of someone falling is funny. Even when they look like they've split open their nut sack we'll go :::ooohhh:::: with a screwed up smile and move onto the next.

If you dissect the GIF by seeing it's a female or meaty wagon lard ass obese person and taking offense then I suggest antidepressants. I see a dumb person with the moves of a dead cat. The science of how the swing would react if grabbed like that is obvious. Things we learn as children.   

If you see someone falling for real you go, "are you ok?"  and pretend to care as you show fake sympathy towards them. People can die from falls so they shouldn't be funny right?

That's humour for you. Someone usually suffers in it but it's the intent that counts. Old Knudsen has often went on about drunken Irish potato eaters, sheep shagging Scots and inbred Brits with bad teeth ... his own people.

He often makes sport of himself because a joke is a joke right? There is too much seriousness and anger in the world. If someone takes offense at my ways then that's their problem. I cannot be responsible for how others see me nor should I be. You can't please everyone so don't bother trying.

The Leprechaun is an early Christian corruption of the old Pagan god Lugh. To convert the masses after killing all the druids they belittled the gods and turned them into jokes. Look to the Roman goddess 'Trivia' for another example of how to make deities 'trivial' or they can turn their names into curses hell and heck.

Does this offend Old Knudsen? Nope, what offends him is stupid people that don't know why they are angry or just take things at face value.

You're an idiot, asshole, jerk that is a special kind of stupid, eat shit!

Americans in general are taught they are number one. They are told they can achieve anything ... except for women being president of course. They have not god given rights from birth by solely being American. They are the leader of the free world .... well no one actually voted that, they just kept saying they were.

Up to the election I read about people saying how important it was for a female to be president as it would show the world how great the US is and give inspiration to downtrodden weemen.

Like John Glenn being the first American to orbit the Earth, no one mentions the Russian that did it years previously, the dog and all the other small animals and insects that did it too.

American doing something doesn't validate it. Like how since 9/11 'terrorist' has come to mean a Middle eastern person and probably a Muslim.   I've got terrorists living all around me and not one of them are brown or Muslim for fucks sake.

Is having the biggest military and prison population in the werld but having under achieving education, healthcare and welfare system really that great?

I love the ideals that America says are what matters but hate that it isn't put into practice and that it was written during a time of great injustice with slavery and white men's lives being all that mattered. Lip service hypocrisy from the Founding Fathers.  

I like boobs ... sue me.

Old Knudsen will be himself because it's his right to do so. I'll point out how Americans are now a world joke because it's true .... hey I didn't vote for an orange sexual predator. The UK voted for Brexit, we've got our own stupidity and hypocrisy to deal with but Americans tend to do things bigger, better and more interestingly.

If someone that doesn't like Old Knudsen and can't keep their own panic under control and calls him a load of names then whatever. Yer insults are being laughed at cos I see what is behind them.

The US constantly goads Russia, China and slaughters a load of Syrian soldiers when they are supposed to be working with them, not to mention all the civilians killed while going after "suspects" with drones and SEAL team 6 with their shoot to kill policy. Flint Michigan is finally getting filers distributed for their contaminated water though it's too late for many children ... 130,000 gallons of crude oil just leaked into a river in North Dakota 150 miles from Standing Rock. The traditional British fish and chips is being replaced by squid and other warmer water creatures because that's what they are catching now instead cod.

Just some of the shit going on and has been going on long before Trump got elected but now people are saying idiot things like 'THE FATE OF THE PLANET' ... geez Yanks sure have a big opinion of themselves.

Orange power!

Is Trump evil? ... no, he is dangerous though and not in a cute Tom Cruise as Maverick way. He's dangerous because he's unstable, he stirs up hatred and surrounds himself with greedy people with their own warped agendas.

GW Bush did the same and you are still here. Obama does the same and you are still here. Trump is more likely to suck up and sell us out to those seen as threats rather than go head to head with them. He'll pick on smaller nations and private companies because he's a bully. He doesn't play to lose. Even when bankrupt he won by not paying taxes for years.

Stop panicking and stop being a pussy. I don't mean vagina or cat I mean a wimp. I use that term directed at those who panic, if someone else reads in it that I'm being offensive to women then they need to pull the stick out of their hole and stop being Victor Mature.

Quit being a 'wab' ... that's an old Norn Iron term for cock, penis or dick ... no offense to any Richards except for the ones that are dicks ... yes the one that lamented about not having any friends before unfriending me. Maybe cos you are a dick Richard.
Anyone that thinks you shouldn't clear yer table at KFC or somewhere because it's the fast food worker's job to do it ... yeah, a dick.

I don't see 'stop being a wab' in that top picture. I'm offended by it's exclusion. 

Ach 'act the white man' for fucks sake ... What? yer implying that white males have exemplary conduct unlike people of color and females .... yes I am cos nothing says 'I'm better than you' like checked shirts, sweaters and mom jeans. Even Obama can't deny the pull of the lightside when he plays golf in his mom jeans.

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence" give it a go. 

The take away from this post is, no one moved en masse to Ireland after Brexit just like no one moved to Canada after the US elections. Sure a lot of passports were applied for but talk is cheap.
It's ok to whine and complain, just engage yer brain first and pretend you've got a pair or at least a thick skin cos you can't slag off Trump for Twitter rants when you take offense at every little joke.

Liberal, Conservative I don't care, yer tears all taste sweet to Old Knudsen. 

It isn't the end of the world any time soon and if it was well we've had a good run, maybe the cockroaches will rule the planet better.


k said...

I've always suspected the cockroach is far better equipped to handle the planetary responsibilities. I also love the words motherfucker and cunt despite being an out & proud feminist who regularly takes shit for using terms referencing female genitalia in a negative context. To which I reply, "Stop being a prick you gaping vagina." So yeah, Old Bitter Balls, you are near perfect in your ability to offend and provoke. I'm rooting for you in the hope some provocation elicits intelligent analysis. Won't happen here in the good old land of !PATRIOTS!, but I continue to be optimistic for you Irish folk and those bugs.

Old Knudsen said...

Well I'm a twat and proud. I'm hairy, smell like death and drool when I see Ryan Gosling. We can't let sad sacks take our good insults.