Wednesday, 7 December 2016

GCHQ Can See You

Did you sign the petition against The Investigatory Powers Act? It was a bill waiting for royal approval and the Queen said, "fuck you complaining about me getting millions on the same day as the charity marathon for children, I'm giving it the go ahead." Well it's through now.

Yet another way for our lovely government to keep us safe. You can trust the government right? Remember when Old Knudsen said the UK is taking all the anti-public shite that the US does? Of course you don't, too busy looking at cat videos and crabs holding knives.

Internet providers and communications firms will be forced to hold bulk data for a year. This data involves what websites the user has connected to, not individual browser history unless there is a proper investigation. 

While surveillance agencies need a warrant for hacking your phone or computer the lower level plebs in the police, HRMC (taxman)  Food standards, gambling commission, dept of transport, fire and rescue services, the military police in all branches and of course the offices dealing with jobs and benefits to name a few can all take a look without a warrant.

Service providers in the UK can be told to remove encryption on devices. If you think of using Tor or Tails browsers for privacy well guess what, the NSA have been into Tor for years now.  Look up the XKeyscore software program you twat. GCHQ and the NSA have a long working relationship of sharing so don't think you are safe.

Proxy servers hold the original IP addresses and are easy enough to trace back to you if someone wanted to.  Will an investigation need much authority to get the go ahead? Without a warrant you are just relying on people with a tiny bit of power doing the right thing .... yeah we're fucked.

If you are online you've already freely given your info away to many people. We cannot control any other privacy issues, you are out there and stored if you are online.  Do a few Google searches of yourself with the name of yer town and see what comes up. You might get comments you made on some forum years ago.    

There is some good news, politicians will be guarded from this snooping as will the lawyer and doctor client privacy. Is it any wonder this bill was passed through the House of Lords without any problem? Yet another case of not the government working for us but them and us. 

By guarded I'm sure all that means is that you'd have to have a good reason to look them up and a friendly judge to agree. Rich and powerful people go by different laws remember.

 He sure looks at a lot of midget porn

The pleb on the street has no such protection. Sure this happens in the US and there isn't always a Snowden to uncover it. Did it really harm the public perception of Obama in any way?

In the UK and especially Northern Ireland it's a small place. You meet people you know all the time and it's a part of our national identity to be nosy cunts.

 That's the second time Tesco delivered groceries to their house

You can't even stand at the open window  in yer own home naked without the police being called and everyone sees the police at yer door. About 80% of folks here have PTSD as a way of life thanks to our decades of terrorism and everyone is always on high alert.

They know each other or know a friend of a friend and boy do they talk. The whole of Northern Ireland has a small town mentality. They say fuck all about terrorists and crime cos that is none of their business ... don't get involved, but buy a new car, Amazon deliveries, visitors, putting the bin out ... all logged by anyone with a window.

Imagine those people able to see what you do in your spare time. Don't like someone (Brexit has proved there are 52% hateful cunts here) got a grudge? Then look up their shit. I bet those Muslims go on jihad websites.

Old Knudsen is doing lots of weird ass searches now to give them something to see. If it wasn't for all those cute cats videos he'd go off line and let the werld destroy itself.  

If you have nothing to hide .... I'm sure they can fix that. 

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