Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Message Of Hope

You don't always get the blog post you want but you sometimes get what you need. This right here is the blog post you need.

If you are on social media you'll see angry liberals call foul and angry conservatives telling them to suck it up. Either because of Brexit or Trump or when someone loses on Cage Fighting With The Stars or some shite show.

People will continually post their political whines and say "good riddance" to those that don't agree with them. Like an echo chamber or a hollow drum made from the skins of young runaways. Disgust at their fellow man/woman/chick with dick is at an all time high. Then you see news articles about people getting bombed in Syria I'm sick of that shit, stop reporting on it and report more about Kim Kardashian and her fat arse for fucks sake.
A truck killing people in Berlin? No one wants to hear about that just before Christmas though it might be a good idea to round up truck drivers just in case. A Russian ambassador shot in Turkey, well I'm not saying you shouldn't have hacked the US election but seriously dude, quit it.

     Hope Solo just watering her lawn. 

I'm here to give you hope.  Remember when yon Mexican village was getting raided by bandits? They could have given up but no, they went and hired seven blood thirsty Americans with guns. Since Americans are shite at winning wars they got the villagers to fight for themselves. You can give a man a fish supper and he'll eat for a day or you can take him down to Tesco and he can stock up with low quality food for the week ... that is in the fucken Bible. 

Don't mess with them cos they will destroy yer ass

The village people won and killed and skinned the bandits, putting the heads on spikes as a warning for others. The Americans were then deported which has lead to hatred and issues still going on today. 

When Old Knudsen served his king he was at the battle of Burke's Drift fighting off the fuzzies. If you know yer history you'd know it was 3 against 200. We put the mountains to our backs, said our prayers to our gods and refused to give up. Old Knudsen can still see the faces and hear the screams but with faith in Gog and expert military training he persevered. Ach sure there was only 3 of them but they were tough fuckers. 

  I don't know her name but I'd like to think it was Hope

Yeah yeah yeah other people are idiots, stupid, mean and it's them that has the problem. That's what both sides of every argument says. 
People are just so fucken gullible, you put someone in a suit and put them on the telly and suddenly whatever they say must be true. If it isn't then you just pretend it is, la la la la what Brexit lies? la la la not jailing Hillary, wasn't really an issue. 

     I want my cuntry fucked up by a man damn it! 

People invested time and energy into getting Hillary jailed for imagined crimes. 9000 memes were made about it for fucks sake. Of course it won't happen, there is no proof or evidence of wrong doing and Trump knew this.

Like I said, gullible. Sure the voting of old white people will fuck up future generations as well as themselves but don't panic. 
Don't be overwhelmed by the flood of bad news. People are starting to crack and cuss out others they don't even know on social media. People are sounding like victims of abuse or that they have PTSD. Even the fluffy bunny people can't pretend that everything is awesome.

Dogs with fleas, allergies, A book of Greek antiquities, Brand new pants, a very old vest, Awesome items are the best!

Trees, frogs, clogs, They're awesome, Rocks, clocks, and socks, They're awesome, Figs and jigs and twigs, That's awesome!

Everything you see, or think, or say is awesome!

These guys however are not awesome. 

Shit happens and while the Jews the blacks the dirty foreign types, the gheys and the women are feeling a little vulnerable and picked upon they need to not let things get to them. They've always been picked on, you'd think they would be used to it.

Yeah I'm a white male with white privilege so I can say that ... Old Knudsen has never made any enemies by being who he is, oh no ... fuck away aff. I live in a place where just having served in the army can get you petrol bombed or even looking Catholic for fucks sake. Tell the white Polish people here about white privilege and do it as they try to get the paint remover someone poured over their car off. 

No matter who you are the assholes will always find a way to hate you. They come from a position of fear so remember that. Fear of foreigners, fear of anyone different, they are the real wusses.   

Criminals and bullies pick on those they perceive as being weak. Whine about the injustice of election results but not in a teenager "it's not fair!" way. Do it in a confident intelligent way and with humour if you can because if someone can make you angry enough to behave like them you've lost. 

Someone swears at you and calls you stupid just laugh at them, you can't change their mind by arguing with them. If they are dumb enough to vote for right wing foreigner haters then you'll have the last laugh when their hateful attitude comes back on them and believe me it will. Even Hillary voters are playing into the stupid but it is a lesser more insidious stupid that doesn't tweet their every brain fart.

Those chairs!

People full of hate and full of begrudging-ness  because they haven't got their fair share, hold inside of them a hate tumor. This tumor has a way of destroying what they hold dear and can manifest itself physically as a medical condition too. You can't live a life full of bitterness, stress and tension and expect your body and mind not to be soured. 

Didn't Matthew McConaughey learn from his hallucinations that being a cunt will have him die alone? You must love to be happy ... until you find a young better model, am I right Donald, huh huh? When he went for a newer model he literally went for a model ... it's just an expression ya twat. 

Ghosts of girlfriends past ... how did they all die? 

That movie The ghosts of girlfriends past ... didn't make sense. One of the ghosts was a person living in the present so wtf? ... shit! warn Jennifer Garner she's just hooked up with the most prolific serial killer in the world. 

Ok forget the love crap, the lesson is to shag loads of gurls then kill them and hope they don't cum back to haunt you ... well I've already done that so what now? 

Love is a promise delivered broken so forget love and just like stuff,  not just Old Knudsen's social media comments but like other stuff. Don't show fear or bleed in front of the natives and PRETEND that nothing can get to you and eventually you WILL be bullet proof ... not literally though you should try that sometime just to see.     

70 year-old BlytheBonnie wants to live here when Trump destroys the cuntry. 

However liberals should not become preppers and cry about the fate of the planet. You don't have a bunkers above ground in plain sight and how can surviving a week really help you? Stick to being self righteous and leave the prepping to nuts that have actually put some thought into it.  
Fortune flavours the bald, the gods appreciate it when you wee plebs stand firm with a sword in yer hand and face to the wind prepared to slay the enemy or go down trying. They don't like pussy whiners. 

You can't be strong all the time but you can fake it until you make it. Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Hitler are all a part of nature cos change is nature. 

Sure it's not pleasant but like a volcano or tsunami you have every right to try to survive it. Will some troll's  opinion online really matter to you in the end? 

You can't save the world and change the mind of morons but you can be the best you and be strong and honest. See the truth and not what just suits you. Be a warrior! ... with courage you will find hope.  


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