Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why You Should Vote For Trump

A diverse group, some blonde, some brunette and even ginger. 

The answer to the title is that you shouldn't unless yer a cunt that doesn't mind enabling haters and bullies because hey yer white and not likely to be adversely effected ....  you've got yers .... yer alright Jack. 

A civilised modern version of the SS guards that didn't mind Hitler's camps for undesirables because it wasn't them. 

Why are people still voting for Trump? Is it his charm and good looks? His towering intellect? His ability to stay calm under pressure except for on Twitter where he goes ape shit at 3 in the morning? His skin colour and hair? His lengthy military service?

More likely it's because though rich and pampered he sounds like a poorly educated average Joe and he tells them what they feel. He gets them.... or at least is perceived to be getting them. 

Yer unhappy, vote for me! People love a good moan. 

This fan spent $500,000 to look like Trump... the one behind the hottie in the hat.     

Unlike Crooked Hillary who never goes down to their level, she always stays aloof and professional.  Many politicians just don't mix in certain circles. The world of the rich and of politics (often the same) are very different and insular than the every day world of making ends meet.

Also throughout the years we've been told that a tall strong man makes the best leader, just look at the movies. The tallest candidates have always won 58% of the time. Donald Trump at 6 foot 3 inches is bound to beat crooked sick Hillary at 5 feet 7 inches ... well not really, it's only 40% of the US population that backs Trump no matter what he does.

Pedo Jeffrey Epstein, friend to the rich.   

Riddle me this. Trump has tried to link Hillary with unsavory people and tried to suggest she is getting away with illegal shit. He brings up Bill Clinton's past and sex life all the time but he never mentions bill's link to billionaire pedo Jeffrey Epstein. The reason is because Trump himself flew on Epstein's private jet to sex slave island himself. Epstein's brother Mark testified to this in 2009.  Other evidence shows that Trump went there twice in 2004. 

In Epstein's little black book he had 14 phone numbers for ways to get in touch with Trump. Epstein pimped out young girls to famous people as favours and also to have something over them.  Prince Andrew tasted the delights of a 17 year-old and that came back to haunt him.

    "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it -- Jeffrey enjoys his social life."

Very similar to quotes by British Pedo Jimmy Savile who also hinted at things like that. 

Going by what Trump himself has said and how he has no problem with walking into beauty pageant changing rooms, even for under aged contestants I kinda believe the women coming forward and the underage rape trial he still has to face. People will take a lot if they are afraid of the rich and powerful but being more afraid of a known pedo in the White House is something to motivate bravery. 

Cosby's accusers were denounced as money grabbers. You get yer home bombed and yer family killed and people think yer a refugee for free shit. You get raped and try to get through it but people think you want the attention or something.  

People are always accusing others of stuff they themselves would do.

It may be that his followers are too busy watching anti-Hillary propaganda to see what is in front of them. Maybe they hate and distrust Hillary to the point that anything anti-Trump is obviously a Hillary set up .... yeah and Bush totally did 9/11.   

Hate, resentment and anger at how yer life is may cloud yer judgement. The perceived idea that others who in yer eyes are less worthy are getting things that you should be getting. The world doesn't owe you a living ... unless yer a white American who works hard to get no where.  

Talking about rights and freedom but those that do so seem to think that it only applies to them. The statue of liberty is just an idea obviously, not to be taken seriously except for grandparents of modern Americans BUT THE CONSTITUTION IS WRITTEN IN STONE ... except it isn't and has been changed 27 times and sorely needs to be updated for our modern times. 

Cherry picking just like religious nutters that use their dogma to hate others. 

Immigrants taking it easy living the dream. 

Old Knudsen has been an immigrant in the US, technically illegal though he had a passport so he wasn't undocumented. Being white he didn't get stopped by La Migra or the police. He was doing the jobs that Americans looked down on doing and were too good to do .... until the economy got so bad in 2008 they then decided they wanted to do them when they couldn't get anything else. 

Why hire a hard working bends over backwards immigrant for less when you can hire yer mates who didn't help you out before?  

 Illegals crossing the border. Maybe you don't love yer family enough to break some laws for them.

These stubborn Trump supporters are the ones that think the Confederate flag was about white person's freedom from the evil government and ignore the slavery aspect and the fact it was created for the fight to keep slaves. 

They think people on Welfare and Foodstamps are living it up and eating steak every day. 

They think immigrants get benefits and alsorts of shit for free because someone on Fox news told them so. 

They don't like affirmative action because they don't see any racial issues and black people are just lazy with all the same chances they had.  

They are for drug tests for welfare recipients but not for those trying to pass the laws. 

These people complain about their bills and how poor they are but can afford a car, bullets for their numerous guns and $5 packs of cigarettes everyday along with their coffee and smart phones. They don't know what poor is, they just know what they don't have but want and think they should have it. 

These people suddenly care about homeless vets when they see others getting stuff. You should put Americans first .... as long as they are white. 

Since 2010 Obama has worked to reduce the number of homeless vets and is still doing it. The amount homeless in 2016 is down to 40,000.VA funding has increased but the US keeps still making more and more vets. 

These people have taken the resentment that they can't shake and put it upon a scapegoat as all bullies of low intellect tend to do and if you question them or call them on it then you don't know or understand anything. 

If in doubt belittle the opposition. 

Lets call them rebels instead of refugees to make them look bad. They never asked to be bombed by coalition forces playing at building empires. At least the vets chose to join up, they knew what they were getting into.
Being a vet myself that has suffered survivors guilt and PTSD I can say that maybe they should have done better in school and not signed their souls away to a government that doesn't care and a cuntry that in unappreciative until it suits them.  

The US is the cuntry that spends the most on war than anyone. $601 billion a year which is more than the next 7 cuntries combined yet these Trump supporters don't see a problem there.  

The US could take care of all its citizens and those it makes homeless in its forever wars but it doesn't. Assign blame where it belongs and put some thought into things for fucks sake. Yes if you work hard you should be able to pay yer bills, there is something wrong in working 40 hours a week and just managing to get by. 

Not the fault of immigrants or refugees. Or in 1930's Germany it was the Jews to blame for everything.  

Yer life may be difficult but if yer online or watching yer TV then it obviously could be a lot worse. You gotta rise above yer resentment and self pity as it only makes you look like a deplorable bucket. 



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