Thursday, 17 November 2016

Why Are We So Angry?


According to the Southern Poverty Law Center which monitors extremist activity, 2015 marked a rise in the levels of hate speech and political violence in the US.

Hardly surprising considering the straw haired mouth piece getting them riled up. Membership in the KKK and black separatist groups rose by 14%.

Other anti-gay, anti-immigrant, skinheads, Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and anti-Muslim groups also saw a rise.

The FBI report a 6.8% in over all hate crimes with 67% of them being against Muslims in 2015. 

After the EU referendum in the UK the Metropolitan police recorded a 16% increase in hate crimes and even months after Brexit the levels have still not gone done to pre-referendum levels. 

 In support of a Polish man murdered in August.

Embassies in the UK have reported more attacks on Poles than any nationality. Polish people being those ones that work harder than most locals and helped us fight the Nazis in WWII ... you remember them.

In the first 6 months of 2015 there was a huge rise in hate crimes against Muslims in France. Police and soldiers now guard 1,000 of France’s 2,500 mosques.

You think it's just because of the Charlie attack or the Paris attack that killed 130? Well Anti-Semitic attacks rose by 84% compared to those of 2014.    

Germany has had a rise in racist hate attacks higher in 2016 than since WWII. It has not been able to control the crime which is why the Neo-Nazi group National Socialist Underground were able to kill nine immigrants and a policewoman and go unnoticed for a decade. There were 6 anti-refugee protests a week in Germany in 2015.
Germany took in more than a million refugees in 2015 may be if the other nations took their fare share we'd be able to vet people better. If you don't like refugees then stop fucken well bombing their homes .... simples.  
 I heard the idiot reasoning that it wasn't the bombing by the coalition causing the refugee crisis but that there was always a refugee problem from evil regimes and ISIS .... FUCK I HATE ALL THE FUCKEN EXCUSE MAKING.  There hasn't been this many refugees world wide since WWII, they didn't just suddenly happen through civil wars and persecution.

White people making excuses for bigotry and hey it's you that's race baiting, I was just standing here with my Confederate flag.

Yeah, yer a fucken racist, quit pretending otherwise. Like blokes that pluck their eyebrows and workout to extremes and deny they are gay cos they are married an shit.... issues. No wait, Old Knudsen has the issues cos he points obvious things out.

He's just a pussy Liberal .... that's served during war, that loves firearms, that believes in the death penalty for pedos and rapists ... wait what? That doesn't sound very pussy liberal. Ach away an dress up in combats and fire yer AR-15 at a wee safe bit of paper like a real man cos you love yer cuntry so much .... except when it counts. 

The one good thing about terrorist attacks is the fall in white birth rates. People put off having children which kinda plays into the whole white supremacist mindset. White people will be a minority and pretty soon, are they so afraid of immigrants in case they get treated the way they've treated minorities?

Why all the hate? Gays aren't attacking anyone, Blacks, Poles and even Jews aren't shooting up the streets. The Muslims that get attacked are everyday people who just happen to be brown or speak another language or have a different religion than the attackers, they aren't terrorists. 

Here is the reason for all of this. It is also the reason I have this blog ... The Butterfly Effect ... no not that movie with Asshole Kuucher. I mean if you put out words and intent they will ripple through consciousness and will change the werld.

For instance in Northern Ireland. Old Knudsen wrote into papers and mentioned online how Loyalists (those brave patriots that have never served but like to dress up tough) had the Union flag upside down a lot.

Old Knudsen had even told an DUP MLA (like a congressman) how the flag is supposed to be flown and his face looked astounded as if he had never thought about it. This was before the flag protests of Dec of that year.

My earliest post was from 4th Dec 2012 but since July of that year I had been talking about upside down flags.  

Others ran with this as it was a class way to slag off people that claimed to be British and loved the flag etc. Now there are barely any upside down flags on lamp posts .... I still see them on houses but people here are just thick. A free education and you certainly get what you pay for. 
When America sneezes the rest of the world gets a cold ... Since 2001 the rhetoric in the media has been angry and quick to point fingers and accuse. You'd think that the US has been the only place to have ever been attacked the way they go on about it. 3000 dead in one day is terrible but so is 300, 30 or 3.

In an election that seemed stolen, Bush got elected. A tough talking pretend cowboy who let the biggest terrorist attack happen on his watch. He went from low popularity to well enough liked to get a second term.
He talked about freedom and fighting them there so we didn't have to fight them here ... bullshit in other words. Like when satellite and cable TV came out and told people that buying their service meant no more commercials.

He claimed that Saddam who had not attacked anyone had killed 50,000 Iraqis and had weapons of mass destruction and so had to be stopped from whatever he wasn't doing and right now.

I recently talked to someone that gave Bush the benefit of the doubt about the WMD's and that it really was faulty intelligence .... white people making excuses for white people huh.

The Middle East got torn up by Bush, by the Arab spring uprisings by Obama and the 62 coalition nations which include France, Germany and the UK.

All that violence and death, all that talking head media scare mongering, all the political scare mongering, all that ISIS beheading crap, all the terrorist attacks and domestic terrorist attacks and all the side effects such as refugees and falling economies when people vote with their fear.

I really disliked it when Hillary looked gleeful and said we came we saw and he died when Gaddafi was killed. He may have been a bad guy and quite often our ally but to gloat over a bayonet getting shoved up his hole before they killed him isn't cool. Why do Americans think they are allowed to kill anyone? 

It all gotta go somewhere, my blog can only do so much. We hear of every single atrocity and sometimes for weeks. We hear about the atrocity that is Trump and guess what? It isn't going to end soon, well done America.

The US is angry and so is everyone else. Fear is contagious and only when you step back and see that there aren't terrorists ready to jump out and behead you around every corner then you will see how the real threat actually comes from your own kind, be that white, black, Hispanic, male, American, British whatever you consider your kind to be.

I think we should see our own kind as human and realise that there are good and bad ones and that the best way to defeat an enemy is to make them your friend .... now quit making excuses for cunts and get to work.   


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