Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trump's First 100 Days

Hillary Clinton should have become the next President. That didn't happen. The Tories in the UK shouldn't have been re-elected or been allowed to push their Brexit agenda upon us but the far right is winning and people have become more mean spirited and kinda stupid.

Now when people wonder how on earth could Hitler have been put into power you can look at the wrath of a dissatisfied population looking for someone to blame and see we haven't really moved on very far.

A win for the American people or a win for the Russian government that has an evil time traveler in charge of it? As well as influencing the election and using Likiweaks whenever possible I suspect Putin did some time traveling to change history and fuck yer glass ceiling. The US ain't ready for a female president, that's way too progressive for them. They shot the only Catholic President for fucks sake and the first black preez had to be half white .... baby steps dude we've got the first reality show star orange preez.      

It sucks to be a minority in the US right now but you should have voted against him. The expression is that you get the government you deserve.

Angry white people dancing for joy.

The good news is that it's a good day for angry white people and Old Knudsen will have a ton of blog fodder for the next 8 long years. The bad news is that the public will soon find out that anything Trump might have vaguely promised he can't deliver on. Nigel Farage is laughing at you America, the same way he laughed at the EU ... before collecting his paycheck from them.

His first 100 days as President.

  1. He will reinstate Prima Nocta. Anyone earning a high salary can bed any bride on their wedding night.
  2. Foreigner types will be tested on their US knowledge on the game show 'deport or not' it doesn't matter where you were born.If you are the wrong shade of white or have a funny name you'll be on it.
  3. Foreign aid will be given to cuntries based on a points system and what they have to offer in return. No exceptions, yer natural disaster isn't America's problem. 
  4. Welfare recipients will compete in beauty pageants for benefits. If old, ugly fat poor people don't like it then they can get jobs .... simple!
  5. Anyone that insulted Trump will be put into a FEMA camp now called Trump camps. The FBI has a list with Megyn Kelly and Alec Baldwin at the top. 
  6. Ugly wind turbines will be dismantled because they kill birds. Only safe energy like oil and gas will be used.  
  7. The troops will be brought back home and fired cos Trump only likes winners. 
  8. Women would have had abortions will be tried for manslaughter and publicly shamed. 
  9. A new era of US/Russian relations will begin. The FSB will be casting a fresh eye over FBI and NSA procedures to improve efficiency. 
  10. The Central Park Five that were falsely convicted for a rape in 1989 will be imprisoned, tortured and hanged because Trump is sure they are guilty. 
  11. Police will be ordered to stop pandering to roving gangs of criminals (the blacks) and will have new detain and shoot powers. 
  12. All charges of rape, fraud or whatever for any serving presidents will be dropped as the Commander in Chief should be above the law. 
  13. A Jail Hillary investigation team will be set up to fairly access any wrong doing what so ever from crooked Hillary. 
  14. The Civilian population of the US have 310 million guns, the other 14 million will be ordered to get guns and work at being more American or they'll get deported to a commie cuntry like Denmark or something to be raped by refugee terrorists.
  15. Muslims will be made to wear badges so we can tell them apart from Hispanics ... you wouldn't want to deport a Mexican to Islam for fucks sake, that would be morally wrong. 
  16. All prisoners at Gitmo will be re-tortured to find out what they know ... after 13 years being locked up.
  17.  The Bible will be taught in schools and available to every student at cost on audio book if they aren't big readers. 
  18. Obamacare will be done away with and it will go back to pay or die healthcare. 
  19. Taxes will be increased but not for the rich in order to fund a Get smart and find out what is going on commission.
  20. Rudy Giuliani will be in charge of doing away with anything Politically Correct as we don't have time for it.

After saying how sick Hillary is I bet Trump has a heart attack in office. Yes, like the heart attack a Russian diplomat had in Washington DC last year and another Russian just had at the Russian Consulate in New York. 
The Russians know how to clean up. Pence with his anti-gay and anti-abortion stance will be a great replacement for Trump. I'm sure he gets long well with Putin. 

 Seriously America, are you really that dumb? .. porn actress interrupts wank to give the look. 

We no longer live in interesting times, we live in scary times with appeasement and putting up with others getting dumped on as long as it isn't us. If in doubt blame someone else, it's easier than putting some effort in. 

Ever wondered how the Native Americans, Jews and Japanese ended up in camps? Well now you know. 

The only good guys are in the movies cos that shit is pure fantasy.  

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