Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Thomas Mair Is The Real Victim ... According To The Daily Fail

Here's the way it goes. If the right wing look like they will lose they cry FOUL! if something happens that makes them look bad they cry FOUL! .... yes for loud shouty people that give off the appearance of being strong and tough they do cry a lot and act the victim.

I didn't know of English politician Jo Cox until she was murdered. It was just before the EU referendum and carried out by a Brexit supporter. The right had already begun to blame the lefty liberals for the death saying how they would milk it for a win, they even blamed Cox on being killed.

The murderer had shouted "Britain First" as he shot and stabbed the slim 5 foot tall woman. As soon as that became public knowledge the right wing group Britain First set about denying any links to the killer, 53 year-old Thomas Mair. They and others such as Louise Mensch in her Sun column attempted to discredit witnesses and show Mair as a non-political loner, a quiet man who volunteers as a gardener for old people, he just has some mental health issues.

Here he is quietly waving to some ill orphans or something, one he really likes is called 'sick Kyle' I'm sure it made his day to have his name repeated over and over.

The murder of a left wing politician who was one of the good ones really brought out the worst in some people. Cox believed in diversity and helping people and would have been very upset over the referendum result and the basic attitude of her fellow Brit.

The Daily Mail didn't think the Cox story was relevant for the front page or any of the 29 pages after when Mair was given a life sentence but instead the Mail focuses on making excuses for him and even blaming immigrants.

A stolen sawn off rifle with hollow point bullets. 

Do I have to tell you how disgusting this is? I'm not sure anymore because people have become total cunts, is there something in the water?
I can understand some folk being gullible and believing the Brexit lies of giving millions to the NHS and controlling the borders ... even the whole we'll negotiate a better trading deal one. The usual Brexit voter has an overinflated view of the UK and still thinks it's a power to be reckoned with.

They also don't like reality and thinking things out but they'll say the same about liberals so you can't win. It's the stupid sticking by the vote after all the lies and crap has been exposed that I don't get.

Looking for excuses to justify post Brexit bigotry. I can only give them the benefit of the doubt so many times before it becomes ... yeah they know what is going on, they just don't care cos it isn't them.

Jo Cox was ambushed as she got out of her car. She was going to attend her surgery which is what they call meeting the public and helping them. It was a regular thing for her to do at a library. Mair went up to her and shot her twice in the head, one shot went straight through her hand that she was holding up in a defensive manner.
He also shot her in the chest. He used a dagger similar to ones used by British special forces in WWII and stabbed her 15 times. A 78 year-old man tried to save her and was stabbed but survived his injuries.

Other bystanders shouted at Mair and when he was done he just walked off as if nothing had happened. A plumber followed him at a distance and led the police to him.

In Mair's home there was Nazi memorabilia and books on white supremacists and the KKK, he had researched online various groups and other assassinations.

When soldier Lee Rigby was hacked to death by two Islam extremists you didn't see groups like Britain First or  Louise Mensch call them mentally disturbed and make excuses for them.  

Mair might have well have shouted "Allahu Akbar"as his attack was just as frenzied and brutal at theirs. Has the Daily Mail been shouting TERRORIST? Has it fuck ... he was worried about losing the home he doesn't even own and what if immigrants moved in? .... maybe, it isn't fact but it sounds good to them. Poor white guy just fell through the cracks, lets blame society.

If only he was a veteran then that would be him cleared huh. We could totally blame PTSD and the Muslims for making him shoot at them. 

We go through this every time a white guy goes nuts in the US. White people CAN be terrorists. Not wanting to sound like a hipster we had white Christian terrorists long before the US re-branded them as brown Muslims.

In fact the IRA were the last people to kill a British politician back in 1990.

People need to look themselves in the mirror ...make eye contact if you can. A good person like Cox wanting to stay in the EU should have been an indication that it was the right thing to do. Not convinced yet?

When she was attacked her concern was for her assistants "get away, get away you two. Let him hurt me. Don't let him hurt you".

She leaves behind a husband and two children. She also leaves behind a country lessened by her loss as well as lessened by the actions of the voters. 

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