Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Shadow Governments Are Real

In 2015 the GCHQ which is the British version of the NSA were told by a court to delete all the data from private citizens as it was in breach of the law. The then Home Secretary Theresa May argued that it was ok to collect data because most of it was never even looked at .... I don't get that logic but then again she is a bit of a cunt.

She'll never be elected as Prime Minister ... oh that's right she wasn't. 

Like everything in the UK the intelligence community is no doubt underfunded and understaffed but until that ruling they had operated above the law and collected years of phone calls and e-mails.

The NSA in the US still operates above the law. When you hear people go on about a shadow government you'll find that most countries have one. The unelected people that stay out of the news but call a lot of the serious shots. The people that the Prime Minister or President phones to ask what is going on.

Who gives the Government yer information? Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others. Most databases already have a back door written into their programs but why use them if the company hands over info on a daily basis? In the US Verizon, AT&T and Sprint also hand over millions of calls you make. The NSA are not supposed to be focusing on the American people but they do.

 It was only a little lie, you can't handle the truth.

In 2013 the director of National Intelligence, James Clapper told congress they didn't target Americans at all, that turned out to be a lie. I still don't hear people demanding he resigns or be sent to jail.

The NSA program called X-keyscore collects billions of phone calls, e-mails and all yer cat vids everyday. 

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court or FISA court meets in private and rules on who the NSA are allowed to spy on. They issue secret National Security Letters (NSL) to the FBI etc that tells companies to hand over their info. Banks, shops, subscriber info, credit card details, employment history, e-mails, screen names and anyone that has contacted that account.

This is not conspiracy crap. Over the past 3 years the FBI have been issued over 50,000 NSL's. That's only if they can't "convince" the people to hand it over. 

In 2013 Obama said to Jay Leno "We don’t have a domestic spying program" why you lie Obama? Oh that's right cos yer an insidious, devious liar. Hillary will make a fine successor.  This is the admin that doesn't care about truth, justice and the American way. If you tout on them you get locked the fuck up assuming you don't have a heart attack before hand.

When caught out Obama then said he'd set up an outside group to look into it and he chose James Clapper to head it and pick other people for it. After a backlash about that they said he wouldn't be picking the other members but they'll be secret ... yeah, sure.

He says a lot but hey he goes on Jimmy Kimmel and slags off nasty tweets so that makes everything ok.  

The FBI have 3,000 GPS tracking devices on unsuspecting US citizens. Remember Yasir Afifi? A 20 year-old US born citizen from Callyfornia. He took his car to the garage for an oil change and they found a tracking device. When he asked on Reddit what the device was he was told it was a Orion Guardian ST820 tracking device, one of the older models. Soon after that 2 FBI men turned up at his house to collect it.

Yeah no one is paying attention huh. The  9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it was legal to place a device on a car without a warrant, no matter where it is parked. Reddit is owned by CondeNast Digital, they have 128 magazines worldwide and 150 tablet and phones apps .... they know all yer shit and so does the NSA.  

The biometric identification system ABIS gets 20,000 people added to it everyday. Who is volunteering for this you may ask, no one but if you get yer finger prints, face, palm or iris scanned you'll go on it. Don't forget the 126million the US Department of Homeland Security Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) has, 250,000 biometric transactions each day with the aim to know everyone that is in the cuntry or comes and goes from it.

If you want a visa or passport you'll end up on the US Department of State Consular Consolidated Database (CCD) 110 million and growing by millions everyday and 10 million people on the Combined DNA index System (CODIS) National DNA Index.

I used to believe that departments never communicated with each other but since 9/11 and the Patriot act and Homeland security's need to validate its continued existence when we didn't need them before they have been able to search everywhere in the name of National Security.

Like the CDC finding diseases to scare you with to get funding, Homeland Security makes potential threats actually almost happen.  


Remember when the FBI said they needed Apple's help to hack into the phone of the San Bernardino shooters? That help would have enabled them to hack into all Apple phones legally, Apple said no. When they couldn't force Apple to help the Feds via the courts suddenly it was 'oh it's alright, we've managed to do this alleged impossible thing'  ..... shit, now the public and Apple know they can do that. 

White people and US citizens that see themselves as American as apple pie (which is German) don't worry about domestic spying cos in theory they have nothing to fear. As usual it's the we're all right attitude so fuck the rest.  These "sheeple" ... yes I used that werd think it's to keep them safe.

If you have nothing to hide or nothing to say besides "lol" then you have nothing to worry about right? Wrong!

The slipping of civil liberties don't just stop at collecting phone data, next it will be like that movie Enemy of the state in which yer bank account gets blocked and suddenly you are a suspect for something you don't know about but they have data that says you are guilty. Like in Southpark when the online trolls merely suggested that Lego gave money to ISIS .... public opinion can condemn you faster than any court.

If someone is on a data gathering list then everyone that contacts them or they talk to gets to go on the list too.You get targeted for LIKING a comment or following someone on Twitter. If you aren't American you have nothing to fear .... wrong!

The NSA don't hold back with non-Americans, anything goes. Obama gets to randomly kill foreigners with drones for fucks sake, do you think they worry about yer privacy? 

Hillary says her private and public opinions may differ as the public don't need to hear all the boring details. Yeah cos you don't need to know what the various government agencies are doing or who has decided to flag all yer correspondence in the name of security and liberty. 

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