Thursday, 10 November 2016

Sex Offenders Dare To Dream Again

Sex offenders have always lived on the fringes of society with their every move judged and condemned. Now they can come out of the bushes and dream big thanks to President Trump ... that title sounds great right? Like the ultimate fart ::::pharpppp::::: whoa, that was a presidential trump. Smell my foreign policy.    

Old Knudsen understands as he has often been mistaken for a sex offender but in reality just attended parties full of underage gurls for the buffets. If they say otherwise then they are obviously lying little sluts.

Instead of condemning him for showing his tiny willy on the bus how about you look into the underlying issues that makes him do it?

Years of wanking to porn to only have the camera show the bloke's orgasm face at the exact moment you cum .... that right there is bound to fuck you up.  Not Old Knudsen's fault ... damn you porn industry!!!

Sex offenders now see that they can still make a difference, not just by destroying a handful of lives but with millions. If you werk hard, get famous and lie a lot then you too could be in charge of the world's most powerful military.

Times have changed and no one cares if you sexually assault weemen .... they were probably leading you on anyways.  A child rapist? .... hey lets give him the benefit of the doubt, everyone knows that rape victims lie, they just want attention and money.

Hmmm should I set up a Youtube channel and make vines or should I accuse someone of rape? ... we know what the answer is.

 Wemember when Mike Tyson beat and waped his wife? ... good times huh. 

Rape a passed out chick by a dumpster? .... shouldn't have been passed out .... totally her fault.

We live in exciting times of zero accountability where honor and integrity are things to be mocked. If you grab them by the pussy then you too can be President as long as you talk IN CAPS and pretend to be a strong man cos it's a man's werld baby. 

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