Monday, 14 November 2016

Protect Those Without

Apocalypse was a very powerful mutant, a tremendous mutant, probably the best ever mutant. He was once so powerful with his Hit TV show in ancient Egypt as he went around treating people as he wanted and using the ones that were of use to him and casting them away when he was done with them.

When his people rose up and fought against him he was imprisoned under a tomb of rocks but was soon released by his henchmen Rudy, Newt and Chris the bug eater. Their thirst for power made them do and say anything.  

He'd grab women which only bothered one of his female followers ... the rest were fine with it.

He promised to make mutants great again and some listened to him. He wanted to burned everything to the ground and rule over what was left. He'd enslave the losers otherwise known as weak humans.


He didn't mind invading the personal space of a disabled person and making him do things against his will.

The disabled man lay there his wheel chair destroyed and was forced to convey a psychic message to everyone in the world.

"Everything they've built will fall! And from the ashes of their world, we'll build a better one, a tremendous one, the biggest walls and pyramids beautiful pyramids and the weak losers will pay for them."

"Those with the greatest power, this earth will be yours!"

But you always have a choice. You can lie there violated and accept things because you are powerless.  Or you can fight back, don't accept the way things are.

You may feel powerless but sometimes it only takes ONE VOICE that doesn't give in to the loud overbearing evil power mad mutant for others to realise that hey, this isn't right. They may try to shut you up and belittle your feelings but that's what abusers do.

In war it often takes other soldiers firing to make you shoot as war isn't our natural state no matter how much we do it ...  that's why we get PTSD.

In other events it takes one or two passengers on a plane to stand up and attack the terrorists even though it crashes you into a field but you do save others and rob the bad guy of their goals.

In everyday life it takes one person to stop walking past the person on the street that everyone else is pretending not to see. 

Or to stop ignoring the cries for help in that dark alley. You may be put into danger or may become unpopular but at least you wouldn't have to live with that feeling of self loathing because you were afraid to act in that moment.    

The guards at the SS camps had a choice, they could have said "no" sure that might have condemned them (like flight 77) or they could have gotten another job or branch in the military that didn't involve the torture of the weak and vulnerable..... you always have a choice.

'If you tolerate this, then your children will be next' ~ The Manic Street Preachers

Even in pain with the potential for death, Professor X remained the best of us. Defiant against something that seemed impossible to beat but he had his own small victory and did not compromise himself, he gave his version of Apocalypse's message.

Yeah it's make believe but as the song goes "we could be heroes"  and what the fuck kind of person would you be if you dissed not just Professor X and his liberal agenda of equality but David Bowie too?  


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