Monday, 28 November 2016

Man In The Gold Castle

The fixed Statue of Liberty

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free and once we've weeded out the undesirables and for a special one time low fee you can come live in America as soon as you've been tagged and registered. 

President Trump settled his fraud case for $25 million. The Students of Trump University were certainly schooled. If it sounds like a fart then it probably is a fart ::::trummmppp:::::

In the run up to the inauguration it has turned out he used $56 million from his Donald J. Trump Foundation to fund his election campaign. $880,000 for portraits given to friends, nose jobs for his loyal campaign staff and an SS honor dagger said to belong to Hermann Göring. Also 4 lawsuits for unpaid bills and services, 2 allegations of child rape and the hit and run of a homeless man outside of his Mar-A-Lago Estate home in Florida. 

It's a busy time for Trump which is why Obama has called for the people to support him and to give him a chance even though his Vice President Joe Biden challenged Trump to a duel which we've told cannot take place for legal reasons.  

The New York subway has been painted with Trump's new logo in celebration. 

Yes Muslims have to call into Trump Liberty Centers to be registered and tagged but what a small price for freedom and security huh. 

Yes there are bills getting written that limit the lies of the media and the biased stories they print. I think we all agree that the cast of Hamilton who asked the audience not to boo Mike Pence then asked him to serve the people with integrity were out of line, bullies. That show will be closing its doors in January. 

I'm sure you can agree that Alec Baldwin playing some kind of grotesque and not at all real version of the president elect is quite un-American and chips away at the security of the nation.     

Mount Trumpmore, tremendous, am I right am I right? 

There will be changes, America will be great again. There will be a roll back on ghey marriage and abortion cos anyone that does either is obviously working for Satan. Not my words, check the Bible, Jesus said it before he built the Ark of the covenant ... know yer scripture .... cos there will be a test on it if you think you can claim welfare and partake for free of such commie services such as the police and fire service. 

If you can't pay the crook gets away .... catchy huh. If you don't earn then yer home will burn. 

 Heil me! 

All the Obama FEMA death camps he was going to fill up with guns and rednecks will now become Trump Liberty Camps .... or TLC. They will contain liberals trouble makers who endanger democracy, and of course Hispanics, the cast of SNL, Hamilton and Muslims duh! 

All those far right white supremacists alt-right supporters who have been having rallies and shouting Heil Trump! etc will be rewarded as patriots and formed into militias as per the Constitution.  They will patrol the streets to make sure women are dressed appropriately.  

Ugly fat slobs will be kept out of the public eye but if everyone buys enough Trump points they will have a decent first world life .... it's America so don't expect healthcare or clean drinking water though, only magical make believe places have that. 

Americans will put up with a lot as long as they think their rights are not being infringed or that brown or black people are getting something they aren't. 

1) You can have free education, healthcare, a house, a safe clean environment but limited guns such as shotguns, single shot rifles and revolvers. 

2) Or you can have crap education, no university, no healthcare, you get a trailer or can rent, lead or rocket fuel in the water, fracking kicking up chemicals for your kids to breath in but all the guns you have now. 

Americans have repeatedly chosen the big steamy number two.   All the guns in the world couldn't make average Joe with type one diabetes and a bad back overthrow the well armed and trained government. 

If you took shit for granted, sulked instead of vote or didn't care what yer soldiers fought and died for and elected someone who was a coward and a bully then you just brought down everyone else to yer level of stupid. 
The smart and decent folk have to put up with 8 years of the US being 10 times the international joke it was when GW Bush was preez all thanks to you but you don't care because you think self-respect is keeping yer lawn mowed or yer car clean or maybe it's a classy neck tattoo, you just don't have a clue. 

Trump is like a partner that beats you but you say, 'maybe they'll be different, maybe they'll change' of course they never do because once they see what you'll put up with they'll only keep giving you more. 

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