Thursday, 24 November 2016

Liberals Are Mean

Angry liberals about to explode into mindless violence no doubt. 

After the UK elections, Brexit and the US elections we saw the true face of liberals. Their protests and constant complaints sent a shudder into the cold hearts of conservatives everywhere. "how can they be so mean?" many asked. 

Of course for years those same conservatives supported politicians that were all for getting rid of foreigners, imposing restrictions on the poor, old and disabled. 

In the US there have been morons claiming that Obama was about to take their guns, set up FEMA death camps and invade those states full of rednecks with UN troops or something. For 8 fucken years they have gone on like this and demanding to see his birth certificate. 
In the UK we put up with austerity, people committing suicide over it and then re-electing the same conservative government that imposes those measures. 

Christians have refused to sell ghey flowers and ghey cakes and then claim they are being persecuted because they aren't allowed to discriminate .... those fucken liberals and their evil equality ideas.   

 Ryan Bundy, making slack jawed yokels look good.

Then there was those rednecks taking over a wildlife sanctuary because the government wouldn't let them exploit whatever land they wanted to exploit and then getting away with it in court. 

They called for liberty or death but got homesick and rethought the death bit. 

Years and years of conservatives putting more thought into ghey sex than the gheys themselves. Years of frightened calls to arm yourself cos Obama or Hillary is coming for yer guns and rights. Years of blaming hard working immigrants and ignoring domestic terrorism carried out by white people in favour of anything that brown people might do. 

Now these well armed ammosexuals that claim they are tough, brave and ready to die for their cuntry .... except they don't really mean to actually die are whining about angry liberals. 

A Trump supporter sucker punches a liberal at a rally? ..... just being a passionate patriot. Liberals beat up a Trump supporter in the street because somehow he was able to tell them his politics and probably in a civilised manner. 

Yeah I'm sure the werds "liberal fags" wasn't used at all. 

Conservatives don't think and don't think things through. The Bundys no doubt pictured a glorious battle like in the movies ... maybe like the Alamo but not the bit about Davey Crockett being cut down after he surrendered as that isn't John (draft dodging) Wayne like at all. 

Lets call for a revolution but by revolution they mean posing with their guns. They don't want to get hurt. Liberals being violent seems to have shocked them, "huh I thought guns scared them" yeah they don't mind using their fists though. 

They can't get their head around the fact that liberals won't take shit, it isn't in their world view. Guess what, it takes a lot to rile a liberal because they would rather let you do the right thing first and give you a chance to be decent. 

War isn't glorious, it's long hours of uncomfortable waiting and then 5 - 20 minute bursts of extreme noise, fear and violence. 

Revolution is just that. Could an over weight coffee drinking smoker put up with the hardships of war when they can't even go an hour without a smoke and a cup of Joe .... or a Twinkie? 

I'm angry and I'm not sure why.   

I love how Christians who are part of the world's largest religion can claim to have a war on them and how they are persecuted. Starbucks wouldn't put Trump or Jesus on their cups .... lets persecute em for persecuting us.  

Making other people do yer shit, that's called bullying where I'm from. Equality doesn't mean you can be a dick, it means everyone is treated how you would want to be treated, why do assholes insist on being assholes in public where it is bound to offend someone? Cos conservative right wing twats are attention whores and bullies that's why. 

You and yer whataboutery asks about ghey pride parades? Are they insisting you be ghey? right wingers insist on you following their Shania law. Kinda different when it's a minority that faces daily abuse than those that do the abusing.

Remember Fuck you Indiana? I lost a FB friend over that because he was more concerned about insults to his state than he was about laws that discriminated against queers. Good riddance you loser. 

The Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, signed into law the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act .... Now he's a heartbeat away from being president.    

You white supremacists and far right may try to disguise yerselves as being Alt right but we're onto you. You may disguise yerselves as being the victims but we're onto you. You might disguise yerselves as patriots but we're onto you. You might disguise yerselves as Christians but Jesus is ashamed of you, that's why he hasn't returned .... it's all yer fault. 

Liberals may have screwed themselves over by not voting or for splitting their votes. I'm more shocked at how afraid conservatives are as they run to stroke the firearms they still have for comfort. 

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