Friday, 4 November 2016

Is Melania Trump Donald's Russian Spy Handler?

Trump and the Russian Alfa Bank may have been communicating on a secure "secret" server for years and the FBI may have known about it since the summer but that doesn't mean they are up to no good or that the clever and devious Russians are influencing him in any way. I'm sure Wikileaks would have found this connection ..... oh that's right, they only do Hillary's e-mail.

I'm sure that Alfa Bank severing the link when questioned about it was all above board too. I'm sure that FBI director James Commie Comey had a perfectly good reason to not look into it too closely but to blame Hillary on something she didn't have anything to do with.

 He's he is a very bright person, talented without a doubt.... and takes direction well. 

I'm sure Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort having pro-Russian contacts in Ukraine and Trump's foreign policy in Ukraine matching Putin's will was purely coincidental. 

First contact in 1999. 

Melania born in an Eastern Bloc cuntry under Soviet rule, her father was a member of the Solvenia Communist Party. She attended university for one year before dropping out .... yet she can speak Slovenian, Serbian, English, French, and German. I suspect she is quite fluent in Russian and skilled in mixed martial arts and a crack shot with a gun too. 

She met her target at a fashion week party. He was married but tried to get her phone number anyways, she played hard to get .... but not too hard. 

She was soon mixing with the power house people in the US all the while grooming Donald for something big, something tremendous. 
Even with his checkered past and shit that any real politician wouldn't stand a change with the experts in Russian deemed it time to cash in on the dissatisfaction there is in the divided United States. Divide then conquer. 

Trump was weened off coke and taught body language techniques, he was schooled in the art of deflection and distraction. He had already sown the seeds with the birthers over the years and was transformed from a Clinton loving Democrat to their worse enemy Republican dude within a year. 
Anna Chapman top right. 

Finding this hard to believe? Just remember the 10 Russian sleeper agents discovered in the US in 2011. Colonel Alexander Poteyev who sold them out was just recently found dead this year in the US of a suspected brain aneurism. About the same time that the FBI found out about Trump's secret communication with a top Russian bank. 

Sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman who was based in New York was Melania's back up in case he wanted to trade in for a younger model again. She had orders to seduce or assassinate Trump, depending on how cooperative he was.  
She says that all they had to do was stroke his ego, play to his vanity and fund some of his overseas projects. When she was caught and sent back to Russia she also attempted to seduce Edward Snowden and get him to marry her so he'd be stuck as a Russian citizen who has to ask permission to leave the cuntry. 

Chapman had already made contact with Trump and is proud of her signed copy of Trump's book 'The art of the deal'.

Chapman's father was a KGB official and Chapman had often worked as a model as her cover .... sound familiar? She had been working in real estate in New York which also helped her to meet and have reason to talk to Donald and Melania Trump. 

Answer me this, how could a serial sexual predator and draft dodger who has not released his tax details and is shady about various business deals get so far in the US election? Trump isn't intelligent enough himself.  

Julian Assange seems to have it out for Hillary big time. He's hiding in the Ecuador embassy in London to evade rape charges and Ecuador sees Russia and China as big brother nations to it. Ecuador has a billion dollar trade agreement with Russia for fucks sake. 

The e-mail hacks, the FBI cover ups, the spy craft .... it's all there. You think democracy is under attack because the DNC slapped Bernie down because they knew he would have a real chance of losing? Well that's politics but what Trump is doing is espionage. Hey don't believe me, just remember that red looks good on Trump even if it clashes with his orange skin.     

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