Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Experts Say White People Are Superior

 Eugen Fischer taught SS doctors about racial purity

Racism is an obsolete term to show prejudice or discrimination against another race or thinking that your own race is superior.

It's obsolete because there is only one race and human species called Homo Sapiens. The trouble was started or made popular when documented in the 17th century when the likes of Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus divided mankind into sub groups, europaeus, asiaticus, americanus, and afer.
He pointed out that the europaeus were intelligent and adventurous while the afer were stupid and lazy, a prejudice that continues on today.

Why do some still believe that? You wouldn't give morphine to yer child to sooth its cough like they did in the 19th century. In the 1920 and 30's capsules filled with dehydrated tapeworms or tapeworm eggs were sold as diet pills, you wouldn't take those now a days would you?

We have all the knowledge these days yet some just don't use it. 

 Superior just because they are white, they don't look superior.

Yet "the blacks" .... especially those in the inner cities according to the 45th president are lazy trouble makers that he wouldn't rent to. Jews are shifty money grabbers that all own successful jewelry shops ... you probably think that because jewelry has jew in it that it's where we get the name from ... go lern something for fucks sake. 

Thomas Jefferson is seen as an enlightened liberal who penned the Declaration of Independence stating that all men were equal.  All very nice until you see that it only applies to white men, not women, blacks or Native Americans.
He was a mass of contradictions, seen to some as someone who wanted to free the slaves and yet he had slaves and considered black people as inferior with a heightened sexuality.
In his time, 40 of his own slaves tried to escape. He went to great lengths to get one slave named Hubbard back after he had escaped. He put a bounty of $25 on him and when they caught him he had Hubbard put into chains and flogged in front of other slaves.

Don't think the Founding Fathers were all that. If they had slaves they brutalized them, that is the only way you could keep them. Franklin freed his slaves, Washington did not free any during his lifetime but relied on his will which did not free them all, two of his escaped slaves joined the British during the Revolutionary war.    
                                                   He would have approved of ISIS then.

Jefferson was a dick but an enlightened one for his time. A young idealist once wrote to him about freeing the slaves but Jefferson thought it too much work and not possible.

He wasn't necessarily an American first, he was a rabid Virginian. He wanted to protect Virginia from the government and from being over run by blacks.... er negros as he would have called them. He thought that black folk were inferior to whites but Native Americans were not.

If a slave was freed they should then be sent back to Africa. He wrote a bill saying that free slaves could come to Virginia but had to leave after a year. Anyone that had a child with a negro had to also leave after a year.

Keep Virginia white and only have slaves, no freed ones.

 Those racist chairs!

Look at someone with cancer, or blind, or autistic or with some other malady. That could be or could have been you. You could have been born with any deformity or condition. You could still get something. Old Knudsen isn't in perfect health but there are those out there with no limbs or a mental retardation such as Brexit or Trump voting. Old Knudsen says, "there go I but for the will of God" ... I don't mean the cruel imaginary sadist in the clouds but rather fate and the power of shit happens.

Stephen Hawking wasn't always a drooling mess in a wheelchair with a robotic voice. We have no control over what colour we are or what happens to us.

White people, yellow, red and brown people evolved from Africans. That doesn't mean we evolved as a better version of humanity but rather we evolved to suit our environment. Nature finds a way.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" We were up here in the cold so we needed clothes. We figured out how to make shoes and furry coats, then when hunting couldn't sustain our growing clans we figured out about crops and weaving fabrics and soon were making tasteless sweaters for Christmas. 

Does that make us better? No. We came to a different place with different problems. I'm sure many died before we survived. May be the Neanderthals looked after us as like the Native Americans did the WHITE pilgrims that weren't very superior. Their skin colour did fuck all to feed them.

The Nazis weren't just racist, that kind of thinking meant they were open to other forms of bigotry that supported their world view. They did invasive experiments on children, sterilized inferior races and those with mental illness.
They believed in perfection but since nothing is perfect their thought process was just full of shit.  Hitler was hardly tall, blonde haired and blue eyed for fucks sake. Luckily they didn't gas people that only had one nut.

In the early part of the 20th century both Virginia and California had laws in which the feebleminded could be put away and sterilized, this included Epileptics. 
In Virginia Carrie Buck was raped by her foster father and had a child. Both her and the child were deemed feebleminded or mentally deficient, she was sterilized in 1927 to prevent anymore unfit children being born.

Depressed, traumatized by rape? we've got an app for that.    

Just in 1924 did Virginia pass a law making it unlawful for whites to marry non-whites. 

While Planned Parenthood is essential for the US to prevent cancers and to help those with no access to reproductive healthcare, Margaret Sanger set it up to prevent black babies from being born. She was all into Eugenics and sterilization for mentally unfit people.  

Egas Moniz got a Noble peace prize for his  treatment of schizophrenia in 1949. This treatment was called lobotomy, you may have heard about it. The Jefferson loving Kennedy clan had poor Rosemary lobotomized then locked away for her mood swings in 1941. 80% of lobotomies had been done on women in the United States by the time, that shows you women were often put in their place Henry the 8th style. 

Armed with these ideas from the 17th century and beyond our racists continue on with the ill informed stupid. 
We are still racist today, I don't mean just white people I mean there are racists of all colours. Whitey owned slaves so hate all whites, blacks sometimes riot and burn down Wal-Marts so hate all blacks, a dog bite me as a child so hate all dogs, some Muslims did 9/11 so hate all Muslims.  

I'm sure some angry Muslims that are also black can be found to back up such racist and bigoted views. These views are not just ill informed but are created by fear. Racists are cowards hence the way they attack in groups. 

Racism is stupid and not based on facts but what you've experienced in life or what you've decided to be true. Now the word racist gets used for anyone that discriminates against others that are different, maybe the term is evolving to mean that. 

The modern world is facing up to its own racism which is really bigotry if you want to be exact. I love how racists correct people that use the word racist instead of bigot, yeah a great victory of semantics. 

In this world there are good people and bad people, they come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. You can chose to hate them all just like those SS doctors choosing to do harm. 

Or you can wise the fuck up and stop being so fucken precious. You were born the colour you were by sheer luck, not good or bad luck ... just chance.    

Use a thing called empathy and imagine you are a different colour. The things of that culture would be just as familiar as your own right now and you'd still poop, have good days and bad days and put yer troosers on one leg at a time. You'd feel pain, joy and love.

We live and we die, don't make life harder by being dumb and don't waste it by filling it with hate.  

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